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We begin this season visiting a indoor crop that we had the opportunity to visit last season. The cannabis farmers have introduced determinant modifications and they want to show us. There has been a rethinking of the crop area. Rearranging the space to make it more usable and effective. The corridors allow us a comfortable work. 600 watt lamp has been installed. Also has been changed the position, so, the new air goes inside, directly to the plants. Have been installed four cultivating tables 2 meters long, 1 wide for the farmers comfort.

Facilitate the leachate collection, a result of drainage watering excess. The circular pots have been changed. Now we have square pots 20x25 So,under the seven spotlights there are 220 cuttings. 55 cuttings per cultivating table. In this occasion they have decided cultivate just one variety, we are talking about Critical Mass. Critical Mass is a hybrid of Skunk with Afgani, a variant of Big Bud. Even have Sativa characteristics like elongated leaves, but, in the production flowering speed have Indica characteristics. The cuttings have been grown during 15 days with 18 light hours and a.

Entrevista a Pau de 00Box por Alchimia Grow Shop en la Spannabis 2013

We are here with Pau from L'Ormaac, who is going to show us some news that he has brought to this Spannabis. Very good afternoon and good fair. We are here again bringing you some news. The first new could be this one, a solar lighter which would be the 2.0 version of the first one we did before. The people said, and what about the night At night doesn't work! Now it works at night. You have a conventional lighter. And then, for lighting the cigarette, you put it on there, then we point the sunrays.

And after a second the fire will appear. Then, another thing we wanted to do from many years ago, but that we thought it was too much eccentric We believe that now the public has matured and will understand what is this, and it's utility. We have here a tuned cellar oriented to marihuana. Before, existed cellars for cigars and wine, bat there was one missed, a cellar for marihuana. So there it is, now I'm going to show you some of its qualities and characteristics. Every box is made for separate the varieties, letting you show them easily, that's why the boxes have a clear cover.

Obviously, the philosophy is trying to not to lose anything, and specially if it's the best part of the cake. So we put there a mesh, and there you can collect everything. This controls the moisture and the temperature, as you can see there. It's a tool that we thought it was missing, so now it's here. Thank you so much. Do you have any message for the people of Alchimia Keep it up! You are awesome! And people like you is needed in this sector. Thank you And I really mean it!.

Marihuana Al Natural 8 Poda y entutorado

We are in late August. Just a month and a half ago we visited this crop. As we can see there aren't enough place inside.That's because of the horizontal growth. The plants were opened and the light came inside. This has facilitated the horizontal growth, not vertical growth. If the growth of the plants had been vertical, the plants would have transgress indoor system, and the pruning would be inevitable. We can not go inside. Let's go to try to explain this system. Like you can see the shanks that cross the crop system.

Have argued the branches and thanks to this the plants were opened. The light went inside providing a horizontal growth occupying the entire indoor growing rea. The plants have begun to grow. The flowering tops start. Within a week we will have to attend them in order to prevent plague of worms on buds. We can access to this other crop module. Probably had a low fusarium, although we cannot prove it. For the features that they have explained us is possible this deduction, now let's go to explain the powdery mildew. Here we have a plant with.

Powdery mildew attack. The powdery mildew is a fungus, a cryptogamic disease which produces these kinds of white stains, looks like dirty water over the plant, is powdery mildew, is the fungus mycelium that is growing on the leaflet tissue. The powdery mildew could covering the entire leaves surface. Even can even attack fungi, so, could be a big deal for cannabis consumption. To prevent the powdery mildew we have to do preventive treatments with propolis extract. The propolis is a substance secreted by bees. It is a protector, a natural antibiotic.

Other than work against fungal diseases which is what interests us like preventive method, can be done treatments during three or four days in dose of 2 to 4 milliliters by liter depending on the concentration of the extract spraying the leaves surface. It can be used, besides the propolis, micronized sulfur duster or also copper sulfate, but we want to consume it, so, it's better try to prevent this kind of products. Propolis is better, is totally natural, even people can consume it like antibiotic to our immunologic system. In this last module we can see that the plants.

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