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Welcome back to Unprocessed Marijuana. As we said in the previous program, at this time we will visit a outdoor crop, we are in June and have already begun work. The plants have been transplanted to their final place, now just water them, give them love, particularly fertilizer, water and wait until they finish their cycle. If you pay attention to the shape of leaves and the leaflets, there are variety of species in this crop, different varieties were planted. Here we have a Kali, Somago Jack Herer, a Quasar, Critical Label.

Also we have a Blueberry, so, different varieties in order to get a lot of varieties and enjoy the different nuances, the diversity of fragrances and flavors along the year. Here we have a very special and particular case. It is a bloom crop forced that will be be harvested very soon. The forced bloom, for those who don't know the technique, involves forcing the bloom during the growing period. How do you do this reducing the light's time throughout the day. There are different ways to reduce the light's time. One way is.

Keep the plants in a indoor place, that means, a closed room. So, the plant should be in a pot for ease the transportation. If we cultivate on the ground we have to make an opaque coverage. So, we bolster the indoor's darkness. The plant begin to bloom in this place. We have to be careful and respect the twelve sun hours. The remaining time, we should keep the plant on darkness. We go to wake up the crop and watch the results obtained with these techniques. We get the harvest sooner,.

In a natural time is impossible to get it. You should be strict with this technique and every day cover the plant around six afternoon. We have to be careful with the wet inside the cover place. The plastic prevents the perspiration, so, we should be careful because the tight and heavy flowery area like this can suffer botrytis. Here we have another variety. It is a Colombiana of Santa Mara. It is a Sativa. It was cultivated and planted in January and the flowering was started in March, middle of March,.

Until today, 8th June, tomorrow it will be sacrificed and hung out to dry to dry for later taste. Without working with not Indicas varieties, the botrytis appears when the plant is covered because the sun warms it, so the plant's sweat is wetting the place. if the consistency is your virtue applying this technique you will get a high quality cannabis and enjoy it during the summer. At the same way, we can grow automatic plants that have been preharvested. The central bud to improve the flowering of the sides and the.

Entrevista a Pau de 00Box por Alchimia Grow Shop en la Spannabis 2013

We are here with Pau from L'Ormaac, who is going to show us some news that he has brought to this Spannabis. Very good afternoon and good fair. We are here again bringing you some news. The first new could be this one, a solar lighter which would be the 2.0 version of the first one we did before. The people said, and what about the night At night doesn't work! Now it works at night. You have a conventional lighter. And then, for lighting the cigarette, you put it on there, then we point the sunrays.

And after a second the fire will appear. Then, another thing we wanted to do from many years ago, but that we thought it was too much eccentric We believe that now the public has matured and will understand what is this, and it's utility. We have here a tuned cellar oriented to marihuana. Before, existed cellars for cigars and wine, bat there was one missed, a cellar for marihuana. So there it is, now I'm going to show you some of its qualities and characteristics. Every box is made for separate the varieties, letting you show them easily, that's why the boxes have a clear cover.

Obviously, the philosophy is trying to not to lose anything, and specially if it's the best part of the cake. So we put there a mesh, and there you can collect everything. This controls the moisture and the temperature, as you can see there. It's a tool that we thought it was missing, so now it's here. Thank you so much. Do you have any message for the people of Alchimia Keep it up! You are awesome! And people like you is needed in this sector. Thank you And I really mean it!.

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