We will use this type of dryer is completely vertical and marketed. The meshes let enter the air to prevent the buds rot. In this case the buds go to sleep horizontally. There are one theory: if you hold the buds vertically.

The sap and resin go down. to the buds. This is not true. The buds have resin enough. So, a horizontal drying facilitates have, at the same height,.

More flowering to dry. The branches are so great, so, let’s cut them and introduce the plant in the dryer. We introduce the plants. The dryer must be located in a room.

With a constant temperature and humidity. Especially not exceeding moisture and keep out too much lighting, because lighting also oxidize cannabis, marijuana. Therefore it is important to consider.

All these factors. If the humidity rises we must install aeration systems, like fans in order to facilitate air movements inside. Avoid moisture and encourage proper growth.

Would be a pity lose the harvest in this point. Almost ending, We are grateful to the cannabis farmers who show us the right way to harvest. Even say that 10 or 15 days later,.

If weather conditions are favorable Probably the plants will be ready to drying. We will can consume them.

Whenever we want. so, Thanks to cannabis farmers. Two weeks later we will come back to watch the drying system. Then they hang a system where all plants are installed.


Dejar la Marihuana

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