Smoke is injuries for health causes of diseases cancer I’m smoking weed with the president of Uruguay, at his farm outside of Montetutorial. last year Colorado became the first state in the US to legalize recreational marijuana. but here in uruguay the government is getting ready to legalize and regulate weed across the country from ?city? to smoke so we came here to figure out how they are going to pull this off is it going to be a smoker’s paradise or an overly regulated cash crop for the government.

In december 2013 uruguay congress passed a law that regulated the cultivation, sale and consumption of marijuana it was a watershed moment in the history of pot prohibition first entire country decided to eradicate the brutal legacy of the war on drugs and open up the potential of a new legitimate economy but we’d is an entirely legal yet from december until april of this year the government has been debating and writing the specifics of the regulations which.

Will likely be set in stone in late april and then take effect as fall turns out the devil is in the details and the law poses more questions than answers about individual liberty the prospect of a commercial we boom and more the great Uruguayan experiment brought forward by the country’s progressive president has stirred up a heated debate from both sides of anti prohibition aisle.

Alysia castilla and danielle vide are long time we’d advocates and academics Alicia was just released from prison where she spent three months locked up on marijuana charges she was one of the last people to be put away for pot when you visit them in their home just outside the country’s capital yeah.

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Marihuana kelly todd oliva a proportion are in oct / miguel de decir cual es la marihuana casa de mar de veinte veinte I interest in a ser de tu nuevo como deleted I mas los le narcotraficantes no no para ver ESO mercado a problem NT African marijuana de mejor calidad y mejor precio haha so you think the government will be terrible growing weed.

You’re not gonna do it on a couch are growing we can go see yo entiendo table everybody bad oh yeah those are big it took a shot I siendo our order soon aletta cuando la Serre 11 de la persona sarahy trim support tonight after safe planters and you don’t want to register because you don’t want the government to know what you’re doing.

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Drunk vs Stoned

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Dejar la Marihuana

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