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Welcome to Natural Marijuana again. We are visiting a crop, but not intended for buds production, like last ones. This crop intended for seeds production. Their growers want to experiment with genetics. So, they are doing their own crossspecies. The are pollinating a female Critical Mass with a male Northernlight. When they are fertilized produce fewer buds. The flowers are smaller, less dense and less compact. Plants spend all their energy into seed production and subsequent maturation. As we can see the seeds are mature, this means that in two or.

Three weeks will be ready to harvest. This crop is situated at high mountain, so the temperature are very low, especially at night. The growers have to installed a radiation system. High mountain is so cold, the cold air is more heavy than hot air, the cold air will descend and the hot air will ascend. If the extractors are above the hot air will escape so soon. In spite of the great farmers design, there are a risk, the danger of installation. It is a precarious installation, the cords are hanging outdoor,.

Semilla de Papaya 5 Beneficios de la Semilla de Papaya

Bienvenidos a nuestro canal de las hierbas medicinales. Hoy vamos a revisar los 5 Beneficios de la Semilla de Papaya La papaya es una fruta tropical perteneciente a la familia de las Caricceas. De color amarillo cuando est madura, en su interior la pulpa es blanda y jugosa. En el centro, tiene abundantes semillas de color negro. Debido a su enzima papana, esta fruta es la reina del tratamiento de la indigestin y el buen funcionamiento intestinal. Tambin te brinda fibra, calcio, fsforo, hierro y las vitaminas A y C, tiamina, riboflavina,.

Niacina. En cuanto a la semilla aqu te mencionamos los 5 beneficios de las semillas de papaya 1. Es un gran antiparasitario natural Contiene el alcaloide antihelmntico nico llamado carpaine, eficaz para exterminar las amebas. 2. Tienen propiedades antibacterianas y antiinflamatorias El extracto de las semillas mata la salmonella, los estafilococos y otras infecciones. 3. Depura el hgado Se utiliza como terapia paralela en la cirrosis heptica. 4. Depura los riones Es muy eficaz en casos de problemas de insuficiencia renal y sobre todo en su prevencin. 5. Absorbe el exceso grasas y azcares Puede.

Green Medicine Trailer Full Medical Cannabis Documentary in December 2015

The main problem of marijuana in Chile is its consumption. It is not trafficking. It's not organized crime. It's not street violence. I think the problem in Chile is not individual consumption or medical use but effectively the trafficking networks that plague the streets of our country, Cannabis is a wonderful plant. For many it is a prohibited plant, but for us it gave us life. And it was not just a fun plant. It was a plant that was going to serve as a treatment, as medicine. A drug will be good to the extent that is used for one purpose.

A drug will be bad to the extent that is misused for another purpose. It is very clear to us that the compounds of marijuana are antitumoral, We are very clear about that. I have no doubts about it. What we do not know for sure is if they work in humans too, WHEN LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN OBEDIENCE Confronting an unknown, complex disease, to which the doctors say wait to see what happens. see if it grows'. We tried 5 anticonvulsants, at maximum doses. All of which had gruesome side effects.

I have the impression, in the position of SENDA, that people need more health protection. This freedom, they do not understand it, because it is a freedom to get hurt. When you demonize cannabis, you also demonize users of cannabis, Because it is much easier in this country to place all the blame on drugs We cannot say that Chileans have a good quality of life. Live in fear that the state is going to deny your health, take away your medicine There is a lot of ignorance, and that ignorance leads to people being afraid.

Our protests continue to be heard. We invite you, as the president of all Chileans, to place yourself in our shoes Marijuana, would you legalize its consumption, the domestic cultivation for example I do not have it in my program. IT'S WHERE THE REVOLUTION STARTS I refused to do that. I refused to wait in my house for it to grow. So I started looking for alternatives, and that's how we found out about the oil. And that's where the Daya Foundation began. Daya in Sanskrit means compassion, and that was the name we chose as we felt it represented the place from where we wanted to work from.

This approval was a milestone in history. In fact, this is the first legal medical cannabis plantation in Latin America. Within the first week of using cannabis oil the seizures decreased, within 2 weeks we stopped a drug, Sabril, that caused vision loss. We need THC, we also also need terpenes, we need the whole plant. AND IN CHILE A MOVEMENT IS BORN. Access to health is a human right, and access to complementary therapies to enhance health should be an essential part of that right. And that's our vision. What we are trying to do is a high quality methodological scientific study.

003 Curso de autocultivo Variedades y semillas

Let's talk about the different cannabis varieties Deepen on the care and conditions seeds need And we will do our first practice germinating ways some seeds we will see a little above the different varieties of cannabis manual for jorge cervantes we classified this plant in four varieties but we are only going to take 3 Since they are the most clearly differ between them. Sativa Cannabis Sativa originates predominantly America Asia and Africa They are normally very tall plants having copies of up to 4.5 m high The leaves are large and elongated leaflets.

The flowers are rather large and aerated being less compact than the other varieties Cannabis Sativa Indica is originally from Pakistan and India. This variety is the most appreciated by growers and farmers , because unlike c. sativa sativa , Indica plants are shrubby with a root system much more the condensate of Sativa The leaves have wider leaflets the stems are much more robust and they have to bear more weight that sativa varieties. Indica flowers are much denser heavy charged resin The effect is also different in each variety.

While the effect is very cerebral Sativa and elated The effect of Indica is much more relaxing. The effect of Indica is much more relaxing. The Cannabis Sativa Spontaneous , or also known as Rudelaris are plants just contains THC but unlike this strain photo needs no rest period to bloom. but flowering automatically begins after a period of time the seeds are the result of the sexual propagation and contain the genes of each parent. It is important that SEA SEED QUALITY since they depend our culture. I will not give a lot of theory on seeds ,.

Because in the end it comes to spending , to the first practice! in this lab we will see the different forms of germinating this practice ami taste is the most effective as you can see use is simply a full glass of distilled water or hosmotizada and immersed for 24 hours , seeds. This system is what we were taught in school just as you see it is to put the seeds on paper towels or cotton and then add water it is important that seeds have around 25.

Aptus Regulator. Presentacin en AlchimiaGrow.

Now we are going to present some of the other products from our line. The most important of all it's the regulator, which is a nutrition manager And it also improves the plant condition in front of stress, both biotic and abiotic, So those with environmental origin, like the temperature, the wind, drought or whatever, Or are plagues, diseases, fungus, bacteria and viruses. What does the regulator do It works improving de nutrients absorption, it's a nutrition manager, So it will make the plants to absorb what they need, when they need it, in the desired quantity.

It also improves the cellular structure of the plant, letting them to have thicker stems, and stronger branches, It reduces and controls the internodal spaces, so we'll get more compact plants with less internodal stretch. It increases the resistance against soil salinity. It reduces transpiration too, so the plant will consume less water, and clearly less nutrients. What does it contain Silicic acid, boron and molybdenum, The silicic acid acts as a nutrient transporter in the plant, The boron is a precursor who improves the nutrients absorption And the molybdenum it's the chemical component which helps to the nitrogen process, what we've already talked before.

Marihuana Al Natural 18 Cultivo de biodiversidad gentica

The indoor crops that we were visiting focus their attention just in one variety. Today we will go to visit a crop with species biodiversity. Four varieties of cannabis, like Jack Herer Sativa variety, or Northern light Indica vatiety. The cannabis farmer looks for the biodiversity. The biodiversity in indoor crops has a disarrangement. Sativas varieties has more vertical growth than Indicas ones. The cannabis farmers had to prune the lower parts because the light was not attain there. Indica varieties are thicker. In order to avoid this kind of imbalances,.

From Like is this case, we have to grow first Indica varieties, even directly put to flowering the cuttings of Sativa varieties. Grow indoor Sativa varieties has a disadvantage, the excessive vertical growth, so is advisable to set the main stem, avoiding stem breakage when the flowering arrive. The right work at this crop gives us the optimal conditions of plants. Farmers have avoided dangers and they fed plants successfully. In a few weeks we will come back to visit this crop to see its end. Did you remember this crop at last program.

The evolution is remarkable, the harvest is almost ready. We can perceive the good conditions just observing the green color. Looks healthy. Plants have flowered properly if we look with magnifying glass and look at the trichomes are fully formed and are beginning to mature, this means that in a few days the plants will be ready to be harvested. To perform a Sea of Green from these features, it is essential to do from cuttings of the same variety or same genotype to reach the same size and the same speed of flowering.

This one has the same characteristics than Critical Mass, compact buds and stylized branch, thanks to the advance fixing of the stems. The average production is about 25 grams per plant, some reach 40 and others may not go from 15 to 20 an average of 25 to 30 grams per copy, per 220 cuttings throughout the crop. We are talking about four or six kilos in seven lamps of 600 watts, which is 4200 watts, this means that they will overcome watt gram. We say goodbye impregnated by the powerful scent of their buds and.

Marihuana Al Natural 16 Cultivo Invernal

We came back to this outdoor crop, to show a winter crop. Winter crops have to be performed only in temperate areas with night temperatures not lower than 810 degrees, so it is very important to put the crop in the sunnier area. Winter crops planting have to be also performed outside, in order to adapt low temperatures to plants. Keep in mind that the winter crop has to be a completely horizontal crop due to the size. We are talking about 40 to 60 inches and a produce between 20 and 60 grams.

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