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Welcome back to Unprocessed Marijuana. As we said in the previous program, at this time we will visit a outdoor crop, we are in June and have already begun work. The plants have been transplanted to their final place, now just water them, give them love, particularly fertilizer, water and wait until they finish their cycle. If you pay attention to the shape of leaves and the leaflets, there are variety of species in this crop, different varieties were planted. Here we have a Kali, Somago Jack Herer, a Quasar, Critical Label.

Also we have a Blueberry, so, different varieties in order to get a lot of varieties and enjoy the different nuances, the diversity of fragrances and flavors along the year. Here we have a very special and particular case. It is a bloom crop forced that will be be harvested very soon. The forced bloom, for those who don't know the technique, involves forcing the bloom during the growing period. How do you do this reducing the light's time throughout the day. There are different ways to reduce the light's time. One way is.

Keep the plants in a indoor place, that means, a closed room. So, the plant should be in a pot for ease the transportation. If we cultivate on the ground we have to make an opaque coverage. So, we bolster the indoor's darkness. The plant begin to bloom in this place. We have to be careful and respect the twelve sun hours. The remaining time, we should keep the plant on darkness. We go to wake up the crop and watch the results obtained with these techniques. We get the harvest sooner,.

In a natural time is impossible to get it. You should be strict with this technique and every day cover the plant around six afternoon. We have to be careful with the wet inside the cover place. The plastic prevents the perspiration, so, we should be careful because the tight and heavy flowery area like this can suffer botrytis. Here we have another variety. It is a Colombiana of Santa Mara. It is a Sativa. It was cultivated and planted in January and the flowering was started in March, middle of March,.

Until today, 8th June, tomorrow it will be sacrificed and hung out to dry to dry for later taste. Without working with not Indicas varieties, the botrytis appears when the plant is covered because the sun warms it, so the plant's sweat is wetting the place. if the consistency is your virtue applying this technique you will get a high quality cannabis and enjoy it during the summer. At the same way, we can grow automatic plants that have been preharvested. The central bud to improve the flowering of the sides and the.

Marihuana Al Natural 22 Floracin Forzada I

El cannabicultor no ha vaciado a mitad de temporada su despensa seguro que tambin puede ser tu caso, ante esta situacin tenemos dos opciones bien podemos optar por cultivar variedades automticas que puede ser que en tu caso te agraden o bien hacer una floracin forzada, inducir a las plantas a que florezcan por ellas solas. Vamos a explicar profundamente en qu consiste esta ltima tcnica. La floracin forzada o inducida es una tcnica que consiste en proporcionarle la nocturnidad de 12 horas a las plantas, con ese perodo de 12 horas lo que hacen las plantas es.

Interpretar que la llegada del otoo y as desarrollan todos los mecanismos que inician la floracin. Para forzar las plantas a esas horas de nocturnidad tenemos tres opciones, la primera y la ms econmica sera cubrirlas una caja de cartn, luego tenemos la opcin de construir como una estructura, un invernadero alrededor y taparlas con un plstico que sea opaco y la ltima es meterlas en un cuarto a oscuras. esta ltima opcin es la que est utilizando este cannabicultor, lo que hace es todos los das a las nueve de la maana sacarlas del cuarto y.

A las nueve de la noche, las vuelve a meter, pero eso s, hay que ser constante todos los das por eso lo difcil de esta tcnica. Las otras dos tcnicas que hay que son taparlas con cartn y con plstico tiene un inconveniente puesto que se tapan al sol esto quiere decir que se produce una evotranspiracin en el interior lo que conlleva a que puedan haber podredumbre y botrytis en los cogollos por lo que hay que revisar peridicamente estos cogollos. Como veis esta tcnica nos permite cultivar cualquier variedad que deseamos.

Ante nosotros nos hallamos ante 5 ejemplares, uno de ellos de esquejes y los otros cuatro de semillas, a pesar de que los cuatro han sido cultivados y sembrados el mismo da como podemos ver hay una deferencia de tamao descomunal, esto es debido a un factor y es al contenedor, el tamao del contenedor es muy importante para los cultivos de floracin forzada, al cual sucede con los cultivos de variedades automticas hemos de ser muy rpido a la hora de trasplantar, es decir de la siembra ha de pasar a su.

Lugar definitivo, sin pasar por un contenedor intermedio. Este ejemplar que tenemos ante nosotros nos da la idea de posibles aplicaciones que pudiera tener esta tcnica, Todos sabemos que las variedades sativas de floracin tarda que se tiran de 90 a 120 das a florecer son muy dificultosas de poder llegar a cosechar puesto que llegan muy temprano los fros, pues bien si aplicamos esta tcnica a partir de julio, podramos obtener la cosecha de esas plantas de octubre a noviembre evitando as, ese fro tardo. Las plantas que terminamos de ver en floracin forzada llevan as desde el 20 de marzo.

Como ya hemos dicho, estamos en la primera semana de abril, as que le quedar aproximadamente hasta la segunda quincena de mayo para que estn listas para ser cosechadas. El cannabicultor de este cultivo ha sido previsor y como podemos ver ya tiene a esa segunda generacin que va a sustituir ese primer cultivo. Estos ejemplares les queda todava un mes largo de crecimiento bajo estas condiciones de luz artificial para luego sustituir a las que estn ahora floreciendo as que volveremos en 15 20 das para ver la evolucin que ha.

Telegrow Capitulo 3 Segunda Semana de Crecimiento. English subs

Week 2 Growing Ok, here are the seeds after a week since the day they were planted As you can see, they're in different growing stages You can see this little one and this other one Here is the hygrometer and the thermometer It shows us the temp right now, 23'4 degrees and 47 oh humidity. And it's getting lower because I've get it out of the tent With this button we can check max and minimum Here we can check 28'4 and 91 And the min is 10'4 and 36, this is a night temperature.

Bunnies Used To Fight Against Marijuana Legalization

Public opinion in the United States indicates that the majority of Americans are in favor legalizing marijuana for either medicinal use or recreational use however for all of you who are in favor of marijuana legalization have you thought about the impact it would have on rabbits that's what Matt Fairbanks from Utah is asking while politicians in Utah make a decision as to whether or not they legalize edible forms for marijuana for medical use now he think this is a disastrous idea and during his testimony he stated that it.

Would actually cause severe harm to rabbits according to the Huffington Post Matt Fairbanks who is an agent with the DEA and he's part of the Marijuana eradication team in Utah testified to a state senate panel last week and said rabbits could get addicted to pot lose their natural instincts and sit around getting high all the time should a bill pass that would allow medical marijuana edibles in the state first of all can I just that that doesn't sound that bad like what does a rabbit have to do does he have to go to.

Work eh you know what next thing you know he's not alimony well OK let him just get high he's a fucking rabbit he's going to die in a little bit anyway let him enjoy his life well that might be a fair point but it could also be disastrous because they could fall prey very easily like it gets rid of their fear so if they're being hunted so they're chilling out there like just whatever can't be scared oh look at that eagle man oh no OK so I just I think this guy's hilarious although he's also dangerous this is the guy.

Who I also think he's stoned by the way he probably is this is guy who is part of the DEA team that thought an elderly man in Georgia was growing marijuana in his back yard so they like raided his back yard and found out that it was just okra well look okra could also be dangerous to little rabbits never really thought about that right do you really want to be a slave to a vegetable as Pat Roberson would say OK but my favorite part about this entire story is this statement from Mr. Fairbanks OK he says quote I deal in I deal in science.

You got to understand something the bunnies are in danger OK now look I don't want to split hairy I know it is a bit of a hairy situation I have a real point to make once you're done with your jokes I don't want you to bugs out or anything but you know they've the fight when they have to get to this absurd level what about the bunnies used to be the children what now what about the bunnies the cute little bunnies don't let them get high I love that they chose bunnies cause their cute and furry and you don't want them to.

Be harm OK now lets get to the substance of what he had to say can wild animals you know somehow develop a taste for marijuana yes they can right so this could be a problem now growing marijuana illegally has huge environmental ramifications but the reason why it has environmental ramifications is because it's grown illegally on some remote mountainside somewhere right so when you legalize it and you regulate it you allow people to grow their marijuana in their back yard and it's not as much of an issue but that's the thing either he A doesn't.

Know that because he doesn't actually deal with facts or he does know that but he works for the DEA and he has a vested interest to continue on with marijuana prohibition and to be fair to gentleman if you're growing marijuana in the back yard and rabbits going to come eat it you know what you're going to do to the rabbit you're going to execute that mother fucker OK that's you're not going to let him eat your weed and then you'll probably eat the rabbit well maybe everybody's a winner except that poor little bunny who was destroyed.

Marijuana Strain Review Negra 44

Hoy estamos mostrando algunas gentica de nuestros amigos de Espaa, RKiem Seeds. Esta es su Negra 44. En su pgina web, RKiem describe la Negra 44 de la siguiente manera Despus de muchos aos de trabajo y conservaciones con genotipos de nuestros nieighbours del continente africano, hemos seleccionado las cepas autctonas de la comarca de Sawla, en Ghana este cruce es el resultado de dos cepas muy similares con poco diference en sus distancias internodales, altura media y de alguna manera extraa de color verde oscuro. Consideramos que es un buen productor de flores para los cultivadores de interior y al aire libre.

. Una gran opcin para el exterior gracias a su capacidad de adaptacin a la climatologa mediterrnea. Genotipo Authocthonus cepa de Sawla X TOP 44 Sabor Terrenal y sabor afrutado. Interior Semanas sala de vegetativo CFL, de 8 semanas de floracin HPS. Exterior finales de septiembre Ella es una variedad local de Sawla en Ghana cruz con un Top 44 Las flores huelen a incienso, hachs, muy aromtica como la vieja escuela 'African Negro'. El color prpura de las hojas parece ser ms que la gentica del medio ambiente al menos en este cuarto de cultivo.

Ella es una planta de estas muy resistente y robusto se cultivaron en dos galones debido a las limitaciones de espacio. Las flores eran muy gordo y desafortunadamente no alcanz todo su potencial debido a la superpoblacin. La cepa se estabiliza al menos entre este lote, son muy consistentes de una planta a otra. Todo nuestro amor a Vctor y todos los dems en RKiem! Esperamos que disfrute del espectculo y por favor suscribirse! Compruebe nuestros otros vdeos escribir opiniones deformacin y consejos de jardinera. Como y comenta! Gracias y permanecer levantado!.




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