Jak pstovat ananas How to grow a pineapple

Do you want to grow your own pineapple? It´s very easy. You buy a pineapple, cut off the top. After you enjoy the delicious piece of fruit, you pluck its lower leafs and let the pineapple ingrain into water. You can also let it ingrain directly to soil, but than you won´t be able to observe growth of roots. But if you plant it directly to soil, it´s recommended to use growth stimulator. Pineapple likes light, but not direct sun. Moist air, but not wet soil. So it´s good to spray it often with fresh water, especially, if you grow it in dry place. And then you observe, spray or water and wait until there is small pineapple in the middle of the plant, where you can time to time put a little bit of water.

Full blown beautiful yellow pineapple is extraordinary nicely smelling flat decoration. This growth phase is unfortunately the shortest one and you have to harvest. You begin with cutting of the top. Pull of the rest and eat. The taste of home growth pineapple is thousand times more delicious than the one you buy in supermarket.


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