Proyecto de ley de regulacin de la marihuana Uruguay

The bill to regulate marijuana in Uruguay is aimed at resolving contradictions in our current legal system. Addressing drug use in society with repressive policies has only resulted in failure. It's time to improve this reality. Let's see how The bill outlines a system of permits and a new regulatory mechanism. Once passed it will create the IRCCA Institute of Regulation and Control of Cannabis, Once passed it will create the IRCCA Institute of Regulation and Control of Cannabis, which will oversee this process. The IRCCA will consist of the Ministry of Public Health.

The Ministry of Farming, Agriculture and Fishing the Ministry of Social Development and the National Drug Council, among other organizations. It will be the main body overseeing regulation and will carry out research to evaluate its performance. Now let's go over the main points of the law The license system In order to control the market there will be three kinds of licenses, permitting production, commercialization, and personal use. The production licenses will authorize establishments to grow marijuana for personal and medicinal use. They will also authorize the production of hemp,.

Nonpsychoactive cannabis, for use in textiles or paper. The commercialization licenses will provide the marijuana to be sold in certified outlets. The licenses for personal use will allow individuals The licenses for personal use will allow individuals to obtain marijuana through four different ways By personal cultivation, in which the law allows for domestic cultivation of up to 6 plants. Authorized vendors, which will limit individuals to 40 grams a person per month. Medicinal use, with the authorization of the Ministry of Public Health. And cannabis clubs, establishments which can collectively grow a quantity of plants proportional to their number of members.

Let's move on to the regulatory framework. It will establish restrictions with the aim of regulating this process by reducing any associated harms and risks. These are Prohibiting sale to minors. Strict sentences for those who drive under the influence. Sanctions for those who produce without authorization. And, like tobacco, it will be subject to laws regarding consumption in public places and advertising will be prohibited. All of the above form part of the marijuana regulation bill which is currently being discussed in Congress. Separating the marijuana market will reduce a large portion of illicit drug trafficking profits,.

Marihuana Al Natural 14 Resumen temporada

Natural Marijuana has been our selfcultivation section. Miguel Gimeno is the author of the book with this name. With him, we visited personal and familiar crops, we want to thank again the growers confidence who have opened their gardens to shoot. Without them we could not develop the programs. We begin inside, The first crop had insufficient optimization. Big pots, wasted light. Too much effort and little production. Too much watts, too much light for such a small place, if there is too much gaps between the plants, to optimize the culture we have to seek.

As many flowers as possible. These gaps reduce the productivity, optimization decreases. In a indoor crop, besides to enjoy with differents varieties, we have to optimize labor invested, money, watts, fertilizer. We continue in the interior. The harvest is almost finished. Another issue is Trichomes resin glands. We can watch these glands with a magnifying loupe 15X or 20X. 30X or 40X so much better These glands look like chupa chups, like a stick with a ball at the end. Some farmers harvest the glands when are transparent. This effect is a little bit more The yellowing sites.

Mean lack of nitrogen. Other colors present other kind of lack of nutrients. The sites mottled with light green color, interspersed with deep green color, and yellowing around them, are burn. Actually a lack of nutrients. The days get longer, and the growth go on. Miguel shows us the style, the different techniques, and gave us valuable advices. Always respecting the environment. Here we have a Kali, Somango, Jack Herer, a Quasar, Criminal Jack, Critical Labol, and Blueberry. Different varieties along the year. In order to fill the pantry up with different flavours and tastes. On the outskirts.

Entrevista a Derry de Barneys por Alchimia Grow Shop en la Spannabis 2013

We are at the Barney's Stand, and we are going to ask Derry a question that it's the question of the moment What's the better or your favorite variety for this season from Barney's Farm My favorite variety is, of course, my newest variety. We have a new, pepper tasting marihuana, we call it PepperMint, PepperMint Kush Very Short Flowering, only eight weeks Big volume and a brand new taste, a taste you've never had in marihuana before Ultimate pepper and taste of mint It's exciting, it's strong, and it's very, very good pain relieve medical marihuana as well.

CBD is very high, and we are very excited about the production of that this year And it will be on the market in Spain at the end of March The name of the variety PepperMint It's here No, it's brand new. I have a sample inside, we'll give you later. It arrives this season, it's the newest Yes, the newest, It's the newest, Yes We are very excited about it And then, someone's different, the classical variety's Barney's The classical Varieties are going strong Vanilla Kush. Vanilla Kush, PepperMint, Pineapple Chunk, of course, Blue Cheese, Tangerine Dream, Liberty Haze.

They are all very, very, very good, high quality. And of course, the sweet tooth, our first ever prize winner it's still going strong! It's beautiful. Thank you very much. What's your message to the For the Alchimia team I to For everybody to listen to Alchimia team, please, look after Alchimia Because they have been looking up for all of you for years They deserve so much credit, they work hard, and they spirit is so good. So everybody should realize that, get behind Alchimia, and love them forever Because these guys are, are are worth everything you give them.



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