Cuando cortar como secarla y como curar tus plantas de marihuana

Hello: Today We have these plants ready for his crop We will teach you when to cut, since drying her and as the process does of treated Since we cut our plants until it is ready to smoke There are several signs that they will say to us that we have come ultimately One of them is that they stop drinking water as before while they were blooming In flowering they drink great water, but when they come ultimately they stop drinking It is a sign in order that we start using less water of irrigation We will have to use only water, in order that there become exhausted the nutrients that exist in the land.

And also absorb those that it has in the leaves. We have these plants approximately 10 days using only it waters down in the irrigation We see that they are yellowish enough, very clean of nutrients This way when we dry her it be be mas good, because it will not have so many chlorophyll. Easier to recover, and in fewer days of treated we will have qualit marijuana We will not have to hope 3 or 4 months that one treats us The real way of knowing if it is ready for the crop is looking at the tricoms with a microscope.

When it has a whitish tone, it will be when more THC has among in his cannabinoids. If we wait for ourselves too much color will be done amber The cannabinoids transform in CBN instead of in THC, it will be less psychoactive and more narcotic. If we plant a variety Sativa and wait for ourselves too much It is possible that you do not have the awake wished effect. The bud is formed for many calyxes, many one on other one Together they form a great bud, which is the flower of the marijuana. Every calyx has 2 pistils, it is the brown hair that we see in the bud.

These pistils are those that s entrust to gather the pollen The plant on not having received pollen, does increasingly calyxes and the bud is bigger. When it comes at the end of the flowering, The calyxes are full of resin, and the pistils are all quoits or have fallen. It it wants to say that more new calyxes are not going to go out, is the end of the flowering. Since we see in our plants, all the calyxes are like that, It will be the moment of the crop. As soon as we have done the wash of roots, our plants will have a more yellowish tone.

The biggest leaves will be falling, it will be the moment to hope that the land dries off well. When it is dry completely, it will be the moment to cut our plants. This way they have small it waters down inside and they dry off better. Without danger of fungi. We will have to take all the leaves from him in order that it(he,she) dries off well. We will remove them little by little with a few scissors, until alone bud stays. First we will remove the big leaves, and later branch for branch, We will remove the smallest leaves until alone bud stays. It will remain ready for the dried one. We are going to peel our plants.

And this way you see the process. Now that we have taken the biggest leaves from him. We will take the smallest from him until alone bud stays. This way it will dry off better The bud will not contain so many water. We will have to cut all the leaves that stand out of the bud. To the small buds not they demos a lot of importance. If we cut too much, we will not leave anything.

Care in spite of not cutting bud. We will have to do it this way, branch after branch. We cut the biggest leaves from the stem, in order that sticks do not stay. We cut the smallest leaves above. All those more leaves let’s remove of the best stem. When we have taken all the leaves from him, we are going to take the buds to the dry. Where we will leave her a few days in order that it loses dampness. Once cut and without leaves(sheets) we place it in the dry. It is necessary to to be a dark place, some 20ºC. Now we will teach you up to the point for that we have to wait. To put the marijuana to the hermetic pots.

Cannabis en el Rif Marruecos parte 3 Plantas macho 420weedTV PROGRAMA 30

The National Park of Talassemtane is extended through a calcareous dorsal in the Rif, in northern Morocco, on a surface of 58.000 hectares. It’s an unique territory due to its exceptional beauty of its landscapes and great biodiversity. It’s near the city of Chauen. After a few days in Morocco, we continued with our goal: to show the maximum range of growings.

Or discovered areas where weed is grown. In a route chosen by chance, we could perceive the smell of cannabis a few metres far but it was a smell that vanished after a few hours and it was less that we expected. We realised that it keeps being a country that leads the cannabis production in the world. The Moroccan production of cannabis feeds the European market,.

Specially in Spain and France and they are the lead tourists. According to the Moroccan press, cannabis moves around 12.000 million dollarsyear, employing 800.000 people. Cannabis keeps being a big business in Morocco and people say that if they’d export it illegally, the economy would improve radically. We had to wait until night fell into the city.

In order to keep the privacy of those who have helped us to make this report. They took us to growing full of plants of more than 2 m high where we found male plants. This is a good male plant, poor them, they’re forgotten, people with the female plants have forgotten that they are the fathers. They transmit the genes, they have the ability.

Of transmitting the genetic qualities to the female and the female represents them in the seed. With the topic of the female plants, we’re really screwing up. As a grower, I’m against growing female plants always because the male is absolutely necessary. Nowadays, people just grow sprouts to smoke, the male plants have also been forgotten due to the quot;noseedquot; technique.

The nice thing is selecting male plants like Mario Belandi, the only person I know that just grow male plants. He has a small room with one or two lamps but he just looks for male plants. He knows about the importance that the male plant has. Also the superior plant of weed has the ability of distinguishing male and female. The chromosomes XY against chromosomes XX.

Here’s the combination to get unique and exclusive varieties. Always looking for a plants that it is a mutant, as my friend said you have to look for something special. With the female seeds, all the chromosomes are the same. It gives sprouts but we cannot create new things. I want to encourage people to look for male plants, buy regular seeds and experiment at home because the beautiful thing about this,.


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