LSD Droga psicodlica

Hello My name is Francisco Shibata and the tutorial is about LSD Attentive LSD LSD, also known and commonly lysergide known as acid, it is a psychedelic drug semisynthetic. The amazing thing about this substance is that scientific trials to far show that LSD does not produce addiction and nontoxic. This substance is known for its effects psychological effects include hallucinations with open and closed eyes, hear colors, see sounds, perceive taste sensations.

By touching an object, under the effect of this drug have a distorted perception time and loss of self. Its name is a Germanism acronym LysergsäureDiethylamid, ‘Lysergic acid diethylamide’ Origin Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann synthesized first LSD November 16 1938 in Basel (Switzerland) for a program research aimed at finding possible medicinal uses of alkaloids group ergoline present in ergot. Ergot is a fungus that infects cereal grains used to make Rye bread.

Currently the drug is illegal Distribution It is sold on the street in tablets, capsules or in liquid form. It is odorless, colorless and it has a slightly bitter taste. Usually it consumed orally. The most common that LSD is added to absorbent paper, like blotting paper, The paper is divided into small squares sets, each of which constitutes a dose. Effects: The effects are highly variable: Psychological Effects It is considered that the effects of LSD are.

Largely unpredictable and dependent the consumption context and situation in mind that the individual is found to It consumes. Effects on mood The individual who uses this drug comes in a state of emotional susceptibility it can lead to both intense sadness as euphoria. Effects on interpersonal behavior LSD tends to generate in the subject greater interest relationships. But it can also cause paranoid reactions in the subject that consumes. Sensory and perceptual effects Increased sensitivity to sound stimuli.

And visual in general; distortions of body image; visual distortions often they illusions and experienced synesthesia. Cognitive Effects With this drug experienced a lot of creativity in every way. The big problem of consuming this drug Although it is not addictive is that consumption can contribute to development mental problems and also has warned LSD can worsen the disease mental. Flashbacks are other problems Some LSD users experience flashbacks,.

Recurrence of certain aspects of the experience psychedelic taking place without the user you have taken the drug again. These flashbacks can occur at any time after leaving the drug. Why not consume LSD? Remember that the body is a sanctuary God and deserves all kinds of care Do not pollute the body, or worse not harm the most important part of being body, brain. Do you have any question? Write it in comment.

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