How you doing, Sir? First time here? Welcome. they’re gonna give you a tour of our facility. My name is Larry Savage I’m 66 years old I just retired and I have a wife fortyone years of marriage two kids, four grandchildren. A few hours ago I got my medical marijuana card from the

Not a difficult exam. So, you are 66 years old. you take a number of medications yes and that was for back pain anxiety rage, depression and high bloodpressure. Is it for all of these that you want to use the marijuana? I take too many pills. Have you everused marijuana? I’d like a beginner’s pipe.

I’m all set now. I’ve been on a spiritual search. I have never smoked marijuana. I wanna try to see how marijuana works me I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile I’m glad I’m doing this right now. I burned my thumb. I’m holding it in but I don’t think I got much smoke

I don’t think I got any. Here goes. Come on! As you can see I’m not a professional well I don’t think that’s the way I used to smoke pipe because I did it one time. I’ll try the old pipe way maybe that’ll work. Wow

That’s the way to make it work. Now I’m gonna wait for the reaction. The noises are becoming louder. I can hear better I guess that’s a way of saying it I feel mellow. I’ve been married 41 years to my wife. She is a great woman she knows what I’m doing and she doesn’t like it.

She is worried I’m going to leave her but I’m not. there’s nobody out there let’s just hope my notice 10yearimagination you could make so might that be stop there what it couldbe could be a lion laying on his back My children andgrandchildren everybody knows what I’m doing they don’tnecessarily agree. I have seen paintings like that.


Dejar la Marihuana

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