Hello, I’m Lady Astarothtoday come with a ritual to leave one vice we are all subject to fall into some service like snuff or alcohol Leave an addiction, it is very difficult, it requires a strong will Leave an addiction, it is very difficult, it requires a strong will The first step to end the addiction, we want to get away from it ITEMS NEEDEDA white handkerchiefglass vinegar and symbol that represents our service For snuff, we can use a cigarette and a lighter

For alcohol, a bottle cap a jar with a few drops of the alcoholic drink For the game, you can use a dice or a deck of cards and for food, favorite food ritual extend the handkerchief on a table let the symbol within the handkerchief

close the handkerchiefby tying the corners like a bag immerse the handkerchief into the glass of vinegar after kissing the bag on the opposite side of the knot recite prayer snake enter my body and I began to devour

Now, I say NO to the serpent Stay away forever, and do not come back I can say NO, with all my strength Because anymore, you come back to annoy me I do not want do not want do not want leave the bag at a crossroads do not look back, do not spend all day repeated prayer, whenever we have temptations

I recommend practicing on a Saturday ritual with the moon, Last Quarter That’s all for today I leave the link of prayer the force of magic, this you.

Marihuana medicinal usos de las cremas a base de cannabis 420weedTV PROGRAMA 23

This month, in Medical Cannabis,we talk again about the ointments made of cannabis to get to knowall its therapeutic uses. MEDICAL CANNABIS , given the successwe had with the programme dedicated to the ointmentsmade of cannabis, we’d like to knowmore information about it. In the previous programme,we talked about these creams used in people with lumbagobut on what other ailments

can be applied andwhat effect does it have? The mostknown effectis the antiinflammatory and the analgesic effect. So it can be appliedin all painful process, normally articular, muscularbecause this cream doesn’t get really deep in the skinas we said the other day. It barely absorbs.We cannot find it in the blood or in the urine.

They have to be processesnear the skin such as articulationslike the knee, the ankle. Muscular, lumbago, cervical pain.That’s the most common. But we are also workingin other fields and which we’ve seenthere’s a very positive and relevant effect of this cream but we don’t have enough patientsto say in an objective way and we don’t know the causeeffectof why it makes a beneficial effect.

Meanwhile, you only knowabout these patients you’re using the cream.Exactly. We’ve applied the creamin chronic pathologies, people with arthritis. We won’t cure the arthritisbut these people have a worsening due to weather, being immobilisedfor a certain period of time, they have a certain ankylosisand the result is extraordinary. We have a ladythat for health issues,

had to be bedriddenfor more than a week. Obviously this lady,when she want to get out of bed, she couldn’t because she hadankylosis in her articulation. She barely could walkto the bathroom and after 24 hoursof applying her the cream, three times a day,the lady could get out of bed alone and could walk to the bathroom.After 24 hours. So the effect is quite immediate.It’s quick, yes.

We’re treatingan articulation with arthritis that has provoked an ankylosis,which is an stiffening that avoids making the rightmovement of the articulation. The effect is quickbut not really immediate. It’s not applying itand you can run. We’ve also applied the creamin sharp processes. A person who’s suffereda traumatism, an injury. The last one we hadwas one in the Achilles’ heel


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