Estamos em seattle, na refine seattle agora. Laboratrios XTracted. Onde eles fazem alguns dos melhores produtos conhecidos pelo homem. ACTION BRONSON VAI A UM LABORATRIO meu amigo Justin aqui.

Fale a ele um pouco sobre voc. Eu venho extraindo o THC h cerca de duas, trs semanas. E eu soube naquele momento que aquilo era algo incrvel. lindo para caralho. Vou puxar s uma vez. Isso me salvou de fumar trs ou quatro baseados.

Ento foi muito mais saudvel. me senti muito bem. E o sabor foi muito mais intenso. Tem um cheiro maravilhoso. Puxa. RYAN LABORATRIO XTRACTED A razo para planejarmos frente ,.

Essa sua forma concentrada. Quando dizemos que amamos maconha, a amamos tanto que quisemos criar um produto que tivesse ainda mais canabinoide. Ento tem mais THC, mais CBD que fazem efeito mais rpido. J estive em alguns laboratrios parecidos com esse. Achei que eram. Fazemos de um jeito diferente deles.

No pode deixar a porta aberta Jamel, ele tem um kit de qumica. No d para acreditar no que ele faz. Ele pode fazer de tudo. Vamos brincar com alguns Terpines. Dos quais temos diferentes sabores. E vamos trabalhar com Bronson aqui,.

E faremos nossa maconha com sabores customizados. Eu amei esse, qual ? a mentolada. Uma pista de que boa. Voc pode usar gros de caf. Limpe a palheta aqui. O que isso? Tripnol. Cheira como banheiro de restaurante.

Cheira como respirar c95, a est. Mas provavelmente tem um sabor timo. Mas algo bom e ruim, sabe. Ah, gosto disso. Coentro, laranjas. muito foda, uma pista de que bom.

Ento essa a mistura que fizemos. Vamos colocar em uma seringa. Agora vou colocar aqui. Com a seringa e todo aquele sabor. Bati e uni tudinho. O cheiro parece forte.

Hola Luxemburgo Blgica y Luxemburgo 1

One of them is a small country, but very rich, civilised and clean the other one is not as small, and claims to have the best beer, the best chocolate, and the nicest square welcome to Belgium and Luxembourg 5 things you need to know about Belgium and Luxembourg even though is really small, Luxembourg has three official languages, French, German and Luxembourgish and in Belgium is Dutch, French and German.

But you can always speak english and sometimes even spanish local currency is Euro and they take credit card pretty much everywhere they use european plug best time to visit is from mid April to mid October being July and August months full of tourists it can rain all year, so bring umbrella and raincoat.

This is my 12day trip, i start in luxembourg and then i head to brussels to enjoy the museum, the famous GrandPlace and the beer festival then I go to Ypres to find out more about WW1 before visiting gorgeous Bruges later on I head to Gante and then finish my trip in the elegant Antwerp Hello travellers, I’m in Kigali’s airport about to fly to Amsterdam let me tell you, this airport’s a nightmare, you have to go through security three times.

They’re not nice at all, but whatever, i’m about to hop on my klm I get to Amsterdam, stay there for the night, and then I go on to Luxembourg and Belgium so come fly with me, it’s nighttime though, and we make a stop we stop at Entebbe, then all the way to Amsterdam and we get there in the morning I’ll probably be sleeping a lot let’s go!.

I don’t know why i like airports where you have to walk to the plane we’re going now, there was a man sitting in my seat, I kicked him out of it this is a very weird seat, look there’s nothing in the middle, but this one’s mine, and that other one is just there so I have to lean to the side to watch mine and there’s a lady next to me We’re now at Schiphol.

We’re gonna leap forward in time to my train, i’m gonna rest here, edit some and other stuff, it’s too early Good morning, fellas. We leaped in time already and I’m walking through the gorgeous streets of Amsterdam this city that I’ve been having an intense romance with this year and it really is an excellent city to be in and to connect to other places and so I’m walking to the station now, a beautiful place where I’m gonna take a train.

To luxembourg, and then i’ll tell you more about it I’m gonna take two trains, and I bought my tickets online with my City Premier here’s my ticket I printed at the hotel Tip to save money: Buy international trips a little over two months in advance Travellers, I’m in Brussels now, but only to switch trains my train’s here, and it’s actually two trains I have to take, but it seems like the last ride to Luxembourg.

It’s not going, so i have to take this train and then a bus this train is so full of people this is Arlon, and from here I’ll take my bus to Luxembourg I made it, and my hostel is like 25 minutes from here walking so let’s walk holy shit, I’m burning all the calories.


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