hi welcome to a new bricomary in undergrowtv with victor long. you should know him from the Parsley Club and other colaborations with our channel. Hi how are you? We’re going to show a really simple method to do a resin extraction with whatever you want to take profit. You can put nice buds but you can put your harvest’s rests too,.

little buds from cutting and all like this. We’ve got a bag and we’re going to use Victor’s system. A pretty simple method. He lives alone in the mountain far from growshops so he invented this extraction system. How does it work? We’ll take the product, we’ll put it in the glass with the mesh over and shake it. Super simple. Let’s do this. Simple systems in grows too, as a remain, specially in grows like Gramo Vatio. Check it. You can find all kind of extraction methods and all you could need for your cultivation.

gramo vatio. remember it. different kind of extraction methods like dry ice, gas, actually really fasioned. Well cleaned, a quality product. You can find gas extractor in grows. This one is the best model. A really good product guaranteed with quality materials. A really Vip product avoding metal contact with the final result.And other really good skills. The top Bho extractor to get resin. Perfectly usable at home. But warning: well ventilated place and a good clean, maybe using an empty oven.

to elliminate all gas rests. other systems like from our tutorial with gas recirculation machine for a clean extraction. Medicinal extractions with hemp for example too and get a good Cbd product. Really easy. This is a home made equipment to work big quantities using ice and get a really good quality ice product. Really appreciated by hash consumers. It will be filtered by these kinds of mesh. Many different qualities in every mesh. This kind of mesh can be used for dry manual extractions too but if you don’t have any polenator.

or grow, if you live in the mountains like he, you can use your nightdressing panties over a glass, so let’s see how to obtain a good and clean product only shaking a little bit. Pure hash. Well undergrowers Let’s take a look to this simple extraction method. Put all the herbal product inside a glass You can see trunks, seeds. These are the rests, all useless product. It must be previously grinded and freezed to make the extraction easier. So put the mesh over. It seems really easy. Yes a 5 years old kid could do this.

better not. but really easy. so put the mesh Now turn it over. And shake. You can see it fall down. If we shake it a little, we’ll get the best product, if we shake it longer, other materials could decrease quality. Well we are not using the conventional method, this is home made so let’s shake it longer to get a good stone to smoke. We can stay a lot of time. Allways some green product but we’ll get a good quantity.

you can see it doesn’t stop falling down. perfect method if you have a plant full of seeds for example. If you don’t want to find them all the time, you can extract and get a seeds free product. Victor shaking it. We’ll definetely do a good rock. To press it easily later, it depends on green product quantity, harder with more product and with this shake, at the end we’ll get an almost green result, but clean and cut free, taking profit of this outdoor full of seeds weed You can smoke it like this, but if you want to press it, mix it with Bho or cannabis oil.

now we have this totally cut free hash perfectly smokeable just like this. exactly maka. This is the result for this 5 mins. If you stay 15 mins without stop you’ll get a really interesting quantity. If you do this with your product you’ll get really a good rock with your full of seeds product. Exactly, if you do it for yourself, nothing better. Totally cut free, warning with hash, you never know where it comes from so it you make it, you’re safe.


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