Uruguay is planning on selling marijuana for one dollar grab in an effort to stop on criminal activity and drug trafficking with us we should be doing here in the united states and I think we’re moving kinda close to that up basically what they want to do and of course at the house of Congress there and about the president was able he Cup agree that this is the best way to get.

Rid drug criminals just make it excess a bowl of 5 the government so people will buy from the government and the best part about this is they’re not selling subpart marijuana they want to sell a quality product could for their lowest possible price Malika sounds like a delicious trick.

Okay i’ll i love that last name it’s great yet and and maybe they should the name as some delicious marijuana after mmm all have a weaker there’s some pretty good there’s marijuana named after Obama it’s like Ogio bombers openings okay not nothing I think no no no um at look we talk about Uruguay before.

And we go before movie goes literally the best president on earth okay he’s that be at the most humble guy he gives away in ninety percent of his salary to charity and it’s not because he’s an incredibly rich guy ready he’s not he lives on a farm he has a beat Ole girl both I could be able bodied rise if I remember correctly he’s really other people is in fact that democracy they have a Uruguay.

Is amazing and it makes me jealous here in america about democracy can actually be if money doesn’t fall politics which it doesn’t mean you’re white and hence one of the results is they don’t have to bleed mentally handicapped like everybody else especially here in America no lo drugs are tree marijuana is a gateway drug and its gonna make her mine Melton.

Is your mind on marijuana nonsense so they can make rational decisions Millis marijuana is actually not that bad it’s actually good for you in a lot of ways and if we also for a dollar yeah what’s going to happen is we’re gonna have terrible criminal gangs they’re gonna be a much bigger problem the marijuana so goblets mohegan so let me jump in with that you know oftentimes a lotta.

Countries will refuse to do what Uruguay’s doing because the US gives a significant about a four day to a lot of different countries and the US wants to continue the war on drugs end the war on marijuana so if you as a country decide okay this American idea love I’ll you know keeping all these drugs.

You legal doesn’t really make sense for us who want to change things around they know that they could lose that foreign aid now there are other factors into play because you what the US needs its allies so they might not like take away all foreign aid from the country to change their lot that changed its drug laws but it is definitely a factor in why so many countries still keep it a legal.

Is Obama Accelerating The Collapse Of America ROOT For America

Hi, i’m wayne allen root for personal liberty. my latest book, the ultimate obama survival Guide. Released in the spring of 2013. I called Obama a stealth Marxist out to destroy Capitalism and make Americans dependent on Government. This wasn’t just guess work, Obama and I were classmates at Columbia University where we were taught how to overwhelm the system until the economy collapses with spending, debt and entitlement. In my book I called Obamacare the perfect Trojan horse that would make it all happen. Have you paid attention to the.

Obama news of the past week? it’s amazing. it’s mindboggling. it was a week of unimaginable destruction. The cloak is off. Obama is no longer hiding his plans to destroy America. For anyone who isn’t blind, deaf or very dumb. it’s now all out in the open. The news of this past week proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Obama is accelerating the destruction of America. Why the sudden rush? Obama and his Marxist see the writing on the wall. Their internal polls show that they are headed for a landslide defeat in November. Now that the.

Disastrous effects of obamacare are clear for the voters to see, you can’t hide it. you can’t give them propaganda. the voters know that Democrats know they are about to be destroyed at the polls. Knowing Democrats can no longer get elected or reelected, Obama has decided to go it alone without regard for the law, the Constitution, or the American people, he and those pulling the strings behind the scenes have obviously decided to do the most damage possible to America during his final three years. He’s finally taken off.

The mask and shown himself to be the true communist tyrant that he is. let’s look at the facts. This week the nonpartisan CBO finally reported the truth, Obamacare is the perfect jobkilling machine. Millions have already been downsized from full time to part time work. And now we know from the CBO that an additional 2.3 million jobs will be eliminated. As I predicted from day one, this is exactly what Obamacare was intended to do. Destroy the middle class and make us all dependent on government checks to survive. Obama’s KoolAide.

Drinking supporters are so far in the tank that when the cbo courageously pointed out that Obamacare makes it, how do you like this, less likely millions of Americans will want to work Obama supporters and defenders called it choice. Obama’s propaganda has painted it as a wonderful development. By letting middleclass wage earners and small businesses pay for all those who want to be freed from the need to work so they can enjoy their free time and pursue their hobbies isn’t choice it’s theft. Folks it’s time to stop treading.

Lightly and being politically correct. let’s call it what it is, this is communism. pure and simple. Anyone who thinks the American dream is to choose to stay home, not work, and collect a government check is reading directly from Karl Marx. Anyone who thinks some people who vote 100% Democrat should have a choice not to work by stealing the money of others is reading directly from the Communist Manifesto. Personally, I think choice is great. You can choose to not work anytime you want. I applaud you. But if you need to.

Steal my money to do it, that’s called theft, not choice. middle class wage earners are being ripped off to pay for freeloaders. That means middle class people are having their choices taken away from them. I guess in Obama’s playbook one man’s choice is another man’s slavery. But, that was only the start of the week. Next Obama illegally rewrote his own Obamacare law again. online.wsj /news/articles/SB10001424052702303650204579375310934336066 Mimicking the traits of communist dictators.

And tin pot tyrants, obama obviously believes he can change any law he wants, at any given hour, of any given day. One of the main chapters of my book was titled: America the Banana Republic. Just this week Charles Krauthammer said what’s happening under Obama is the stuff you do in a banana republic. foxnews /politics/2014/02/10/krauthammernewobamacaredelayisstuffdoinbananarepublic Welcome to the club Charles. It’s nice to see D.C. establishment Republicans are finally seeing the light. In America it’s a violation of the Constitution for the President to wake up on the wrong.


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