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Today, we are still in the Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum of Barcelona talking to Ana Rodríguez, the Museum Assistant Manager. The Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum was born as an information centre for people who wanted to know more about cannabis. While the museum in Amsterdam is the oldest in the world dedicated to this plant, the one in Barcelona is the largest one in the same field. Both museums have received more than two million visitors.

Who could enjoy both the collection and the Modernist building. Ana already told us about the connexion between sailors and marihuana. Today she will surprise us with details about unique pieces which are part of the collection of this gallery. Are there also activities, exhibitions or seasons besides the permanent collection of the museum? Yes, every weekend we offer guided tours for the collection. We talk about the building and our collection.

Once a year we also have a cannabis cinema season. Next year it will be the third edition and we always organise it for the museum’s anniversary. During the cinema season we show documentaries or classic films that talk about the plant. We also have temporary exhibitions. And we would like to offer something else in the near future such as conferences or workshops.

What’s the profile of the usual visitor? It is quite surprising. One would think that the average visitor of the museum would be a young person who uses cannabis. However most of our visitors, or at least the most loyal visitors are retired people who come in groups to the guided tours which are quite popular.

In fact they call us and recommend the museum to other people. It is usually the grandparents who bring their grandchildren and not the other way around. We also have many families with children and teenagers. Teachers who recommend the visit to their students. The profile of the visitors is grown up people who don’t use cannabis, but who are very interested in the subject.

They seek information. That is actually our main role: to give information, as subjectively as possible. What is the oldest item of the collection? It is probably an African pipe that we have in the pipe collection. That is probably the oldest one. We also have fibre extraction tools or fibre processing tools and very old fabrics.

But the pipes are older. What are the projects that the museum has in mind for the future? Keep on settling in the city, becoming more popular. We hope that people lose their fear to the plant. It is just a plant. The plant of a thousand uses they say. We want to offer information and educate people in that matter. We want to increase our collection with the visitors donations. Maybe they discover an item and decide to donate it.

Social Clubs Cup Barcelona 2016

Hi!! We are with Marc in 2016’s Social Club’s Cup well, Social Club’s Cup is a cup made thinking on cannabic clubs, who are, right now, the most powerful cannabic movement, with the objective of trying to find the best varieties, the best selections. All about the best quality on weeds, extractions and hashes This year what we can basically find is that maybe some clubs have closed in Barcelona.

And because of that, some clubs from Madrid have entered in contest This is Das from Strain Hunters. Tell us how do you see the cup? Well, the cup is really cool, there has come a lot of people this year, so much more than previous Really nice sound and good tutorials. We are waiting for drinks now let’s see if we can have some. What varieties have you brought this year? We have introduced Super Lemon Haze. some Exodus cheese’s hash too.

How have you seen the cup?? Good, Great, Awesome Hi good night! I want to sent greetings to all Undergrow’s crew because we want they to know we are directly here representing to quot;La Fumaquot; from Seville’s center, from La Maestranza You are all invited guys!! There is a lot of quality in this cup?? What did you apreciate on the samples??.

I’ve apreciated that there is a ridiculous variety and, specially, that this is absolutely unstopable I think nobody in their high ranks can stop us This is a TicTac, a regressive account on the way to legalization This year w have managed to get a high quality weed an we are really happy by the side of participants who had made us this sampling of their best varieties And about resin?? What can we find?.

Well about resin we have some really high qualiy iceolator from as quot;El Plaer de la Vidaquot; as different associations who are showing a high profesionalism level developing their own resins Judges have been, basically, summoned as every year 5 judges teams who have evaluated all the samples People from cannabic world with more than 10 years experience who stays a minimum of two weeks evaluating the varieies, slowly.

Categorizations and scoring are based on fragrance, effects and flavour Then, judges give their scores and choose their best option Well, first of all, i want to give thanks to organisation by 3rd consecutive year for doing this event, a seriously cup, as it has to be. It remembers me the good cannabis cup’s times How I’ve seen the samples as a judge?? I’m going to be totally sincere: what I really like is.

To evaluate the flavour and fragrance All of them have been really strong The effects are not evaluables in short time but i can tell about them that, potentially, all of them are high quality. The only thing is about sative weeds as last year, this is a club’s contest an I understand they look for more productive satives to give them more weight but, the have been few pure satives. A lot of Lemon Haze, Amnesia Haze.


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