Marihuana Al Natural 5 Sea of green

We came back to visit the same indoor crop that we visited at last program. As we can observe the flowering phase is pretty advanced the first plants are close to being harvested. The last ones will be done in two weeks. That's could be considered advantage or disadvantage. If we were working with the same genotype we will obtain all the harvest at the same time, in other case, with different genotypes we will have to harvest all the plants during ten days or two weeks. Every big farmer has a doubt When we should harvest the.

Cannabis plants Thousand of farmers think about it every year, and every harvest that they will execute. There are a lot of theories about the harvests. The first one is keep attention on the stigmas, stigmas are all this white hair over the buds with flowers. A lot of people think that when the stigmatas are brown, the plant is ready to be harvest. But it is not totally right, because if there are windy or rainy days the stigmas probably will burn and die and they'll be brown too because of this,.

So, it is not the most reliable. Another thing to keep in mind are the trichomes the trichomes are the isolated resin glands, we can watch them through 15 or 20 increase on magnifying glass, maybe 30 or 40 increase is better, the gland looks like a Chupa Chups, like a like a stick with a ball at the end, some farmers harvest them when they are still transparent. this effect is less heavy, and other farmers prefer more relaxed effects and they harvest the plants when the trichomes are a little bit amber,.

Glandular. It is even not the most reliable, because if we manipulate the flowers and trichomes a lot, they destroy and acquire this amber color, so we should be delicate and don't destroy the trichomes. As we can check plants are green this color is due to the proper administration of nutrients during flowering, except some plants that have more yellowish color and burning leaves, this is because these plants have a weaker genetic or do not tolerate the accumulated concentration of salts in the flowering process, the other plants, as we can see,.

Estimulador de floracin Bud Ignitor de Advanced Nutrients para Marihuana

Hoy os ensearemos el estimulador de floracin Bud Ignitor que es de la marca Advanced Nutrients. Es uno de los que mejor va del mercado. Lo que har ser que en vez de que tus ramas cuando las pasas a floracin se estiren, quede un internudo muy largo, saldrn ms brotecillos que al crecer luego en el futuro ser todo una cola de cogollo, con lo cual, recortars ms la planta y aumentars tu produccin al tener ms flor en la punta que engordar gracias a que le da mejor la luz, con lo cual mejorars mucho tu produccin.

Este producto es muy fcil de usar. Cuando pasamos nuestras plantas a floracin lo que debemos hacer es empezar a regar con Bud Ignitor a dos mililitros por litro. Repetir la dosis en cada riego hasta que empiece a formarse el cogollo. Una vez que tengamos una flor formada lo que viene siendo las puntas con pelos tendremos que dejar de usarlo y ya comenzar con otros productos para lo que es la formacin de la flor y posteriormente el engorde. Bud Ignitor ser un antes y un despus en tu cultivo. Lo podrs encontrar al mejor.

Big One Estimulador de Floracin para Plantas de Marihuana de Top Crop

Intro de Growbarato Os enseamos Big One de Top Crop Un estimulador de floracin biolgico que da mucha ms produccin y resina a nuestros cogollos Se pulverizan 2ml por litro diez das antes de pasar a la floracin Tres das antes del fotoperiodo se pulveriza y a los diez das se aplica regando Podemos regar cada diez das con 2ml de Big One hasta un mes antes del final de la cosecha si es en exterior Adems, hara que tu hierba tenga ms resina y mejor sabor Lo puedes encontrar al mejor precio en Growbarato.

Kit CO2 con Bombona desechable para Cultivo Interior de Marihuana

Absorba bien el Co2 Y despues debe estar 15min con la extraccion que nos ayuda a sacar mas produccion en nuestras plantas Se enchufa 15 min para que salga el Co2 Luego se apaga todo 30min para que la planta absorba bien el Co2 Y despues debe estar 15min con la extraccion encendida para que se renueve el aire Y asi se va repitiendo el proceso Se pone un tubito en el cable y se deja por encima de las plantas para que el Co2 caiga sobre ellas Para controlar cuanto Co2 sale se hace con.

Un vaso de agua Conectamos un tubo de silicona y lo metemos en el vaso de agua, siendo el nivel ideal una burbuja por segundo A medida que avanza la floracion se le da un nivel mas Este producto lo puedes encontrar al mejor precio en nuestra web Growbarato Os presentamos el kit de Co2 con bombona desechable que nos ayuda a sacar mas produccion en nuestras plantas Se enchufa 15 min para que salga el Co2 Luego se apaga todo 30min para que la planta absorba bien el Co2 Y despues debe estar 15min con la extraccion encendida para que se renueve el aire.

Kit Riego Fcil para Regar fcilmente tus plantas de marihuana sin apartarlas

Hoy os vamos a explicar lo que es el kit RiegoFcil, que servir para regar nuestras plantas cuando tenemos muchas juntas y no tenemos acceso, que siempre tenemos que sacar una fila o dos filas para poder llegar a las del final. Con este producto lo que podremos hacer es hacerlo sin ningn tipo de esfuerzo. Con la ayuda de unas tijeras cortamos para abrir el producto. Se compone de dos tubos, un embudo y nuestra jarra medidora con la que podemos comprobar la cantidad de agua que le echamos a las plantas, segn sus necesidades.

The Sperm Struggle is Real

Sperms aren't the mindless, flagellumwielding, dolts you thought they were. They are wily little devils with war on their nuclei. Music Hey dudes, Trace here with the lowdown on your sperms' struggles for DNews. Sperm are the male gamete, the counterpart to the female's egg. When a sperm reaches the inside of an egg, a zygote is created the first step on the path to a fetus. But to reach that goal, a sperm have to overcome a lot of different problems one being there are millions of other sperm. They're like, WATCH OUT DUDE. Imma tryin' to get to the egg!.

For instance, we've evolved what science calls sperm allocation. As the point of sex is to get your sperm to the egg first and thus spread your genes, sperm allocation was one of nature's ways of getting the most bang for your. buck. IF a male believes his female sexual partner has committed infidelity, or if he's simply spent a long while away from the partner, his sperm count will increase when they pair up! The authors of a study published in Current Directions in Psychological Science believe this is why males get lustful feelings after.

Being away from their partner they want to make sure they can get as much sperm in there as possible to compete. Once inside the woman, sperm continue the struggle. This has to do with that creation sperm are formed based on HOW the species fertilize AND how much sexual competition is present. It was assumed that the bigger the sperm, the faster they are. Bigger and stronger is better Right Wrong. A study published in the journal Evolution uses Bonobos as an example. These apes share almost 99percent of their DNA with humans and have a lot of.

Sex with lots of partners. The competition has evolved sperm with bigger head and a smaller tails. The larger sperm were actually SLOWER. The researchers found only animals who fertilize OUTSIDE of their bodies have a large sperm advantage. The shorter head and longer tail of fish and squid sperm were super fast and thus got to the egg first. Yah bro! Then there's the theory that there are two kinds of sperm the goal scorers, and the ones who play defense. Of the 250 million sperm cells released into the female reproductive.

System, 27percent are defective, right off the bat. The normally ovalshaped head is spherical or quite pointy in parts, the tails are malformed or whatever. This theory of so called kamikaze sperm also comes back to competition between mates. The idea is that these malformed sperm hang back to block those from competing mates, thus ensuring the first male's DOMINATION OF FERTILIZATION!!! Since the hypothesis was proposed in the 80s, scientists have tried and failed to reproduce their findings, so while we're pretty sure this isn't real, it's still being tested.

Most scientists now believe the 27percent defect rate occurs because of poor quality control in sperm creation. Which. is a little embarrassing. Dudes, this is our big moment and we're halfassing it out there! 110percent, c'mon! Of the millions of sperms released, remember you were the fastest. So tell us your strategies in the big empty white box below and subscribe! Also, double check you're still following us on Twitter AtDNews. We made some changes. You can get behind the scenes pictures and cool stuff that never makes it into an episode. Thanks!.

Control De Daos En Tratamientos Para El CNCER Tania Obregn

Control De Daos En Tratamientos Para El CNCER Tania Obregn,Gua natural para pacientes oncolgicos Cmo una dieta adecuada ser nuestro mejor aliado para no alimentar la enfermedad, llevando el pH de nuestro..

Control De Da駉s En Tratamientos Para El C醤cer Por Tania Obreg髇 PARTE 1.Control de daos en tratamientos para el cncer por Tania Obregn PARTE 1 de 2, que tuvo lugar durante la VIII Feria de Alimentacin y Salud, los das 24 y 25..

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Marihuana, Riegos Y Hojas Secas.

Marihuana, Riegos Y Hojas Secas.,Este vdeo es un tutorial se explica cmo declara el sexo la marihuana hembra, as como de los problemas con hojas secas y trucos del riego.Toda la..

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