Judicial harrasment agaisnt cannabis consumers associations continues in spain with some opened processes and clubs forced to close Because of the last consultations we’ve had lately about Marijuana cultivation decriminalization, and its autorization we’ve decided to emphasize on citizen security law’s reform.

Especifically on article n 36.18 in which establishes a regression of the law not decriminalization of the cultivation Throught that way, we’re trying to stop legal inciatives with approved laws like in Navarra, via false door.

With a clearly pp intervention throught its legal arm to prevent parliaments, who are legitimated could continue with regulation processes I’ve got super powers Yes?? I know you’re going to give me your glass to drink.

oh i knew that Welcome to our March’s Infomary Judicial harassment agaisnt cannabis consumers associations continues in Spain with some opened processes an clubs forced to close Josep Pmies is inside a process by its medicinal Marihuana cultivation too However, activism doesn’t stop.

And more than 50.000 signs have been validated from ilp green rose, who wants to regulate associations in Catalonia, a necessary process to be debated on Catalan Parliament. This sector has showed powerful force in Spannabis, the biggest cannabis fair in the world with more than 30.000 visits and 500 represented companys.

Positive news succeed in the rest of the world An experimental drug in England has been successful in a rehearsal agaisnt epilepsy. In Sweeden debating about medical use of the plant is in progress. Medical use of cannabis is becoming worlwide like in Brazil where some cannabic medicines has been authorised, or in Argentina.

Where its decriminalization has been proposed Per is opened, as Alberto rdola says. Or in Israel where the first international summit about medical cannabis has been inaugurated It follows progressing in countries with more advanced use Selling on Pharmacys has been agreed in Uruguay and a course about its medical use is about to start in April for s.

Some patient requests are being accepted in puerto rico They claim to accelerate this process and, including a Popular Party applicant in San Juan proposed to decriminalize its playful use Pioneer cultivation of Daya’s fundation 1st anniversary is celebrated on Chile Graneros comunity will give cannabis oil to 200 patients.

Marihuana Televisin News 35 SINOTOCAnohayvoto

Welcome all to episode 35 of marihuanatelevisin news, the program about cannabis culture. April is here and growers are thinking in the harvest, in their seeds, the spaces they will use, preparing the land and they are motivated with the new season: a new cycle. This year, the electoral campaign has also arrived in April, when the days are longer and the gardens and fields fill with flowers. And for some, it is the beginning of a hope for change,.

The beginning of a new cycle in politics that helps us forget decades of prohibition and repression. Its Estela here and this month, in Drug Report we visited the presentation of the new Observatorio Noctmbulas. In growing: unprocessed marihuana, Step by Step, Marias Hut and we will also visit Peat Mosss facilities to see how they produce their substrate. Enjoy the program! Lets begin!.

We are in the middle of the electoral campaign and truth be told, cannabis is not a subject that is being debated. It looks as if classical parties are falling apart but we have to acknowledge Izquierda Unida and UPyD who have always positioned themselves against prohibition. PSOEs youth has been talking about legalization for 30 years but they seem to forget this when they reach power.

And the pp, the same old story: working, doing, growing. And what is the position of the emerging parties? Ciudadanos is talking about reopening a debate about regulation and consumption control We propose reopening a debate as it has been done in other European countries, regarding what can be regulated, how to control consumption, how to stop people from consuming and in any case, those who consume can consume within the limits, in a controlled way.

The americans take hold of a product that literally grows on trees. And they transform it into a valuable good. Without them, cocaine and marihuana would be like oranges. Podemos seems not to be willing to talk much about drugs, at least for now. Maybe its campaigning strategy. We recommend Fort Apaches program: Drugs: following the trace of money, in which Pablo Iglesias seems to know our arguments.

Many people believe that marihuana or hashish could be illegal in the same way that alcohol could also be illegal but when we are talking about other types of drugs, we are overwhelmed by the arguments in favour of legalizing them. Lets go with Miguel to Unprocessed Marihuana. Today in this section of Unprocessed Marihuana we go back to this culture to see how it has evolved since our previous visit.

Remember this great wardrobe was the first crop of 2 rookie growers that decided to stop stocking from the black market. When we generally observe the crop, we can see that all plants underwent an apical pruning to limit their vertical growth. However, pruning did not work very well because of several factors. Firstly, the plants were already quite high when the pruning was applied.

And secondly, the crop density is still too high. These factors have not been counteracted with an apical grip, instead, of the 14 samples that have been removed, they should have only removed two or three times this quantity. This way, there would have been more growing space for each sample, which would have provided a greater ease to force more horizontal growth.


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