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Cultivo de marihuana poda final

Hello! Welcome back to the cultivation section. This time we have done a visit to an exterior cultivation becausepruning time is near. We will give you some advice for make much easier for you the pruning and the drying. FINAL CUTTING In our visit to this small balcony ofurban environment, we will see a limited group of plants but wellseasoned and that are about to pruning. The trichomes almost can be seen, our expert farmer has seen them with a magnifying glass. Equally you have to keep in mind that at first sight and

at buds maturity, always in a visual plan, an approximation of the cutting can be done, of the moment that you have to lop the plant. If we observe It with a magnifyingglass, we can appreciate the trichome, that in this case is perfect for cut. At least the 50% of the calyces graze an amber tonality, which denote an appropriate moment for the cut. An important thing to remember whenobserving the maturity of the trichome is also the type of magnifying glass, I said magnifying glass but I didn’t say what of them. Whit this for example, that It has 34 times magnification.

With a similar magnifying glass wecan observe if we have pests or any irregularity in our cultivation buthardly we will see the trichome point. we advise you a hundred times magnification which you will see all the activity of the trichome. With a 2540 times magnification all can be seen well, but with a 34 timesmagnification we won’t see nothing more than pests. Inside this area that is the cutting,we have something very important to consider and is the desire of the own cultivator. What does he wants for

the final result of his harvesting? Hecan choose when the seed germinates and chose the kind of marijuana, both indica or sativa for differentiate between effects. We must also bear inmind that will be a possible distinction of them depending on the cutting date,The trichome condition, if is more or less mature. The more maturity the trichome have, the more time we leave the plant, it passes a little,the effectwill be more narcotic, more relaxing even with a sativa plant or in an indicaplant which will be even more relaxing. In this cultivation we can find variousspecies, all belonging to

the Exclusive by Breeder Seeds bank, abank of important growth that we can find nowadays in the majority of the Grow Shops of the country. Here we can appreciate the density ofthe bud. Are very hard and it is noted that he has used all the fertilisers until the end in the flowering phase both the booster and the basic fertiliser. We can see that the plants are losingtheir foliage eventually because we stop giving them nutrients so that the buds begin to reabsorb all the excess substance of the plant. The time of theyear in which we will find this trichome

more mature will change depending on the specie that we have chosen. In this case are varied species, we find some that we will cut, one more that are cutted and actually are drying and one more that need some time yet like this precious Amnesia, I think that will be the most powerful. The cultivation can be of autoflowering plants thus we will cut the plant during all the year. If not, like inthis case, female regular plants, we will find plants that we will cutaccording to the variety and the


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