Happy new year! welcome to episode 55 of marihuana television news, the program for cannabis culture! After the first black president in the history of the United States, Trump has arrived the first blatantly machista, misogynistic and racist president. Already in 1990, Donald Trump said that he was in favor of legalizing all drugs. He said, We have to take the benefits away from the drug tsars. More recently, on CNN, he said I would like to legalize marijuana in all 50 states.

We’ll see how trumps legalization will be or if his words will be lost on the wind. In Green Medicine, we travel to Menorca to hear the story of Paqui, a cancer patient and cannabis user. In Drug Report with Clara, we will see the report on the first ExpoMedeWeed in Colombia. In Extractions, we will see amber glass, a combined gas and ethanol extraction. Finally, this month we premiere Top Crop, where expert Miguel Gimeno answers your questions on growing. In La Barraca, I have the right materials to store my buds in the best possible way.

2016 has stood out for being the year of provisional government in spain, in which political uncertainty has stopped the legislative changes necessary for any advances on cannabis issues. The shadows of the rulings from the Supreme Court against the Ebers and Pannagh associations has also created lots of uncertainty in the clubs and among users. For those who prefer optimism, in the end, the appeals to these decisions have been admitted for processing by the Constitutional Court, something that rarely happens. Therefore, this story still hasnt finished.

This year has also been characterized by the municipal ordinances regulating clubs. Prat de Llobregat has been the latest one. In the Balearic Island Parliament they’ve also discussed marijuana. The Popular Legislative Initiative, La Rosa Verda, was admitted in the Catalonian Parliament. Lastly, in December, the Navarre Cannabis Representation party introduced another Popular Legislative Initiative in the Congress of Deputies. Now Miguel will explain to us how to make amber glass.

In the last program, we saw butane gas extractions in closed circuit systems and special safety measures. Today we’ll study combined gas and ethanol extractions, known as amber glass. Welcome to another program of Extractions, the section that sublimates your mind. Electronic vaporizer for resins Completely portable Up to 2 hours of battery life.

The popularity of extractions has led to an evolution of these techniques in favor of greater safety, productivity and purity. With combined butane and ethanol extractions, we get clean results that are suitable for medicinal use. To make amber glass, we begin with a butane extraction that has been purged in a vacuum oven but not dried up by it, as it would then be difficult to dissolve. Due to the high risk that working with this type of solvents implies, as it is highly flammable.

We recommend not performing this type of extraction without professional supervision and without taking appropriate safety measures. Closedcircuit extraction machines improve safety and allow butane gas to be recycled for future extractions. With manual columns from Hemp Tools, we can reduce gas consumption and improve performance. On this occasion, we will use a strain rich in CBD, which has a 1:1 ratio. We are talking about the new Honey Bells variety from our steadfast friends at Delicious Seeds.

Honey bells is a variety with a high cbd content, the result of a cross between caramelo (Lavender crossed with Lavender), which has sativa characteristics a hybrid of Hawaiian, Afghan Colombian and Mexican descent that is highly regarded for its unmistakable aroma and flavor of lavender and Carmen, which is very rich in CBD. Its a plant with slight psychoactive properties, due to its 1:1 THCCBD ratio. Its ideal for medicinal use and for those who want to use it and also perform tasks that require concentration.

Fibromialgia beneficios de tratarla con cannabis medicinal Kalapa

How do cannabinoids work for fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia is a disease entity which affects young women and which includes a number of symptoms among them, we find that chronic pain is specifically expressed in points of the osteolocomotor apparatus called trigger points which are useful for the diagnosis of the illness itself.

Apart from the pain, we also found mood disorders such as aniety depressive episodes, sleep disturbances insomnia, separation and self maintenance. Often in women we can find an increase of menstrual pain and also difficulty concentrating, morning stiffness, and so on.

Cannabinoids are very useful for the treatment of this disease because with only a family of molecules we can treat both pain and the sleep disturbances, mood disorder, resulting in a global improvement in patients. These patients usually are undergo a relatively agressive treatement consisting of antidepressants, anxiolytics, antiinflamtories and.

Analgesics. Therefore, cannabinoids are a very interesting alternative, because the molecules lack toxicity of most usual medications. Who can be treated with cannabinoids for fibromyalgia? Any patient suffering from fibromyalgia may receive treatment with cannabinoids, obviously we have to discart.

Contraindications and value interactions with medications that have been already prescribed for the patient. It is important to say that pregnant or breastfeeding patients should not consume cannabinoids. There should always be a health professional who controls and values the indication of treatment of cannabinoids for.

Fibromyalgia because it is very important to administer the correct dose and especially adapt the proportions of different cannabinoids to each patient depending on their predominant symptoms. Are cannabinoids effective for fibromyalgia? Multiple recent studies; for example, the school of american rheumatologists indicates the effectiveness of treatments involving cannabinoids.

To treat pain and control it in patients with fibromyalgia. It is quite possible that today the cannabinoids constitute the most valid therapeutic alternative for the treatment of patients with fibromyalgia.


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