Today we would like remember some of this year’s 420 Weed TV highlights. 2015 comes to an end with the certainty of having met many goals and with the satisfaction of having learned from patients, activists and professionals of the cannabis sector.

During our travels in the usa, we were lucky enough to be in contact with celebrities and activists related to the cannabis world such as Sam Stone, owner of a grinder producing company. Eres el dueo de la pgina web the420site , pero tambin fabricas grinders.

nos puedes hablar un poco sobre los grinders que fabricas? El diseo del grinder est centrado en los dientes. Los dientes tienen que estar a cierta distancia entre ellos, no solo para desmenuzar la hierba, sino tambin para poder abrirlo fcilmente. Nadie haba hecho grinders de policarbonato.

Y decidimos hacerlo nosotros ya que se usa en la industria mdica. No deja ir ningn tipo de producto txico. We paid a visit to Kyle Kushman’s dispensary called Buds and Roses. Kyle Kushman es un nombre profesional que me invent hace ms de 25 aos.

Empez con high times. Yo les venda la marihuana a los trabajadores de High Times. Les venda marihuana, a la que llamamos kush. Cuando me convert en escritor, pens: Kushman. Parece un nombre real. Le puse Kyle delante, Kyle Kushman. Pues Kyle Kushman. We talked to pro cannabis singer Addey Lane.

all for one es una cancin a favor del movimiento cannabico. Es una cancin pop para concienciar sobre el tema de la legalizacin, sobre la defensa del cannabis. Espero que le abra los ojos a algunas personas. Escrib esta cancin de una manera no ofensiva. A la gente le gusta cuando la oye,.

No saben inmediatamente de qu habla y conectan emocionalmente con ella, les gusta, ven el vdeo en YouTube y saben exactamente de qu trata. We also paid a visit to medical cannabis dispensary Harborside owned by Steve DeAngelo. A paradise of marijuana strains and cannabisbased edibles.

But the highlight of the trip was taking part in the congress organised by the ArcView Group, a connexion point between investors and markets in the cannabis world. Steve DeAngelo was the person who lead the conference. Estamos en el bonito Hotel Fairmont en San Francisco para asistir a la conferencia de inversores de ArcView.

Undercover Cop Tricks Autistic Student into Selling Him Weed Full Length

First and last name? My first name is Jessie My last name is Snodgrass Have you ever sold drugs at Chapperal High School? Nope You’ve never sold drugs to any students there?.

No sir. No? Okay. Do you know who this is? Nope You sure? Yea, I’m sure.

Daniel? It was the first thing he said when I spoke to him on the phone. It was. not Mom I got locked up But he said: Mom do you remember my friend? And I said Yes.

And he said: He’s a cop. The war on drugs is still going strong in America. Even though states like Colorado and Washington have legalized weed federal grants still reward local police departments based on the sheer numbers of drug arrests they report.

Incentivising local cops to target the most vulnerable on December 11, 2012 22 high school students were arrested in Temecula, California a sunny suburb just east of LA It was the culmination of what authorities called Operation Glass House. A twenty one jump street style undercover sting.

Adult police officers posed as students in two high schools. They went to class, did homework, and tried to get kids to sell them illegal drugs on campus This is the story of Jessie Snodgrass, an autistic teenager who was one of the students arrested that day At the beginning of his senior year Jessie thought he had made a new friend. A fellow student named Daniel Briggs But, this friendship was a sham.

Daniel briggs was in fact deputy daniel zipperstein, a cop in his mid 20’s. Ever since his arrest Jessie has suffered from PTSD So he didn’t want to talk to us on camera. But he wants his story known. His parents: Dug and Catherine Snodgrass; welcomed us into their home to talk about how Operation Glass House affected their son. And what they are doing to fight back. This is the story of how the war on drugs prays on the most vulnerable.

Did jesse have many friends growing up? Well that’s always been a big challenge for Jessie. He has no friends. Senior year he made a new friend right? Yeah it was huge progress we felt it was a milestone in Jessie’s life. It seemed like God sent to us.


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