International forum update of therapeutic and medicinal cannabis uses montetutorial, 2014. All are aware that an argument that could have been widely used is the therapeutic uses of marijuana and yet this was avoided as part of the political strategy to place the issue in the terms that once seemed the most appropriate in Uruguay.

Today, as we move enough to reach this point, we are able, Uruguay its in cultural conditions of assume from the state what until recently was the patrimony of civil society organizations or community groups that carried out this theme. Since the Univercity exist, which is almost like saying since the country exist,.

Was convened several times particularly in the more difficult instances. Scientific support must be convened to learn to do things in the best way but speaking on behalf of an academic community must be emphasized scientific support for the civic decisions;.

Experts are not those who must make decisions: it’s the citizenship through the mechanisms of democratic representation that she gave herself. Many years ago the Universidad de la Repblica (University of the Republic) in its sectoral committee and scientific research has a health group and he discusses with the Ministry and other health factors.

What are the research we need to do because they have scientific value and at the same time have the capacity to implementation but also they have an area of social inclusion and the social inclusion seems not to be a subject of scientific research, yes, it is and it is in a very important way.

The main tool for measuring poverty was made by the universidad de la repblica (university of the republic) The forum highlighted the medicinal use of cannabis dating 5.000 years ago, from 3.000 B.C. in China for the same indications that are being used now En los Estados Unidos la condicin mas comn por la que la gente utiliza el cannabis medicinal es para.

Dolor crnico, insomnio, problemas para dormir, ansiedad Esto refleja las condiciones mas comunes por las cuales se toma cualquier medicamento en los Estados Unidos La marihuana, esta compuesta por mas de 400 substancias Algunas substancias como el THC o el cannabinol, pueden ser utilizados Para dolencias como trastornos de ansiedad, esquizofrenia, parkinson En mi campo especifico como neurologo.

Entrenado en eplieptologia, solo trato con el tratamiento en pacientes con epilepsia pero hay otras indicaciones en las cuales la marihuana es muy recomendada incluyendo esclerosis mltiple, y dolores cronicos, de todas formas mi especialidad se ha centrado en tratar con pacientes con epilepsias.

Hallucinogen Honey Hunters Hunting mad honey documentary

In the heart of nepal, lives a tribe of honey hunters, the gurungs They are the last humans before a Eight thousand meters mountain peak, and their village is surrounded by a thick jungle, its secrets is a mistery to all but the locals One month a year, giant hymalayan bees , the biggest bees in the world, forage poisonous flowers, giving to honey medicinal, aphrodisiac and hallucinogen properties. the Gurungs take outrageous risks to collect the honey from the cliff side hives ,.

But they’ve developed an almost mystical rapport with the bees, wich enable them to work without any protective clothing. The precious liquid has to be eaten with great care to avoid serious intoxication my name is Raphael Treza, i’m going to meet the tribe to try to find out more about this magic honey the Gurungs sell the honey at a little market, they’ve told me how to find their village. On the way, I met Deepak and Kumar, two friends who are in contact with the tribe. They’ve proposed to come with me to act as translators.

The gurungs are almost cut off from the outside world, they live two days walk from the nearest road originally from Tibet, in the middle ages, they came to this valley, dominated by one the highest mountains in the world 150 villagers live here including elderly but very healthy people.

And a good number of children who attend the village school hives of domesticated bees, which are more docile and twice as small as the wild bees are built into the walls. the honey can be collected from inside the houses. the bees have even colonised some rather unusual places. the Gurungs are almost entirely self sufficient , they cultivate vegetables, corn and rice.

The village mill turns the cereals into flour various wooden objects are carved and sculpted with a kukri, the emblematic Nepali’s knife. The villagers raise goats, cows and sheep, who’s wool is used to make clothes some of which will be sold at the market Some also fish and hunt for dear using riffle loaded with a ramrod and they stay on the look out for bears which could attack their flocks or the village children.

Men and women of all ages regularly work on communal tasks like here for the building of a new path. maoist dissidents who took control of the valley make sure everyone takes part in the work necessary for the developing the community The gurungs are reserved and discrete but their good humour and joie de vivre is infectious At dawn, the village gets ready for a honey hunting trip two men prepare the ropes required for climbing the cliffs.

They set out to join the rest of the team The hunters meet up: Noba Kershing, the oldest hunter Nandala and Dale.

As they leave the village, a surprise guest shows up A member of the maoist guerilla from a neighboring village who says he comes to ensure we’re not going to take honey from comunal hives at first he wants to stop us from going his presence here is also a publicity exercise he wants to be sure the young nepali’s communist logo on his tshirt appears in the film.


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