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MUSIC PLAYING KRISHNA ANDAVOLU: We’re on the side of a mountain. And there’s about thousands of marijuana plants around us. This is like, two, three hectares like 20, 30,000 plants. And then you know that you’re going to find a champion there if you look long enough.

It’s a massive field, full of pot. KRISHNA ANDAVOLU: You might not know who Arjan Roskam is, but you’ve probably smoked his weed. Since 1985, Arjan’s been producing some of the most wellknown strains of marijuana out of Amsterdam. We joined up with him and his crew in Colombia to look for three rare marijuana strains.

So after about a few hours of sleep, we’re headed to Cali to check out the biggest weed operation in Colombia. Good. Let’s rock and roll. KRISHNA ANDAVOLU: First stop, the massive grow operation of local legend El Gato, Arjan’s key Colombian contact. He’d be our guide throughout the trip.

EL GATO: SPEAKING SPANISH ARJAN ROSKAM: So here we go, guerrillastyle growing, guys, in the mountains of the FARC. Look here. KRISHNA ANDAVOLU: Colombia produces the most cocaine in the world. But it’s also one of the most fertile places on earth to grow cannabis.

And while the country allows for recreational amounts of marijuana, growing weed on an industrial scale remains highly illegal. ARJAN ROSKAM: If you look at the plants, they’re all moving. You feel a little breeze going through. Not too much, but just enough to make them strong and make sure there’s no stale air around the buds.

This is the biggest in Colombia. It’s probably maybe the biggest in South America. Or Paraguay also have really big ones. Not like this. ARJAN ROSKAM: But not like this, and not this kind of quality. KRISHNA ANDAVOLU: In 1992, Arjan opened his first coffee.

Shop in Amsterdam, and has since crafted marijuanabreeding skills into a marketsavvy empire known as Green House Seed Company. He’s won 38 Cannabis Cups. He’s even dubbed himself the King of Cannabis. All hail the king. ARJAN ROSKAM: We thought maybe if we create a King of.

Targi marihuany Spannabis 2016 Barcelona Relacja sub PL ENG ES

Hi there, this is Marina It’s Karol Mrozinski Hey guys, it’s Paulina exclusively for Cannabis News greetings from sunny Barcelona. We’re here for the biggest cannabis fair in Europe, Spannabis, 13th edition. Oh dear, the smell is worth a thousand words. Let’s go inside and see what’s going on! How are you feeling right now? Stoned. Have you bought any weed?.

Some. Here. Looks great. What strain is it? No idea. But it’s awesome. Oh I see. Thanks a lot, have a good day. You too! Get ready folks, some serious rolling will take place here, in front of the camera. Hey gorgeous! How are you? Fine, you? I’m very well. What to to to be as beautiful as you are? Well, if you want to know it, you have to come to Sumo, booth 122. Alright, I’m here. I’m here guys. I’m here right now for you.

It’s a vaporizer. It’s a vaporizer only for oil. Yeah, you can vape different kinds of products. One product you can vape is full melt hash, extract, for example. Other extracts are rosin. Rosin is solventless. It’s made with heat extraction. Heat extraction is a process you can do by yourself at home, it’s easy, it’s not dangerous, like with BHO, you can blow up your whole home, right. If you blow the BHO at your stuff you can burn yourself. And with the heat extraction it’s much easier to do it by yourself because you just need hair straighteners, hair straighteners from your girlfriend, you take it, put it to the lowest temperature like 150°C, and when you do that, take a piece of parchment paper like this, you take a bit, like 0.5g and you squeeze it to a little ball.

You place the ball between the parchment paper and then you press it, like up to 5 sec. and after you press it, you’ve got a small flat coin, and beside that coin you’ve got oil. You can scratch up this oil and dab it. I’ll now show you how to dab the thing. Yeah, show us. There’s one person who seems quite interesting. Who is it? You. Thanks, I’m blushing now. Let’s go and try this wheel out. What’s it called? It’s a roulette.

A roulette, OK. What can you win? Products for smoking. OK, let’s try it out. Thank you ladies. Here’s the man behind the Strain Hunters, a cofounder of this great organisation. Hi Franko. We know that you had a really big journey last time. You just came back from Congo… That’s correct. It was actually one of the most interesting expeditions we ever did. It was three weeks, deep in the jungle in Congo, on the river, Congo river, it was really incredible. We found amazing cannabis, an amazing people, amazing nature… it was wild, really wild. Wow. Can you please tell me how you do it? You come with an invitation or you have some special people looking for seeds?.

It’s very complicated. Let’s say that first we normally do ‘scouting’. We call it ‘scouting’, so it means either me or Arjan or Simon, or the two of us or the three of us, we search for the best locations in the country. We do a little bit of gathering information, visiting the fields, visiting the growers, and then when we are ready, when we think we have something then we go back when it’s the right season, before the harvest of the plants and we try to make a documentary. It’s not easy, it’s quite complicated actually. Superprofessional. Please tell me, are you planning some journeys right now? Yeah, the list of places in the world where you have still wild cannabis landraces is really big and yeah, we would love the Philippines, we would love Ecuador, we would love Afghanistan, Nepal, but who knows? It doesn’t depend only on us, it depends on the connections we have on the ground, it depends on the seasons, wars, earthquakes and a lot of other factors so we’ll see.

That’s great. High five! OK so, what’s happening here right now? We’ve just started off the machines. As you can see, the tumblers are rolling, and underneath the tumblers you have like a knife, there are two knives, so it doesn’t get slashed off but it’s got a nice cut. Underneath, in the tumbler, vacuum machines will suck the leaves through the holes, into the tumbler and will cut them off. In the front you will have the waste and at the end will come out the product, which has been cut nicely, as you can see also on television. At the moment, in the medical marihuana, it’s the standard for cutting marihuana.


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