Malviviendo 2×05 23 das en Los Banderilleros parte 1

There’s something life has tried hard to teach me. The better things look like turning up. the stronger the slap on the face. This is the story about the day when everything changed. Raul you are bringing way too few things. Y’know in da town at night it gets chilly and you better put on a sweater. Did you hear what Postilla told me? I look modern, You look gorgeous, Tupac. Good luck my friend.

Take care of yourself, buddy. quot;If you leave me now, you take away the biggest part of me.quot; You always find the right words. Don’t say goodbye to me. Come over just like Postilla. He’s been wanted for a year and he still hasn’t been found. I really appreciate it Kaki but I seriously want to leave all this crap behind. Not just because of the police, it’s just my house feels like a bloody hell. Maria?.

Maria! Raul Raul. Raul! Would you fucking cover your dick? Whether you believe it or not I’m in love with your sister. I don’t expect us to be friends. I know it’s soon. But we’ll be family I’ll see you as a my younger brother. As my son. Piss off! And shut the fuck up for good! And why do you still have a boner! You disgusting son of a bitch!.

I don’t want our past to prevent us from being a family. I want to apologise for everything that happened, I mean it. Let’s give up the present and start again. Come give me a hug, come on Raul. No! Fuck off! Give me a hug! Dafuq you saying? Raul for fuck’s sake, hop on in for once. We gonna find the inns closed! Goodbye. What time is that?.

I think around ten, Channel 8. I carry you here, inside my heart. Say it one last time! Awesome. Fuck my life. Shit always happens. And we can never stay together. I know this makes me kind of a fag. But I love you, gentlemen.

You are the only thing that I have. Gentlemen. Queer. Dafuq did you say you fucking crackhead? Motherfucker. Episode 2×05 quot;23 days in Los Banderillerosquot; If only there was a good TV show in Spain. What a piece of shit.

Rat! It’s starting. Where did you just come from? Just don’t ask. Whatever man, get that off the table. 22:00. 22:00! Let’s inspect the troops. Snacks. Beer.

Malviviendo 2×06 23 das en Los Banderilleros parte 2

Write this down Four AB postitive bags, two portable coolers and a scalp. But if you can’t find a scalp it’s no big deal. Talk to you later. Negro! It’s starting. It felt like a two months commercial break. It’s starting. No, don’t leave me like that! No man. I have to watch the show!.

Raincheck until next commercial break. I’m leaving it out. We continue in Los Banderilleros! Scraping a living with the rest of scum jamming its sewers. We speak to a man who I personally hate and wish for his worst. Back to Blanca Roca. Street reporter. Coffe please. Oh my, oh my! It’s a dead body. This guy’s a killer! Careful ladybird! You sure took your time in the toilet. Did you at least take a shit? Did you drop it like it’s hot? Yes, thank you so much for letting me use your bathroom.

Not a problem. We will be leaving now, Kaki. Thank you. Already? Well Sir, see you later. You leaving? Don’t wanna have a coffee? Great flavour with a tiny drop of Tabasco! No thanks, we have to keep going with the show. Well, may God be with you, honey and be careful walking under the sun! I feel like I just scaped Death. Inside Kaki’s house, there’s a dying man I could have helped him, but I left him diying for the sake of the real journalism.

You have your home in here! For whatever you need. Criminals will have to wait. It’s my day off. I usually play paddel, with the seniors, the rookies. but nah! Or taking my mom to the bingo. But not today, today is a special day. I have a date. We met on the internet. Through Badoo. The one where you can find the girls who are down to.

.to practice the coitus. Cibersex without a webcam. It’s cold and distant. Because when you read quot;Oh, yeah I’m coming! Give it to me papito.quot; This is the first time we met So if you see any crime, don’t film it. Because I’m in my day off. Are you Maria? Yes! Are you Malebrunette24? Yes that’s me! It’s a pleasure. How are you? The pleasure is mine.

Excuse the cameras, they are shooting a docummentary about me. So embarrasing! Don’t worry, we are already used to it. Ok, let me go to the restroom and I’ll be back. Thanks. Ok no problem. Check that ass! She’s kinda large but she’s hot. Not as good as in the pic, you an tell she was photoshoped. Scattered glow or something. But she’s okay. Allright Robledo, bag on the head operation. She’s alright, you know, for a one night stand.

I had worse holes, to be honest. Are you ready? Sì Good evening, see you later. Right after that I said it was all a joke! Those bastards cut the footage! You know from that day I can only think of you. This is one of the most dangerous places in Los Banderilleros. You can see a bunch of men getting stuff inside a car. Eh, eh! You cannot be here! What’s going on here? Just don’t ask and get out! Shall I call the police?.


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