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It concerns all of us, including you. Why. More unemployment, more crime, your freedom, therefore the drug policy also concerns you. Nearly 40 years, our drug policy has been successful. The tolerance policy has been very good for our national health. It was been 40 years since President Nixon declared war on drugs. As an individual member of the commission, I think the Dutch government on this decision made a very big mistake. Let your politicians come here for an internship. Then they will see the consequences of prohibition policy. How does the Netherlands deal with this.

If we would plant the hemp that we annually produce in the Netherlands instead of hidden plantations, we would need about an area as large as the province of Utrecht. THE LIE REIGNS The weed pass. It calls upon criminalization. The result, more repression. The police cannot do what they should do. Every day another dilemma. Do we hemp, do we homicide, do we robbery, do we human traffic. Judicial overload. Millions of euros wasted. More unemployment, more crime. Be smarter. More money for health care, culture and education and less crime. Even if you do not use cannabis, it is about.

Especial Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum de Barcelona

Empec por las vidrieras, me contrat Ben Dronkers para restaurar el Museo y hacer todas las creaciones con las obras de madera que podis ver aqu, tambin en los balcones. Y al fin, con el tiempo pues nos hemos conocimos Ben y yo. l vino de msterdam para trabajar tambin en su Cannabis Castle,para las vidrieras, y tanto hemos simpatizado que despus montamos el museo, el ao pasado. Eligi Barcelona en el ao 2000, entonces ya todo este movimiento aqu en Barcelona no exista tanto como ahora. Fue casualidades que abren el museo en momento que salen todas las asociaciones a la luz.

Pero bsicamente una hija de mi jefe estaba aqu haciendo estudios, y le encant la ciudad, y ha ido buscando hasta encontrar este museo, se enamor del Palau Mornau y puso este museo. Me encantaban las obras de Sergio Mora, entonces cuando pensamos que podramos hacer una exposicin aqu inmediatamente pens en l. Ya tena ya todo un colectivo preparado, y la comunicacin fue fcil, la organizacin tambin, y el trabajo tiene que dar un buen resultado. Los extraterrestres es un colectivo artstico en el cul no hay un nmero fijo de participantes, sino que todo el mundo puede ser extraterrestre, si quiere.

Tratndose del museo del cnnabis, pues obviamente el tema a tratar era el cannabis. Tampoco queramos centrarnos en un aspecto solamente, digamos en lo en el aspecto pues de, el THC o en el aspecto industrial, no podemos centrarnos en nada. Con lo cual, hemos dejado libertad a los artistas para que traten el tema como mejor les convenga. Para esta exposicin, hemos contado con la colaboracin de trece artistas, la mayora espaoles, pero tenemos cuatro holandeses, el colectivo Lamelos , un colectivo genial holands, que son cuatro artistas. Tenemos una artista letona que trabaja en Holanda,.

Se llama Dace Sietina, una artista interesantsima. Y luego pues estn grabadores y dibujantes como David Curto o Nacho Simal, pintores como Sergio Mora, escultores como Samuel Salcedo, Lusesita. Hemos intentado pues eso ofrecer una visin, una seleccin de artistas lo ms variada posible, cada uno dentro de su estilo, son estilos muy diferentes, cada uno tiene una visin. Todo el mundo tienen una visin del arte muy particular, pero tambin es cierto que yo creo que entre todos s que se respira digamos un ambiente o un tipo de concepto, de idea de lo que tiene que ser el arte,.

O un mismo tono, un mismo humor. S que hay un nexo entre nosotros aunque no lo hayamos buscado expresamente. Un lugar para comunicar bsicamente de manera gratis y adecuado para todos los componentes cannbicos. Hemos pasado ms de 10.000 este ao, en un ao, y son ms locales como estos. Pues claro, todos los visitantes que han venido aqu, ya tienen una informacin clara, adecuada, sobre esta planta. Y eso es lo mejor que podramos hacer, dar informacin verdica y justa para cambiar un poco la idea que tiene el mundo sobre esta planta.

Marihuana Television News 41 Los 5 Pilares del Cannabis

Welcome to episode 41 of Marihuanatelevision News, the program about cannabis culture! Hi, I'm Rita and today I'll be with you for this news program. Estela isn't here. It's not because she ran away scared of the number of news stories there are this month she's just taking some wellearned vacation time. Clara is traveling as well, so I guess it's up to me. Things are very, very unsettled after the Supreme Court's decision. This month we're going for drinks on the islands Ibiza, Minorca and Tenerife! Don't worry, we'll see Estela in Cannamed.

We'll debut a new section about concentrates with Miguel, which I'm sure you're interested in! With Clara in Drug News we'll celebrate SensiSeed's 30th anniversary at the Hemp Museum in Barcelona. You can't miss it. Let's get started! At this time of year almost everyone has harvested. Only the most resistant sativas are still growing. But it's not easy. Storms, pests, police and thieves take what they think is theirs. To get us worked up, the Ebers decision has put many associations on standby, at least until the elections halting their activities in many cases until the legal framework they can operate under is clarified.

Sadly, many users are going to have to go back to the black market to stock up. Let's see what the lawyers specialized in cannabis issues tell us. We're here with Joan from the Law Firm of Brotsanbert. We want to ask about the leak of the Supreme Court's decision on the Ebers Association. We were nervous these last two months. Now that the decision's been released, what can you tell me about it Obviously, the decision is not good news for the social club model. It's based on a very restrictive, basic concept of what shared consumption is.

Apart from not even considering that at some moment the clubs had a legal status, or taking into account that legal error for which they were condemned was insurmountable, the decision was also based on the supposition that these people knew that they were breaking the law. Apart from that, it does not establish any guidelines, but it says is all that happens to a crop that from the very first moment it is known for whom it's going to be, and a cooperative structure, it goes beyond what is the structure of shared consumption.

That was made for, according to them, periodic events where heroin or cocaine are consumed. It is understood that the doctrine of shared consumption has been overwhelmed by the institutionalization, of creating an association, financing its budget with a crop and all of it. They understand that this goes beyond that, particularly what goes beyond that is they admit new members and, so, it isn't a closed circle of consumers. The associations are in a complicated situation from this moment on, depending on the club's legal status charged, not charged and those starting activities after this sentence, and they could receive different decisions.

Probably, the associations that are already accused will receive the same decision as in the Supreme Court. But for the rest of those not accused and those that are starting their activity now have an uncertain future. We are coordinating a motion for dismissal for the Supreme Court's decision and an appeal in the Constitutional Court. It's clear to Regulacin Responsable that we must appeal these decisions and focus on political channels. We cannot transmit a message of defeat following these decisions. This is simply a step backwards, not the end.

What we must do is call all to political action through union, through coercion and everyone must give, within their possibilities, their work, their effort or their capital. Talking about that political and social impact that Bernardo was telling us about Clara was in Madrid covering the coordination meetings and the General Assembly for Regulacin Responsable. She's going to tell us all about it. On October 24, Madrid hosted the special session of the General Assembly for Regulacin Responsable Spain to reach a consensus on the document detailing the 5 pillars of a comprehensive cannabis regulation.

Today, the General Assembly of the Regulacin Responsable Platform met in Madrid. Today we will hold the second session to complete the assembly that we started in Irn. This is a very important assembly because all the organizations that form part of Regulacin Responsable are going to work together to agree upon the five pillars that will form the ideological foundation of our platform. Later, we will be able to transmit this message to all the institutions and organizations of the country to demand this comprehensive regulation of cannabis based on, as we said, those five pillars.

It's hard work that's taken many months of preparation starting with a draft worked on by specialists who collaborate with the platform and in which the organizations have been able to work together collaboratively over many months offering amendments, comments and improving the text. Today, we are going to see how we debate among ourselves and reach those necessary compromises to lay a solid foundation where later we are going to build the discourse, the proposals and all that we are going to build to change the paradigm of drug policy in the Spanish State.

It's a hopeful moment because we are on the verge of what we hope will be a political change for the State which will allow us to open up what we have been doing for years in social debate, in our lives and bring this debate to the institutions to make the changes to those laws that we hope for so much. Today we are going to work not only on the foundation of this document to be able to leave here with the document already approved and accepted by all.

But also we will begin to work on the campaign, to make the necessary connection between us as a social movement that demands the rights of people who consume cannabis, and society in general. Today we'll leave prepared to lead a campaign that we're preparing with lots of desire and lots of hope to make that link with the rest of the organizations in society, and the rest of society in general to be able to construct that new paradigm of health policy that is so needed in the State. A policy which is focused on the person, on their rights, on their freedoms, on human development.

And on public health, which is for the health of all of us. And you Do you support us For a Regulacin Responsable. Let's continue with news from Spanistan. The Joint Committee of the Congress and Senate on Drugs has rejected, with votes from Partido Popular a motion from Izquierda Unida that would develop a clear regulatory framework for cannabis associations something similar to what is expected from from the law from Navarre that regulates clubs, which was appealed by the PP to the Constitutional courts, which ruled it suspended. In other places it's the same story.

The Basque Parliament will write the definitive text of the Law on Addiction responsible for regulating clubs, which only the PP opposes, and which will have to face the central government. The town hall of Alicante is also going to find the same opposition in its new attempt to regulate clubs. What the PP has not managed is to stop the support the general assembly of the town hall of Prat de Llobregat is going to offer to the popular legislative initiative 'The Green Rose' whose submission has been extended to the 15th of January. It needs a little 15,000 signatures more.

If you haven't signed, you're still in time. The world of cannabis is a sausage fest, as our dear Fernanda de la Figuera says. But that's less and less true, women in cannabis are organizing themselves. Here is the 3rd Women's meeting of CatFac. Cut to the tutorial! 1, 2 and 3. Three meetings have been held so far by the women's group of CatFac. The last one was this past 18th of October in the The Green Paw' Association of Prat de Llobregat. The day started with the first General Assembly to evaluate the initiative, the previous meetings and future plans.

Plans included holding a State Conference of Women in Cannabis for the next edition of Spannabis. It was a very interesting and feminist conference. The special guest was Mireia Ambrs, a specialist in prevention, counseling and guidance on drug consumption. with the presentation and workshop Women, conquer vulnerability! We have consumption habits that are different from those of men, and there are some that are similar. The reasons can also be for pleasure, to have a good time, to enjoy. And to approach the topic of drugs from a strongly gendered viewpoint.

Mireia had us reflect on how women discriminate against themselves and how others discriminate against us due to social conditioning. This is expected from women. It has been constructed historically and in cultures like ours in which women are caregivers, beings who exist for others. And the recognition, the empowerment or breaking with and ending vulnerability, happens this way, by taking care of ourselves. These meetings were intended to allow information to be shared without taboos, without being stigmatized to share experiences, concerns and worries. The group wants more women to become engaged, sign up on its committees and participate actively.

It was debated whether to make the group open to all, not just to women in CatFac member associations. That way we can grow, be stronger and be more creative! Doctors, researchers and patient associations have created the Spanish Observatory for Medical Cannabis to help spread information on scientific advances about therapeutic uses of cannabis in our country. With this piece of good news let's move on to a new section about concentrates that many have been waiting for for a long time. As you can see, with a little bit of heat and pressing the flower, we can obtain a highquality concentrate safely.

It's a simple, economical method without toxic residues, given that no solvents are used. The result is a resin that contains the active ingredients of cannabis sativa. After a long time roaming around different cities and countries to get the material we needed at last we bring you this new and interesting section on concentrates. A section which, to be sure, you have been demanding. Since ancient times, man has been getting to know the cannabis sativa plant. Little by little, different techniques and methods arose that allowed man to extract its active ingredients.

The firstknown technique for extracting resin from marijuana was charas. Charas is the hashish extracted with a simple brush of the hands. It's an extraction technique that uses friction. The truth is that the inhabitants of the land of the bulls have been more familiar with Moroccan hashish. But hashish found on the street nowadays has nothing to do with that which was produced in the 70's and 80's when double 00 was the most desired hashish in all of Europe. Little by little, mechanical extraction methods have been innovated upon.

With ice extraction quickly rising in popularity in the first decade of the century. The cold temperature of ice crystallizes the resin. Later, using mechanical processes of shaking and then sifting the prized hashish is obtained, which must be allowed to dry before it is able to be consumed. Already in those times, the transition began towards types of concentrates obtained by using solvents. Ethanol was the first solvent used. Many remember the mythical hashish oil that sold by the gram for a fortune. That tasty, blackish, viscous material that was able to be spread on any cigarette.

It's important to know that cannabinoids are not watersolvent. You need fatty materials or oils or any organic solvent to obtain the valued resin. Extraction techniques have allowed a greater number of plant impurities to be eliminated in comparison with older mechanical processes. Little by little, they have developed in order to make them more productive though nowadays the safety and cleanliness of the final product have improved as well. While mechanical extractions were focused on improving yield and final quality by experimenting with different mesh measurements of sifting sieves concentrates extracted with solvents were rapidly gaining popularity, especially for medicinal purposes.

After ethanol, different gases were used as solvents with the intention of eliminating plant impurities and creating a healthier product. Extraction by BHO Butane Hass Oil or Butane Honey Oil has gained the most popularity these last years. Experimentation in this field has allowed for wide variety of techniques and textures to come about. To names such as Wax, Moon Rock or Honey Comb, we must add combinations of this technique with others such as Amber glass, a technique that combines BHO extraction with ethanol extraction or Jelly, which combines solvent extraction with dry sieving extraction.

The growth in the field of concentrates is so strong that it is now included as a new event in the various cannabis cups that are celebrated all over the world. Nowadays it is strange for a cannabis cup not to have an event for BHO concentrates and there are even cup just for concentrates, as is the case for the itinerant cup Dabadoo. Before continuing, it would be a good idea to highlight the fact that some solvents, such as hexane and butane are neurotoxins and require a painstaking purging to eliminate the maximum amount of residues possible.

Also, the majority of solvents are flammable, which is a real danger and risk when making concentrates. Many accidents have occurred, with some even reported in different news sources. You must take all safety and prevention measures when using these types of flammable substances. All security measures should be taken to prevent an extraction from starting out fun but ending dramatically. It's wellknown that many people who suffer from disease turn to cannabis to cure or relieve suffering. This was the main reason for looking for the healthiestpossible extraction systems for medicinal users.

Nowadays ways of using are changing. People don't want to burn plant material and inhale smoke filled with tar and contaminants. Now the trend is towards a cleaner consumption. Borosilicate pipes, titanium nails, vaporizers. These are the tools used now for the consumption of concentrates to not damage the lungs as much. The downside is that these extraction techniques not only produce a greater quantities of cleaner products but also products with greater potency. It's important that the users of concentrates don't ignore this and keep it in mind for a safe and responsible use.

Where safety and awareness are valued over recklessness and excessive confidence. As you can see, tinkering in the field of concentrates is just beginning. Surely some brilliant mind is discovering another method to extract the essence of cannabis right now. In the following programs, we will discuss most of extraction techniques we mentioned as well as the necessary tools and safety measures to be taken to carry out these methods successfully. If you enjoyed this first episode I can't even tell you how much you are going to enjoy what we've got coming up.

I assure you there is a lot and it's great. And, as always, don't stop watching and sharing. See you! Estela is going to take us now to Cannamed a cannabis festival that was going to take place from the 9th to the 11th of October in Valencia's Fair but had to change location last minute. We are at the first edition of Cannamed Valencia in the Republic Room. Rumors are flying about what really happened with this event. To avoid fueling those rumors, we decided to go directly to the promoter of the festival, Robert Carroll.

And have him tell us firsthand what happened. Tell us, what happened Well, what really happened is that we had a spot in the Valencia Fair to have our medicinal fair, and at the last minute they had a problem with our concerts. I don't know if it was the content or simply the music or if it wasn't related with the fair but they didn't like it and in the end they rejected it. So we are here, we found this place last minute. We were never going to cancel it and here we are.

They told you that it could not take place within the Valencia Fair and at the last minute you managed to set up all this, which is pretty good. That's it. Although this happened, sometimes things happen for a reason. I am very pleased with the results here. Very good. And the attendees this year, what did they find, what are they able to enjoy Conferences, concerts, really what we have here is a family of friends. You know Really what we are doing is supporting each other. Here in Valencia we have a lot of possibilities.

The star of the night. For the first prize in BHO, which goes to Oil HuntersDr.Feis! Thanks to all you guys who have been following us for a long time. This title is dedicated to all those who are sick with cancer. I also want to dedicate it to all the people who are fighting, who are activists from all over Spain and who make it a little easier to use cannabis and to all the Hunter crew! Hey Robert, they told me that you put together a fantastic event on a boat to Ibiza. How was that, tell me.

That was fucking awesome, really. Look, what we want to do is do more, you know, give people more. So what we did was a cruise to Ibiza, you have drinks, three days. After that we let people enjoy Valencia, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. On Thursday, we had Dabadoo, the first Dabadoo here in Valencia, which gave us a lot of prestige. For me, to have that on top of our Cannamed, it was seven days of events and that is a lot of things for a fair. We want to thank and send a kiss to all who have made Dabadoo so prestigious.

Really it's a rush to win this cup again which for us is a real victory. It's a pleasure. Hugs to all. See you, guys. On October 8th, a very special event was held at the Hash, Marihuana, Camo Hemp Museum in Barcelona the anniversary of the oldest and most extensive seed bank in the world and the inauguration of the exposition Grow On 30 years of Sensi Seeds.' Clara was there and this is the tutorial she made for us. Welcome to drug report. I wanna smoke pot. Welcome to the culture of pot. Smoking that good weed to get outta your mind.

Another hit, another breath. Hit after hit until you're drooling. Grass that opens your mind, purifies your spirit and unites your people. Good stuff, the poison that is your brother. Drug report. Happy 30th anniversary, Sensi Family!! HempFlax, the Dutch sister company of SensiSeeds and pioneers in the field of Industrial Hemp in Europe have invested 5 million euros in the Romanian hemp industry. The first factory opened this October in Alba. And let's continue with international news! In Canada, the Liberals have won the elections. Their leader, Justin Trudeau, has expressed his willingness to legalize marijuana in different venues.

A bit further south, in Oregon, recreational marijuana was started to be sold legally on October 1st with 11 million dollars sold in the first 5 days! November 1st will also be an important day for many of the 6,000 federal inmates charged with drugrelated crimes who will be released from prison. It's happening at a snail's pace, but it seems that we are advancing in criminal justice reform while polls indicate that support for legalization hasn't stopped growing in the United States. Now, let's continue with home growing in La Barraca de Mara. Today we are going to look at trichromes!.

Discover our range of organic products and get the best results with our biological activated cocktail. Now with BAC, quality and quantity can be grown at the same time. BAC, biological activated cocktail. Hello friends. Welcome back to La Barraca. We're back to talk about that nervewracking moment of harvesting, how to determine optimal maturity and we will also learn a little more about trichomes. Let's get started. Harvesting too early is one of the most common errors made by new growers whether it be because they followed only the information that the seed bank provided.

Or from basing their decision on the maturation of the pistils and not on the trichomes. Although it's true that the pistils also mature, changing in color from white to reddishbrown as the plant comes closer to harvest time, this cannot be the only criteria for harvesting, given that the pistils can also wilt and turn brown when the plant is pollinated, when a bud does not receive light or when potassium soap, bacillus or other organic products used in the first half of flowering are sprayed. This crop in coconut fiber will be harvested soon. Nutrition was stopped in the last 10 days.

Leaving an EC of 0.5 ms with enzymes that will help dissolve the remains of dead roots under the surface. It's time to check the maturity of the buds. The best way to find out the desired maturity is to observe with a magnifying glass or microscope the trichomes, which are the resin glands that make the buds shiny and that are responsible for both the aroma as well as the effects of the plant. The first thing to look at in the trichomes is their shape, those with the greatest quantity of cannabinoids.

Are those that are stemmedheaded, which is to say, those which have a long stem and a wellformed head like a lollipop. If the trichome only has head or stem, the plant won't yet have enough potency or good taste. Here you can see the calyxes of a bud upclose, some pistils are wilted and a few are white but you can clearly see how the trichomes are perfectly formed with their bodies and heads. Once the shape has been checked, we should focus on the color. The normal evolution of color in trichomes is from transparent to an opaque milkywhite.

And from there to reddishamber. Optimal harvest time depends on the variety and the grower's preferences. The highest concentration of THC is found when most trichomes are opaque, milkywhite. After that, the trichomes start to turn amberish, the quantity of THC begins to decrease as CBD increases making the weed more narcotic and less psychoactive. Keep in mind that it is difficult for sativas to mature indoors and for their trichomes to turn brown. For this reason the optimal time for harvesting is during the milkywhite stage. You can experiment, making the same variety more narcotic or more energizing by playing with the level of maturity.

But remember that pure sativas harvested when it is too clear can be heartattack inducing while pure indicas harvested with trichomes that are too amberish can be excessively narcotic. Once you decide it's time to harvest you have to check the buds. When you reach this point, the only problem that could still come up in indoor harvesting is botrytis a fungus that appears as white mold on the interior of buds or as wilted flowers. Any infected parts must be carefully removed and cleaned, as its consumption can be toxic.

This crop is being done without fans so that we can record the image properly. The lack of ventilation together with dense buds and hydroponic cultivation is a ticking time bomb for Botrytis but luckily sativa varieties are less sensitive than indicas. As they reached optimal maturation, only one plant developed the disease and the harvest went well. Discover our range of organic products and get the best results with our biological activated cocktail. Now with BAC, quality and quantity can be grown at the same time. BAC, biological activated cocktail.

If you still haven't done it, you can grow with coco soil. BAC's highquality soil treated with Final Solution. For a faster, better way to grow. You should also know that you can renew your used coconut soil with lime chalk to ensure a stable pH. And Organic Granules treated with Final Solution is used as food for microorganisms when soils are reused. Okay friends, we don't have time for more We'll be back in future programs to tell you more. See you next time in La Barraca. Don't miss it!.

The Dutch Supreme Court has endorsed the ban on sale to tourists, let's see if it comes into effect. If there were coffee shops in warmer destinations, surely cannabis tourists would change their destination. In Minorca, the first BioMenorcannabis event was held, organized by the La Boca association. Three days of presentations and debates, artists performing live and a panel of judges in charge of tasting 16 varieties grown on the island with organic products! Meanwhile on another faraway island, in Tenerife, the II edition of the Cannabis Secret Cup was held.

This year's event had quite a bit of rain, but not even the tropical downpour dampened the celebration! Welcome to Secret 2015! As you can see, this year we have an impressive turnout. This year we have a fun, informative area sponsored by all the associations and sponsors that collaborated with today's event and without whom this would not be possible. We also have an area for concerts a vegan area and a carnivore area, we didn't forget about you. And our bar, with our area to relax. All of this ends with voting and this year's cup's prizes.

This year we have had a lot of entries in all the categories. But, the BHO category really stood out with a total of 29 entries from all parts of the globe. This year we also had a special category for outdoor cannabis, we also had indoor professional and outdoor professional and this year we also added a cookie sampling, a cookie competition. We also had a field day with the prizes, handing out the prizes. Unfortunately the weather this year didn't treat us well and at six o'clock in the afternoon an epic downpour fell.

We reacted as quickly as possible and moved everything to the club of some friends. We ended up there with a great vibe, a great atmosphere, handing out prizes, finishing all the artists' shows. Greetings from Secret on the Canary Islands. We'll see you in 2016. As October's program comes to an end, we are paying close attention to the very important decision from the Mexican Supreme Court, that could declare five articles of the General Health Law which prohibit sowing, cultivation and possession for personal recreational use, as unconstitutional. On the other hand, despite attempts to censure it, Hemp Mexico Magazine continues to be published.

they're on issue four! while the wait continues to see if they are granted a permit or not. For more international info, you can visit the website and YouTube channel of our new friends CNN Cannabis News Network! With excellent coverage of the situation of cannabis in different countries of the world. Before we go, we wanted to show you a beautiful tutorial that Sensi Seeds has made to mark their 30th anniversary in order to make us aware of the importance of growing our beloved plant for a more sustainable future!.

Let's start growing that future! Upcoming events! There is no shortage of cannabis activities in November. On the 7th the harvest festival of the Castell Cannabis Club will take place if you're in the area you can't miss it. On the other side of the pond, in Washington, the International Drug Policy Reform Conference will begin on the 18th, a biennial event organized by the Drug Policy Alliance, which is particularly important this year. The same as Expoweed in Chile, from the 27th to the 29th in the impressive O'Higgins Park.

And one week later, Expocannabis in Uruguay, Sowing 2015. You still haven't registerd the Canamo community, the joint community You can win a free subscription to the magazine. This month, with issue number 215, you'll receive an organic stimulant for your girls as a gift. And to keep informed about marijuana and much more, you only have to visit lamarihuana a serious webpage that has been around for many years where you'll find the best information. As always, be happy and see you soon! Bloopers a crash course in Spanish pronunciation.

Gerard Spong steunt antiwietpascampagne Wees Slimmer, Stem Wijzer

The weed pass is discriminatory, because it excludes foreigners. The weed pass is criminalization, because the government is complicit in the commission of a crime. And therefore is legally untenable. Vote with intelligence. It concerns all of us, including you. Why. More unemployment, more crime, your freedom, therefore the drug policy also concerns you. Nearly 40 years, our drug policy has been successful. The tolerance policy has been very good for our national health. It was been 40 years since President Nixon declared war on drugs. As an individual member of the commission, I think the Dutch government on this decision.

Made a very big mistake. Let your politicians come here for an internship. Then they will see the consequences of prohibition policy. How does the Netherlands deal with this. If we would plant the hemp that we annually produce in the Netherlands instead of hidden plantations, we would need about an area as large as the province of Utrecht. THE LIE REIGNS The weed pass. It calls upon criminalization. The result, more repression. The police cannot do what they should do. Every day another dilemma. Do we hemp, do we homicide, do we robbery, do we human traffic.

Amsterdam In Your Pocket Museumplein

We are here on Museumplein, and right behind me is the Rijksmuseum, which is where everyone goes to look at Rembrandt. And around here is also the House of Bols experience and the Van Gogh Museum and this huge park as well where people hang out and have picnics. But most people also come here to relax and hang out. And, of course, tourists always come here to get their pictures taken next to Amsterdam's tourism slogan I am Amsterdam or I Amsterdam. We are not exactly sure why, but everyone loves to do it.

Amsterdam In Your Pocket Canals Grachten

It's no secret that Amsterdam has plenty of beautiful canals. But in our opinion the area where the Prinsengracht meets the Brouwersgracht, or the Brewers' Canal' is one of the most picturesque areas of Amsterdam. It's got all these beautiful buildings in the background that once served as breweries and they've got all these excellent painted shutters. So it's really a great place to take pictures and to just wonder around. It's also the beginning of the Jordaan district. It's a bit of a Bohemian area of Amsterdam with lots of great cafs and things to see, as well as the Noordermarkt which is right next to a church.

Amsterdam In Your Pocket Central Station

We at Amsterdam In Your Pocket have decided to give you a little walking tour of the city. And what better place to start than at the Amsterdam Central Station. Built in 1889 it's a huge transport hub and chances are if you've flown into Amsterdam Schipol airport you'll take a train here for only a few euros. Within 15 minutes the whole city is in front of you. So come along with us on this little tour and we will show you some of the best streets, squares, canals and other things worth seeing.

Amsterdam In Your Pocket Experience

Theo, you've launched Den Bosch In Your Pocket, Tilburg In Your Pocket, Utrecht In Your Pocket, Amsterdam In Your Pocket Yeah! What's next Another city nobody ever heard about SittardGeleen In Your Pocket. Even the Dutch have problems finding it on the map. But that's going to be my 5th city. So what are your plans for In Your Pocket in the Netherlands I want to make it the best guide out there. I want to show people that they can rely on our guides and they can find out what's there, what nobody can easily find themselves.

We are your best friends showing you the city, the city I love. There are many guides for Amsterdam but not covering the whole spectrum as we do. There are guides like Time Out will only do some restaurants or maybe one or two hotels. We are there for the independent traveller who wants to know more about a city. That's our speciality. What got you interested in the In Your Pocket guides I am a tour guide and a journalist. The journalism part is that I really love the guides because they are so comprehensive and describing everything that's out there.

The Hash Marijuana Hemp Museum Amsterdam

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Hash Marijuana Hemp Museum Tour.hash marijana hemp museum amsterdam tour and vaporizor demo..

Hash, Marihuana And Hemp Museum.Amsterdam is known for having a soft spot towards cannabis. Therefore it makes perfect sense for the city to have a museum dedicated to this controversial..

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Tour - Part Five: The Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum 1 Of 3 (2009).andrew.pyrah Peace and Pot TShirts Now Available! Please COMMENT and LIKE if you enjoyed the tutorial and SUBSCRIBE to stay updated it all..

Herb Utopia Shows You Around The Hash Marihuana &Hemp Museum Amsterdam.A small tour of the Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum in Amsterdam! A great spot to visit for everyone interested in the history of the Cannabis plant. Historical..

The Hash, Marihuana Hemp Museum

The Hash, Marihuana Hemp Museum,a tour of the hash, marihuana and hemp museum in Amsterdam..

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Tour - Part Six: The Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum 2 Of 3 (2009).andrew.pyrah Peace and Pot TShirts Now Available! Please COMMENT and LIKE if you enjoyed the tutorial and SUBSCRIBE to stay updated it all..

Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum, Amsterdam..

Amsterdam's Hemp Museum.Visiting the Hemp Museum in Amsterdam..

Hash Marihuana &Hemp Museum Re-opened By Hedy D'Ancona In Amsterdam - 26 April 2012.English subtitles available select CC in the menu Former minister of health, welfare and culture Hedy DAncona officially reopens the newly refurbished Hash..

Hash, Marihuana &Hemp Museum - Amsterdam.this tutorial show a guy making hemp reproduction with the properly technics. No museu do Haxixe, Maconha e canhamo em Amsterdam, reproducao de uma..

Hash Marihuana &Hemp Museum Maant Zwevende Kiezer - Wees Slimmer, Stem Wijzer !.Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum Maant Zwevende Kiezer. Wees Slimmer, Stem Wijzer ! In de aanloop naar de tweede kamer verkiezingen, start het Hash..

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