EL SERRUCHO PARODIA el pucho Internautismo Crnico

Hey Homies I'm already changing, is not easy, Say No to drugs! but pay attention to what I dreamed last night The elderly hen is enraged 'cause she caught me yesterday With a bag full of dope with weed to rig up. The Joint, The Joint, The Joint of weed. Nor that I smoke a lot. The Joint, The Joint, The Joint of weed. I'll smoke that with the elderly male, the elderly, the elderly With the blueeyed and with the 'lucho', with lucho, with lucho I liked a lot that joint.

Because a weed bun is pure excitement A trip, pure fun, Changes one bad face Always cheerful in each dope, dope, dope, dope, dope, dope, dop dop dop dop dop dop dop dope. coughing Where I left my rolling hemp paper Here it is! Here it is! I burn this herb field Turn it on! Turn it on! You, Hit the dope first bring it, don't sing it What a intense trip! Fckn momma, Fckn momma, I will smoke that joint that joint, that joint I hear strange voices, I hear, I hear,.

I will smoke it with Lucho, with Lucho, with Lucho With the blueeyed and with those elderly A lot of nagging the elderly hen will tell to me I'm so high I cannot understand her. The elderly dude one day goes nude and starts to crap He thought he was in the bathroom, but walked in mere dope, dope, dope, dope, dope, dope, dop dop dop dop dop dop dop dope. I'm a real stoner ay momma, ay momma Without herb I die ay momma, ay momma It's like the real love ay momma, ay momma.

Entrevista a Arjan de Green House por Alchimia Grow Shop en Spannabis 2013

Hello my name is Arjan's welcome to Spannabis 2013 Is the biggest fest here in Europe So it's very good for all the companies in Spain Legalizing on the way and let's hope it going to be really a great year In April we are going to launch Strain Hunters Seeds So what we are doing for that, is making all new packaging, dividing everything in landraces seeds and exotic seeds races And also this year of course we are making a lot of promotion of feeding Ok, have a good time here in Spannabis, do you want to say something to our team.

Barney Fuma MARIHUANA MEJORADO !!!!!!!!!

Barney Fuma MARIHUANA MEJORADO !!!!!!!!!,yo lo edite este tutorial , pero este es el original LINK swatchvbXGGwbW1k..

Barney Fuma Marihuana !..

Barney Es Un Dinosaurio Que Fuma Marihuana-HolaSoyGerman -..

Barney... Cancion Para Chicos, No Tan Chicos.cuando un joven que le escapa a las drogas, el alcohol y los delitos, busca cualquier trabajo. hasta de animador infantil dando a si cuenta del poeta que tiene..

La Cancion Del Porro De Barney.La cancion del porro amigos jojojojojo..

Barney Fuma Faso.Hola mi nombre es Barney Publico Hola Barney!!! Estoy aca porque soy adicto a la marihuana..

El Corrido De Varni 2015

El Corrido De Varni 2015,Barney es un dinosaurio que vive en sinaloa xD like CreadorBCRPOWER..

(-: Quiero Fumar Marihuana :-).JQ Ft Kale lo nuevo 2011..

La Terrible Verdad De Barney.wmv.lo ise porque mi sobrina me rompe todos los dias las bolas diciendome brian me pones a barney brian me pones a barney y asi. brianmacias22..

Te Quiero Yo -Barney.El que hace playback YOOO Y el actor principal el oso boludo que fuma marihuana barney..

JOINT- NO FUMES MARIHUANA.Cancin Original Nio de la hipoteca Loulogio Canal del nio schannelUCE8UKDU81pOt1FC8BRTsMw YA EN ITUNES..

Barney Le Rompe El Culo A Un Teletubbie!! Gmm..

Barney Es Un Dinosaurio Entero Eh' Pedobear (8).que vive bajo el puente, fuma marihuana y se viola a la gente 8.

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