Marihuana Al Natural 3 Floracin forzada

Welcome back to Unprocessed Marijuana. As we said in the previous program, at this time we will visit a outdoor crop, we are in June and have already begun work. The plants have been transplanted to their final place, now just water them, give them love, particularly fertilizer, water and wait until they finish their cycle. If you pay attention to the shape of leaves and the leaflets, there are variety of species in this crop, different varieties were planted. Here we have a Kali, Somago Jack Herer, a Quasar, Critical Label.

Also we have a Blueberry, so, different varieties in order to get a lot of varieties and enjoy the different nuances, the diversity of fragrances and flavors along the year. Here we have a very special and particular case. It is a bloom crop forced that will be be harvested very soon. The forced bloom, for those who don't know the technique, involves forcing the bloom during the growing period. How do you do this reducing the light's time throughout the day. There are different ways to reduce the light's time. One way is.

Keep the plants in a indoor place, that means, a closed room. So, the plant should be in a pot for ease the transportation. If we cultivate on the ground we have to make an opaque coverage. So, we bolster the indoor's darkness. The plant begin to bloom in this place. We have to be careful and respect the twelve sun hours. The remaining time, we should keep the plant on darkness. We go to wake up the crop and watch the results obtained with these techniques. We get the harvest sooner,.

In a natural time is impossible to get it. You should be strict with this technique and every day cover the plant around six afternoon. We have to be careful with the wet inside the cover place. The plastic prevents the perspiration, so, we should be careful because the tight and heavy flowery area like this can suffer botrytis. Here we have another variety. It is a Colombiana of Santa Mara. It is a Sativa. It was cultivated and planted in January and the flowering was started in March, middle of March,.

Until today, 8th June, tomorrow it will be sacrificed and hung out to dry to dry for later taste. Without working with not Indicas varieties, the botrytis appears when the plant is covered because the sun warms it, so the plant's sweat is wetting the place. if the consistency is your virtue applying this technique you will get a high quality cannabis and enjoy it during the summer. At the same way, we can grow automatic plants that have been preharvested. The central bud to improve the flowering of the sides and the.


Is huge the evolution that has occurred in this crop since the last time we visited, the plants are at the end of the flowering stage but before we will analyze what happened during flowering. The size difference is bigger than when we visited them. As we can see, sativa varieties are more corpulent than Indica varieties, the cannabis farmer knew to keep ones at a side and others at another side, thus maintaining the same distance between the spotlights to the plants, therefore the lumens distribution is homogeneous. Cannabis farmers give us a advice.

In the coming crop cover all the walls with reflective material, so luminosity is not lost, it is maximized the brightness emitted by the spotlights. A prolonged period of rain and warm south wind, it becomes an ideal breeding ground for mildew to proliferate outside. Affects the interior, so that, if we maintain a too high humidity could some plants, like this case, be attacked by this fungus. Just the experience of working with each variety is what is going to indicate their times of growth, whether we start from seeds, such as cuttings, in this case,.

Kit CO2 con Bombona desechable para Cultivo Interior de Marihuana

Absorba bien el Co2 Y despues debe estar 15min con la extraccion que nos ayuda a sacar mas produccion en nuestras plantas Se enchufa 15 min para que salga el Co2 Luego se apaga todo 30min para que la planta absorba bien el Co2 Y despues debe estar 15min con la extraccion encendida para que se renueve el aire Y asi se va repitiendo el proceso Se pone un tubito en el cable y se deja por encima de las plantas para que el Co2 caiga sobre ellas Para controlar cuanto Co2 sale se hace con.

Un vaso de agua Conectamos un tubo de silicona y lo metemos en el vaso de agua, siendo el nivel ideal una burbuja por segundo A medida que avanza la floracion se le da un nivel mas Este producto lo puedes encontrar al mejor precio en nuestra web Growbarato Os presentamos el kit de Co2 con bombona desechable que nos ayuda a sacar mas produccion en nuestras plantas Se enchufa 15 min para que salga el Co2 Luego se apaga todo 30min para que la planta absorba bien el Co2 Y despues debe estar 15min con la extraccion encendida para que se renueve el aire.

Marihuana Al Natural 8 Poda y entutorado

We are in late August. Just a month and a half ago we visited this crop. As we can see there aren't enough place inside.That's because of the horizontal growth. The plants were opened and the light came inside. This has facilitated the horizontal growth, not vertical growth. If the growth of the plants had been vertical, the plants would have transgress indoor system, and the pruning would be inevitable. We can not go inside. Let's go to try to explain this system. Like you can see the shanks that cross the crop system.

Have argued the branches and thanks to this the plants were opened. The light went inside providing a horizontal growth occupying the entire indoor growing rea. The plants have begun to grow. The flowering tops start. Within a week we will have to attend them in order to prevent plague of worms on buds. We can access to this other crop module. Probably had a low fusarium, although we cannot prove it. For the features that they have explained us is possible this deduction, now let's go to explain the powdery mildew. Here we have a plant with.

Powdery mildew attack. The powdery mildew is a fungus, a cryptogamic disease which produces these kinds of white stains, looks like dirty water over the plant, is powdery mildew, is the fungus mycelium that is growing on the leaflet tissue. The powdery mildew could covering the entire leaves surface. Even can even attack fungi, so, could be a big deal for cannabis consumption. To prevent the powdery mildew we have to do preventive treatments with propolis extract. The propolis is a substance secreted by bees. It is a protector, a natural antibiotic.

Other than work against fungal diseases which is what interests us like preventive method, can be done treatments during three or four days in dose of 2 to 4 milliliters by liter depending on the concentration of the extract spraying the leaves surface. It can be used, besides the propolis, micronized sulfur duster or also copper sulfate, but we want to consume it, so, it's better try to prevent this kind of products. Propolis is better, is totally natural, even people can consume it like antibiotic to our immunologic system. In this last module we can see that the plants.

Marihuana Al Natural 18 Cultivo de biodiversidad gentica

The indoor crops that we were visiting focus their attention just in one variety. Today we will go to visit a crop with species biodiversity. Four varieties of cannabis, like Jack Herer Sativa variety, or Northern light Indica vatiety. The cannabis farmer looks for the biodiversity. The biodiversity in indoor crops has a disarrangement. Sativas varieties has more vertical growth than Indicas ones. The cannabis farmers had to prune the lower parts because the light was not attain there. Indica varieties are thicker. In order to avoid this kind of imbalances,.

From Like is this case, we have to grow first Indica varieties, even directly put to flowering the cuttings of Sativa varieties. Grow indoor Sativa varieties has a disadvantage, the excessive vertical growth, so is advisable to set the main stem, avoiding stem breakage when the flowering arrive. The right work at this crop gives us the optimal conditions of plants. Farmers have avoided dangers and they fed plants successfully. In a few weeks we will come back to visit this crop to see its end. Did you remember this crop at last program.

The evolution is remarkable, the harvest is almost ready. We can perceive the good conditions just observing the green color. Looks healthy. Plants have flowered properly if we look with magnifying glass and look at the trichomes are fully formed and are beginning to mature, this means that in a few days the plants will be ready to be harvested. To perform a Sea of Green from these features, it is essential to do from cuttings of the same variety or same genotype to reach the same size and the same speed of flowering.

This one has the same characteristics than Critical Mass, compact buds and stylized branch, thanks to the advance fixing of the stems. The average production is about 25 grams per plant, some reach 40 and others may not go from 15 to 20 an average of 25 to 30 grams per copy, per 220 cuttings throughout the crop. We are talking about four or six kilos in seven lamps of 600 watts, which is 4200 watts, this means that they will overcome watt gram. We say goodbye impregnated by the powerful scent of their buds and.

Marihuana Al Natural 15 Indoor Optimizado

We begin this season visiting a indoor crop that we had the opportunity to visit last season. The cannabis farmers have introduced determinant modifications and they want to show us. There has been a rethinking of the crop area. Rearranging the space to make it more usable and effective. The corridors allow us a comfortable work. 600 watt lamp has been installed. Also has been changed the position, so, the new air goes inside, directly to the plants. Have been installed four cultivating tables 2 meters long, 1 wide for the farmers comfort.

Facilitate the leachate collection, a result of drainage watering excess. The circular pots have been changed. Now we have square pots 20x25 So,under the seven spotlights there are 220 cuttings. 55 cuttings per cultivating table. In this occasion they have decided cultivate just one variety, we are talking about Critical Mass. Critical Mass is a hybrid of Skunk with Afgani, a variant of Big Bud. Even have Sativa characteristics like elongated leaves, but, in the production flowering speed have Indica characteristics. The cuttings have been grown during 15 days with 18 light hours and a.

Marihuana Al Natural 17 Cultivo de semilla

Welcome to Natural Marijuana again. We are visiting a crop, but not intended for buds production, like last ones. This crop intended for seeds production. Their growers want to experiment with genetics. So, they are doing their own crossspecies. The are pollinating a female Critical Mass with a male Northernlight. When they are fertilized produce fewer buds. The flowers are smaller, less dense and less compact. Plants spend all their energy into seed production and subsequent maturation. As we can see the seeds are mature, this means that in two or.

Three weeks will be ready to harvest. This crop is situated at high mountain, so the temperature are very low, especially at night. The growers have to installed a radiation system. High mountain is so cold, the cold air is more heavy than hot air, the cold air will descend and the hot air will ascend. If the extractors are above the hot air will escape so soon. In spite of the great farmers design, there are a risk, the danger of installation. It is a precarious installation, the cords are hanging outdoor,.

Marihuana Al Natural 16 Cultivo Invernal

We came back to this outdoor crop, to show a winter crop. Winter crops have to be performed only in temperate areas with night temperatures not lower than 810 degrees, so it is very important to put the crop in the sunnier area. Winter crops planting have to be also performed outside, in order to adapt low temperatures to plants. Keep in mind that the winter crop has to be a completely horizontal crop due to the size. We are talking about 40 to 60 inches and a produce between 20 and 60 grams.

Marihuana Al Natural 22 Floracin Forzada I

El cannabicultor no ha vaciado a mitad de temporada su despensa seguro que tambin puede ser tu caso, ante esta situacin tenemos dos opciones bien podemos optar por cultivar variedades automticas que puede ser que en tu caso te agraden o bien hacer una floracin forzada, inducir a las plantas a que florezcan por ellas solas. Vamos a explicar profundamente en qu consiste esta ltima tcnica. La floracin forzada o inducida es una tcnica que consiste en proporcionarle la nocturnidad de 12 horas a las plantas, con ese perodo de 12 horas lo que hacen las plantas es.

Interpretar que la llegada del otoo y as desarrollan todos los mecanismos que inician la floracin. Para forzar las plantas a esas horas de nocturnidad tenemos tres opciones, la primera y la ms econmica sera cubrirlas una caja de cartn, luego tenemos la opcin de construir como una estructura, un invernadero alrededor y taparlas con un plstico que sea opaco y la ltima es meterlas en un cuarto a oscuras. esta ltima opcin es la que est utilizando este cannabicultor, lo que hace es todos los das a las nueve de la maana sacarlas del cuarto y.

A las nueve de la noche, las vuelve a meter, pero eso s, hay que ser constante todos los das por eso lo difcil de esta tcnica. Las otras dos tcnicas que hay que son taparlas con cartn y con plstico tiene un inconveniente puesto que se tapan al sol esto quiere decir que se produce una evotranspiracin en el interior lo que conlleva a que puedan haber podredumbre y botrytis en los cogollos por lo que hay que revisar peridicamente estos cogollos. Como veis esta tcnica nos permite cultivar cualquier variedad que deseamos.

Ante nosotros nos hallamos ante 5 ejemplares, uno de ellos de esquejes y los otros cuatro de semillas, a pesar de que los cuatro han sido cultivados y sembrados el mismo da como podemos ver hay una deferencia de tamao descomunal, esto es debido a un factor y es al contenedor, el tamao del contenedor es muy importante para los cultivos de floracin forzada, al cual sucede con los cultivos de variedades automticas hemos de ser muy rpido a la hora de trasplantar, es decir de la siembra ha de pasar a su.

Lugar definitivo, sin pasar por un contenedor intermedio. Este ejemplar que tenemos ante nosotros nos da la idea de posibles aplicaciones que pudiera tener esta tcnica, Todos sabemos que las variedades sativas de floracin tarda que se tiran de 90 a 120 das a florecer son muy dificultosas de poder llegar a cosechar puesto que llegan muy temprano los fros, pues bien si aplicamos esta tcnica a partir de julio, podramos obtener la cosecha de esas plantas de octubre a noviembre evitando as, ese fro tardo. Las plantas que terminamos de ver en floracin forzada llevan as desde el 20 de marzo.

Como ya hemos dicho, estamos en la primera semana de abril, as que le quedar aproximadamente hasta la segunda quincena de mayo para que estn listas para ser cosechadas. El cannabicultor de este cultivo ha sido previsor y como podemos ver ya tiene a esa segunda generacin que va a sustituir ese primer cultivo. Estos ejemplares les queda todava un mes largo de crecimiento bajo estas condiciones de luz artificial para luego sustituir a las que estn ahora floreciendo as que volveremos en 15 20 das para ver la evolucin que ha.

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