Cannabis Mit Sicherheit!

Es war einmal. vor nicht allzu langer Zeit in einem nicht allzu fernen Land. Hier brachten die Grnen einen Cannabiskotrollgesetz auf den Weg Diese Botschaft erreichte auch Prinzessin. eh. Grne Ministerin Barbara Steffens, die in ihrem Schloss am Rhein in Dsseldorf residierte. Auch sie sprach sich fr eine kontrollierte Abgabe des Krautes Cannabis aus Auch der Knappe der FDP Christian Lindner hrte davon und so kam es dass er zu seinem Bundesparteitag auszog, um die frohe Botschaft der Cannabislegalisierung zu verknden. Ganz kurz darauf tat auch der Zllner Joachim Pfeiffer von der Gefolgschaft der CDU kund.

Cannabis zu legalisieren, um es dann mit roten Zllen belegen zu knnen. Vom Mrchenonkel haben wir gelernt alle sind scheinbar fr die Cannabislegalisierung..der Tagesordnungspunkt 11, Antrag der Fraktion der Piraten, Drucksachenummer. Meine Oma hat schon immer gesagt Auf Worte mssen Taten folgen Und deswegen machen wir diesen Antrag. und die anderen machen mit! Wichtig ist, wir Piraten sind nur ein kleiner Teil des Parlaments und brauchen die Untersttzung der anderen Parteien Und deshalb schicken wir jetzt diesen Antrag an die anderen damit sie sich uns anschlieen knnen Wir erinnern uns.

The truth behind Pablo Escobars death

At the height of his cartel business, Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar was smuggling a reported 15 tonnes of cocaine a day into the United States. Later in 1993, the world's most violent and notorious drug lord was gunned down by police on a Medelln rooftop. That has been the story that has always been reported. But, Colombia's cocaine king's only son has now claimed his father took his own life in a new book. Called 'My Father', Juan Pablo Escobar's book provides an intimate portrait of his father from his habits, escapades and even a family betrayal by Pablo Escobar's brother and former.

Medellin cartel accountant, Roberto Escobar. The claims come more than two decades after Pablo Escobar's death with his son saying Colombia is finally ready to hear his story. My idea was a personal decision to tell the story in the first person with the intention of telling the truth about what happened during those days. I also think that with the necessary passing of time there's been a necessary maturity, not just in myself but also in Colombia as a country. It is more ready to hear these types of revelations.

According to officials, the head of the Medellin cartel was killed in a shootout with Colombian security forces, who were surrounding his hideout. The drug lord was reportedly shot dead as he tried to escape via the roof. But, his son has told media that his father had planned to take his own life. I don't believe in coincidences. The bullet happened exactly in the same place where my Dad told me that he had set the date where he was to be trapped. He always mentioned that from the 15 bullets in his gun 14 would be for his enemies and.

The last one for him. This was not just a conversation I had with him but with my mother, my sister, with his mother, with all members of the family. It was known and there is even a recording of which there is a transcript in the book and it literally says and I quote, 'they will never screw me over alive. Following Escobar's death, Juan Pablo, his mother and sister moved to Argentina to start a new life. He has now said nothing is left of his father's billiondollar cartel empire.

Men Raped More Than Women In U.S.

Did you know that there are more mandrake in america than women i am blown away by that fact so i thought that can't be true but it turns out of its y because of prisoners there's so much rape in prison but it actually was up tilting the scale so that more men a rate than women unbelievable what did the present a bomb ado actually something that almost no one talks about the actually uh. help the past law that would started kerbler we help it's funny because i've.

Always watches movies and tv shows like hard money to be out releasing like there in a prison with all the security guards they can't figure out how to not did people raped every day that's crazy they can be has much arrayed doorway can we do something about this and of course turns out we can we just never bothered soaked him a lot of credit and in fact almost every publication this written about a has given a lot of credit it's a good law an associate this under control and by the way cause very little.

Less than one percent of the cost of running prisons which they make up probably in health care costs so it might be a wash all together so it's a winwin so force a right wing group had to come out uh. american action form is a group of uh. right wingers uh. mainly money from wall street i don't know what their motivation is p is for being pro prison rape but they must make some sort of money out of it it's unbelievable it's according again pain a right wing groups like the weekly.

Standard that is that obligation that almost no one reads but has a lot of it was in washington uh. is also coming out of editorial saying you know what haha obama's trying to do too much to curb prison break so one of the excuses they're using that this is quote too costly too complicated and it's a heavyhanded approach you know what's heading and trying to stop prison rape not having it and not that comfort to deter sir so just when you thought they couldn't get more atrocious.

13 tonnes of drugs are burned in Panama dump

13 tonnes of illicit drugs have been burned in Panama on Tuesday. The substances were obtained over a period since January and had an estimated street value of millions of dollars. The massive haul came from various antinarcotic operations throughout the country, as cartels from Mexico and South America use Panama as a regional corridor to smuggle drugs north towards the US. Authorities spent hours stacking the 13 tonnes worth, unloading hundreds of packets of cocaine, marijuana and heroine. They then stood guard as it was set alight at a dump in Panama city.

Plane drops $1m in suspected drug money over Bolivian town

An antidrugs squad in Bolivia have recovered over $1 million dollars that they say was thrown from a light plane in a suspected trafficking transaction. The massive haul was seized in a plastic bag which had been dropped near Pozo de Tigre on Monday. It's been established that these bills were withdrawn from a Paraguay bank, since the bundles correspond with the bank's identification in Paraguay. Likewise, an envelope shows the hiring of a transport company. The three people who were caught trying to collect the money from the ground have since.

100 Pound Scrotum Man Turns Down Dr. Oz

Well once they weren't junior is a man who was a scrotum prob in fact he is a hundred pound scrotum problem this is a real story uh. and a the uh. actually me several mood because or frank scott is covered i thought it was a real thing okay uh. uh. liquid collects their obviously and uh. and he's worried though that if he does through the pics that they might have to remove his testicles and here's completely doctor on shows actually offered to do the surgery for free from but he is turned it down so for anderson.

Controversy surrounding that uh. and some people say hey you are enjoying the spotlight here because of their hundredpound scrotum and he says are you sure you that i'm not i can get a job i can't do anything and look at break but i'm also a way that i might even die during a certificate crazy i love having come up with these crazy assumptions about like fame in this case honestly i hadn't even heard of this guy sounds like he's getting a tremendous amount of thing saying because of his issue out but.

Have an issue with the agreement that dr oz tried to or his producers tried to strike with this guy because they said look we will pay for the surgery but you need to give us explosive interview rights in i'd heat back if you wanna highlight that i'd really don't give you one if you want to help the spurs and because of his condition fine but then saying like we won't help you unless there's something in it for us it's just it doesn't feel right adult like that.

Arcade really needed it doesn't feel right at the same time i don't blame too much you know if it's a really since the surgery you know offer it dividend preserving gives interviewed all clearly walo there what about the uh. what what that would be the papers are entry we go along with their four eight so anderson their motivation to work they want to be show what they want the guy and a lot of money for they want on hacker andy field if you feels he's kind of exploited by that right.

Senses pain there too honestly if i was sam i get the concerns about his health and losing the body parts or possibly bleeding to death in surgery was a very within the concert but at the end the date you got a very sharp man you katie go on like that uh. it is because of uh. axis of watery food collecting around assess the director of the idea that you saw them so somebody loves appear for free i think that the online any it's office in party every single part of his life he can pull down a job she can't live a.

Canadas Cannibal Killer

There's a man in canada is a point seventy with eric clinton newman that's as president uh. he has the next year still a killing them and that he dated dismembering his body parts all camera and also having uh. sexual things with those body parts as they were dismembered argument students bike beyond even the cannibals some of the stories inaccurately described miss campbell as far as i know that indeed in your body parts he just had sex body parts oncamera oncamera and then and in the sense of the body parts a canadian.

Government officials yes he did right so via that part is an extra level of the served as well it's ok yuri had neardeath having sex with dismembered body parts i didn't need to go that extra level of crazy i think this guy might be worse mcadams season absolutely worse than the candles will look we don't know if he was on a kind of truck the man with the bath salts was under the influence of the drug right so he was in the right state of mind in this case i don't know.

I don't know if he was on drugs are faces a creeper and he happiness that is is it doing these crazy things and putting it on on tape annual looking every once in awhile i say that either his faith in humanity right and it's because of crazy policies of politicians try it passed but this is a whole new level of losing faith in humanity similar their people out there that are demented enough to have these kinds of fantasies into what i do these kinds of things the ask and uh.

Is now the navy said about them and some people are talking and whether it's a combination of drugs in a mental instability or just a mental stability but that's why you told your kids be careful men there are things that go bump in the night there are monsters out there and that's just keepin it real for whatever reason this has been the last couple weeks but im were a lot of these monster stories are heading at the same time whether it's a good way to get his face off in miami whether it's accountable in.

Baltimore eating the hartman brain of the roomate now this guy i mean and you know some people take is always see that gay porn sorry aria but no but the other guy's word airports are there is rendered at ratatouille that right and so it just happened to me that he was a map profession men losses mind and uh. it engaged in these horrible acts of ps violence and imagine your fetishes necro feel where having sex with dead people let alone the dead body parts who how do you kadhi yet be online apparently you don't you call in germany.

Cannabis In Berlin Illegal.or Not

Cannabis In Berlin Illegal.or Not,In Germany the possession of cannabis is illegal. Even small amounts are prosecuted, but charges are usually dropped. The definition of this small amount..

Dokumentation Und Reportage: Kiffer, Dealer, Coffeeshop.Cannabis ist illegal so sehr die Droge auch zum Alltag fr viele gehrt. Der Film zeigt diesen Alltag und betrachtet ihn aus unterschiedlichen Blickwinkeln..

Marihuana - Das Leben Der Kiffer [DOKU].It is time to imrpove your League of Legends gameplay! Check out.escapebronze and become a better player today!.

Doku Von Cannabis Bis Kokain, Der Aufstieg Und Fall Eines Drogendealers.In dieser Doku geht es um einen Mann, der anfangs nur etwas Marijuana raucht, LSD nimmt und dann anfngt zu dealen. Eine klassische Doku von Aufstieg..

The CannaTest, Shows What You Don抰 Want To Smoke.Putting cannabis bought in Berlin, Vienna and Valencia to the test..

Cannabis - "No-Go-Areas" In Berlin? | DHV News #19.Die Hanfverband Tutorialnews vom 16.01 mit den Themen Null Toleranz fr Cannabis in Berlin, immer mehr Probleme mit Krutermischungen und legaler..

Jugendliche Dealer Im Grlizer Park Berlin Teil 1 Von Brisant Und Rbb Abendschau

Jugendliche Dealer Im Grlizer Park Berlin Teil 1 Von Brisant Und Rbb Abendschau,Zensurfreien Meinungsaustausch gibt es dazu In unserem Forum knnen sich User ber Drogen, Medikamente, Steroide , Research..

Marihuana Bald Legal In Berlin Kaufen?.In BerlinKreuzberg mchte Monika Herrmann CoffeeShops einfhren, wo man legal Marihuana kaufen kann. Was Geht Ab auf Facebook..

Drogen Im Visier - Haschisch.Cannabissamen bester Qualitt kaufen sensiseedsrefer.asprefid36B8597F448C479C9268A9B709932440 Um bei einem CannabisAnbau..

Muddi 躡er Cannabis.Auszug aus der Cannabisdokumentation Kiffer, Dealer, Coffeeshop.Cannabishauptstadt Berlin..

$68.000.000 F黵 Cannabis | Merkels Neuer B黵gerdialog | DHV News #32.Die DHV News vom 17.04.2015 mit den Themen Neue Studie Cannabis zerstrt Krebs, Amerikanische Regierung stellt $68.000.000 fr Cannabisanbau und..

Cannabis Bald Legal In Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin &NRW? | DHV News #42.Die HanfverbandTutorialnews vom 26.06.2015 mit Fortschritten bei Modellprojekten zur Cannabisabgabe in Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin und NRW sowie..

The Rise Of Psychedelic Truffles In Amsterdam.We took a trip to Amsterdam to learn about the ban of psychedelic mushrooms and the rise of truffles that contain psilocybin the stuff that makes you trip balls..

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