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We are in Spannabis for the umpteenth time and well we love it, it's a fantastic fair and well lots of new seedbanks, lots of people, a true joy One gram, one dollar Is it possible It is possible. Hi guys, hangover daySunday morning, have this wonderful sun that we appreciate so much after a wet Spannabis. You have had performances, live music concerts, food from around the world, stands, gifts, beautiful ladies if you missed it this year, come to the next one, we'll be here Yeah Are they taking pictures of me Dude, I can't.

Green Medicine Trailer Full Medical Cannabis Documentary in December 2015

The main problem of marijuana in Chile is its consumption. It is not trafficking. It's not organized crime. It's not street violence. I think the problem in Chile is not individual consumption or medical use but effectively the trafficking networks that plague the streets of our country, Cannabis is a wonderful plant. For many it is a prohibited plant, but for us it gave us life. And it was not just a fun plant. It was a plant that was going to serve as a treatment, as medicine. A drug will be good to the extent that is used for one purpose.

A drug will be bad to the extent that is misused for another purpose. It is very clear to us that the compounds of marijuana are antitumoral, We are very clear about that. I have no doubts about it. What we do not know for sure is if they work in humans too, WHEN LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN OBEDIENCE Confronting an unknown, complex disease, to which the doctors say wait to see what happens. see if it grows'. We tried 5 anticonvulsants, at maximum doses. All of which had gruesome side effects.

I have the impression, in the position of SENDA, that people need more health protection. This freedom, they do not understand it, because it is a freedom to get hurt. When you demonize cannabis, you also demonize users of cannabis, Because it is much easier in this country to place all the blame on drugs We cannot say that Chileans have a good quality of life. Live in fear that the state is going to deny your health, take away your medicine There is a lot of ignorance, and that ignorance leads to people being afraid.

Our protests continue to be heard. We invite you, as the president of all Chileans, to place yourself in our shoes Marijuana, would you legalize its consumption, the domestic cultivation for example I do not have it in my program. IT'S WHERE THE REVOLUTION STARTS I refused to do that. I refused to wait in my house for it to grow. So I started looking for alternatives, and that's how we found out about the oil. And that's where the Daya Foundation began. Daya in Sanskrit means compassion, and that was the name we chose as we felt it represented the place from where we wanted to work from.

This approval was a milestone in history. In fact, this is the first legal medical cannabis plantation in Latin America. Within the first week of using cannabis oil the seizures decreased, within 2 weeks we stopped a drug, Sabril, that caused vision loss. We need THC, we also also need terpenes, we need the whole plant. AND IN CHILE A MOVEMENT IS BORN. Access to health is a human right, and access to complementary therapies to enhance health should be an essential part of that right. And that's our vision. What we are trying to do is a high quality methodological scientific study.

Entrevista a Evert de Verdamper por Alchimia Grow Shop en Spannabis 2013

Let's going to see if it's possible to talk a bit with Mr. Verdamper Hello, how are you We are from Alchimiaweb, we would like to make you a question Hey, hey, heeeeyyyy, hey You want to smoke something No thank you, we would like to make you a little question Why did you put a hen, next to your products, in your photos on your website What did I do I do something Why did you put a henchicken! Next to your products. Ahhhh. So that was very easy to understand you now.

It's a very important question!!! Yes a very important question, because the chickens, where there with the first small verdampers They were there standing behind de window, looking at the verdamper, Telling each other, I want to have one, I want to have one And they have come. No they also run away like all the other people, you know. And much of that people don't like that machine because it thinks that it's too cute, like all chickens But it's completely different you know. Fresh weed here!!! We will make a small demonstration Mr. Verdamper, exclusively for Alchimia.

We will make a sample for Alchimia, Mr. Verdamper of their products One of the best vaporizers on the market Taste very good, smells very good, so I think it's just Spanish Spanish marihuana, very good spanish marihuana That's why I'm always here, in all the fests in Spain Because the marihuana it's to good you know Not the selling but the marihuana. and I love the marihuana So bring all the marihuana to me and I'll help you And. What's your message for this season You have to make nice marihuana you know, nice marihuana.

Eva Seeds Cannafest 2013 Prague Praha

Hello this is Eva Seeds in Cannafest, in Prague and we just want to say hello, hi we're here with Herbies friends, thank you. The best seed up to now would be Jamaican Dream it's been very successful amongst people all over Europe basically because it has a very short flowering period of only 42 days and it's quiet a strong plant. We have a new strain we've launched at the Erun fair and it's called Excalibur which is Amnesia times it's a cross of Amneisa and Diesel and for the time being it has already won 2 awards.

Entrevista a Arjan de Green House por Alchimia Grow Shop en Spannabis 2013

Hello my name is Arjan's welcome to Spannabis 2013 Is the biggest fest here in Europe So it's very good for all the companies in Spain Legalizing on the way and let's hope it going to be really a great year In April we are going to launch Strain Hunters Seeds So what we are doing for that, is making all new packaging, dividing everything in landraces seeds and exotic seeds races And also this year of course we are making a lot of promotion of feeding Ok, have a good time here in Spannabis, do you want to say something to our team.

Interview de Franco de Green House Seeds par Alchimia Spannabis 2013

For the season 2013 we are presenting a new seed bank. Strain Hunters Seed Bank. Which is a bank that is created by the experience of Green House, obviously. But that will have two product lines. A feminized line. The plant which I love the most is White Lemon. White Lemon. It's a hybrid of Super Lemon Haze with El Nio. Really stable, a really good plant. And a line of Landraces, in a regular format. That will be presented at the end of the year. And well Are the plants that we've really brought from the trips you can see.

Roberto Grass O Matic Interview, Expo Grow Irn 2013

We are talking with Roberto, from GrassOMatic, who will inform us a little bit about the news in his bank. For example, we've been able to see in the advertisements here in the fair, that will be a very remarkable variety which is Med Gom, could you explain us the characteristics of this plant, please Hi everyone, and I apologize for mi Spanish, Well, Med Gom is born from a joint project with CBD Crew, a seed bank specialized in varieties with high CBD, and for the first time, we have got an auto flowering plant with the same characteristics,.

So with a THCCBD ratio of more or less 11 or 12, and with a cannabinoid level higher than 45 of THC and 67 of CBD, and far more than 10 with optimal growing conditions. The plant is ready at 60 days, what lets you consume your medicine in a really short time in any situation, in a balcony, an indoor. It's fast and it has all the characteristics of a good medical plant, isn't it Yes, the cannabinoid level equals to a medicine, and I'm not going to name it for many reasons.

And the plant reaches 1 meter of high, is rich in resin, it has a background citric smell, with variations getting even the incensed haze flavor, depending on the phenotype.. It has not everything stabilized as a variety, but sure will like everyone. Ok, and together with the other 2 new varieties, we can see that you put a lot of effort in getting a great flavor in your Auto flowering plants, it's correct Well, the main characteristic that we want in our varieties, besides of productivity, the maturation time it's the flavor, obviously.

And with the Haze we have made a very interesting step forward, because we have practically made 2 plants, one that matures in 60 days, and another in 75, both with a great Haze flavor, who comes from the Mr Nice Super Silver Haze descendant. And the Maxi Haze Production is noticeable, it gets a good weight harvest and with great flavor and smell too. Who grows them will enjoy these plants, isn't it I think so, if they have liked Maxi Gom, I believe they will enjoy even more Maxi Haze.

Thank you so much. And About CBD, I wanted to tell you something, lately everyone is talking about CBD, specially for medical use. Weall of we think that it can be really interesting too for those who don't have any therapeutic need. Mainly because we've found that it's extremely appreciated between women, for not getting too high. It gives you a relaxing feeling and let you relate calmly. CBD takes care of you and makes you happier, don't you think Yes, I think so I think that it will be the hemp of the future.

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