Today on 420 Weed TVwe will meet Lluïsa Feliu, a woman who suffers from epilepsyand glaucoma. She claims that throughtherapeutic cannabis her life quality has improved. Lluïsa, a lady from Barcelonaliving in Girona, was diagnosed with epilepsywhen she was 14, a disease her parentsconsidered evil. Years later, she was diagnosedwith glaucoma,

an eye condition that reducesvision gradually. Without an adequate treatment,it can lead to blindness. Today she explains her experience. Lluïsa, we are in Girona, relatively close fromwhere you live. Relatively.We are here because you use cannabisfor health reasons. Yes.What do you suffer from?

Well. Since I was little,since my body changed at 14, I suffer from epilepsy. But what I am suffering nowin an alarming manner is an increase of glaucoma. When you were 14,you were diagnosed with epilepsy. I understand they gave youmedication for that. Tegretol, 400 mg, twice per day.

And Noiafren, 20 mg, twice per day. When were you diagnosedwith glaucoma? When I was older. My glasseswere never well graduated, so I went to the eye and the optician, and he tested my ocular pressureand he found the glaucoma. How old were you?I was 27. I am 64 now.

You were working. Yes, I was a nurseat Vall d’Hebron , on the surgery emergencynight shift. How did glaucoma affect youin your daily life? Not muchbecause it was at an early stage. It was just gradually increasing. Did they give you medicationfor the glaucoma? They didn’t,but I searched on the Internet

and also in some cannabis clubs,there are several in Girona, there is a lot of marijuana here. I bought a book and it seemedlike weed was very good for both epilepsy,perfect for glaucoma, and it could help for my husband’smultiple sclerosis. We decided we would try,we planted it. While we had weed,everything was fine. And the said, quot;Go on.quot;

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Today we talk about depression,a frequent illness that affects more than 315 million peoplearound the world. MEDICAL CANNABIS , let’s talk about depressionand the different types there are. There are many typesbut let’s simplify them so people could understand them.Okay. Fundamentally, there aretwo big depression families: the endogenousand the exogenous.

Which are the differencesbetween them? The endogenous is a depressionthat is within the person. The person is in a big hole,tries to get out of it but can’t. Every time that person tries itand cannot beat it, that person suffersan anxiety crisis, things get worse,it’s a vicious circle. If we don’t get thisto invert this negative circle, these people can reach very seriousand desperate situations.

Very extreme but can we talkabout a genetic component, something hereditaryin this type of depression? We still don’t have a genetic studythat could tell us if this gene or that one is the causebut it’s true that there are some families, in which an importantpercentage of its members suffer from depression. What about the other type?The exogenous depression. It doesn’t depend much on the personbut from physical or social factors

that could surround this person. Family problems,economical problems and those who make it worseare related not to illnesses but of physiological problems. Would this be the most common?Yes, it’s the most common. That’s the one we can diagnoseevery single day. It’s a personwho has a lazy problem, his heart is healthy,everything is okay

but it’s lazy. Is it true that depressionis more common in women? It’s true there aremore women diagnosed. I don’t know how much menkeep it silent or in fact, there are more women. You know there are many situationsin our society in which men don’t dare to tell becauseit’s not very brave and they suffer these problemswithout explaining them.

Which is the remedy?How long does it take to get better? There are many remedies. If we go to chemist’s,there are many drugs which have many side effectsand all of them imply a risk of physical addiction. The natural treatment, the onewith less side effects is weed. How do you have to consume it?It depends. If it’s an exogenous depression,that’s the case we’ll explain today,


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