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I want to show how i was dropped the dose that I use to take of benzodiacepines for leave it. Here we have quot;rivotrilquot; that was the first pill when I started this nightmare, here is the box 0.5mg I need to take one night by night like my said to me. and was a mistake, really, and after a new told me that I need to take sertraline with the rivotril, for avoid the depression and at the end i change rivotril, and start neupax duos that contain alprazolam and sulpiride. Lets going to see how is how we going to drop the dose. We take our pill that we are using in our hands and take one of our pills One pill is going to function as our reference. To this pill we will going to lime only a.

10% this is the first quantity to drop it. When we lime to this first pill the 10% we take a second pill. To this second pill we are going to lime the same 10% of the first one. The first one I only lime it not for take, only i Limed to use as a reference, because here the maths are very important. So the first pill I don’t take it. I lime the second now. I use a lime of nails to do it very slowly and she I see if Idrop the 10% I compare with my first pill that acts as a reference. Then the longitude of one side that was limed with the other side of the second pill must to be exactly the same. Here we are comparing o as similar as we can. If the longitude in the pills is equal meaning.

That both have a 10% of drop. ONe of the pill I will take it. And the other one I going to keep it again in the box because Iwill use as a reference for lime the other pills with the 10%. With the neupax duos I did the same thing. I dropped the pill only a 10%, after this I dropped it again other 10% to have 20% of total. Here is one pill, and you can see is a little quantity of drop to start. And even when you drop only a 10% is very hard to drop this tiny dose. THis is the second pill with the 20% less. Each time that I have a achievement like this and my organism don’t give me a problem I was very happy. At the end this big pills was a little quantity here is the last pills that I take it. The last.

2 doses there are. If we compare with the initial pills. You can do it, really. If we do it very very very slowly we can avoid the withdrawal period. This is a sheet in where we can have a control of how we can let it down the benzodiacepines. here is an example. Day 1, the dose we going to put in black, this is de drop dose. The change of dose is of 10% less that we have taking. And the last column is for comments. Here Iwrote this: the idea is we are going to take this dose for 4 days. 4 days of 10% less. We are going to be ok with a drop like this because is tiny. IF you feel a little of withdrawal try to take it easy. The second day again is with 10% of drop. IFyou need some border.

About this drop of only 10% remember this. all is in our brain, we can control it, we can control ourselves . I alway try to say to me this, everything is in your brain. If we make an effort, a 10% we will not feel it. I suggest each 4 days change the dose, but sometimes we need more days to drop the dose, if you require 10 days stay in the 10% of drop, stay at there 10 days. We already lost a lot of time whit this drugs, a little bit more is nothing. Now we are winning, we are leaving it. For the 5 day we are going to drop the dose a 20%. We take a pill of the box, and lime it a 20% and it will be our reference pill, we take a 2 pill and we are going to drop it 20% and compare with.

The first one. And we start to count day 1, day 2, we are wining a 20% less!!!!! then we are going to stop at here for 4 days. When we pass this first 8 days we are going to drop again, sorry if Im repetitive, but when we have benzodiacepines in our system we need a lot of explanations. If 4 days is little time, and you have manifestations of withdrawal period is better that take your time and stop in this dose 5 or 6 days. When you leave to feel this manifestations of withdrawal of abstinence. then you can change to less dose. THis tutorial is to try you don’t live this withdrawal period. Try to don’t.

Suffer it. I suffer a lot I really tought that I was a crazy woman. I suffer it a lot, but any was capable to told to me in this moment. Good look in your new goal, You can do it, remember it, all is in your brain. .but don’t try to run. be slowly drop this pills is better.


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