How to make Glow in the Dark Jello Shots Tipsy Bartender

Why is it so romantic in here Why are the lights so low Well it's not because we're having a candlelight dinner. It is because, however, we're making jello shots with alcohol that glow in the dark! Exactly, homeboy! They don't glow in the dark, we'll say they glow under a blacklight, okay Well. Okay, let me give you an example. Check it out, look at that glow. screams both laugh Alright, first thing we wanna do is put about two cups of Quinine Skyy Tonic water.

Quinine, whatever. Skyy That contains that. Exactly, a little over two cups. And then we're gonna boil that. There. Skyy There's our tonic water glowin' under the blacklight. It's unusual to boil tonic water, yes. But see, you need this because it's that ingredient in the tonic water. That Quinine that's gonna give us our glow. Tonic water's all boiled. Now I'll just pour it in a pitcher. pouring tonic water Put our JellO in it, Berry Flavor it. Skyy She's gonna stir it to get it to dissolve.

That's what it looks like when you stir it under the blacklight. So we add in Coconut Rum. Sophia Yeah. water pouring Skyy Put about three quarter cup Coconut Rum, okay. Right, now add more tonic water. This can help us with our blue as well. Beautiful, perfect, two cups exactly. See that's our booze right there, glowin' in the dark. Now Sophia's gonna put that into this batch that we already have mixed. pouring drink stirring Sophia Wha! laughs Look what I baked today. Skyy Mmhmm. Sophia laughs.

Skyy Right there, perfect. Sophia That's it Skyy Yes, ma'am. And there you have it! Okay, glow in the dark JellO shots! Go ahead, Soph, let's see what you doin'. groans Okay, see it in the mouth. Ahh. Skyy Go ahead, let's taste that. Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet. Skyy It's sweet Oh, it's so sweet. Is it Mmhmm, super sweet, woo! laughs groans The glowahh! laughs You don't even need the glow sticks for those. laughs Oh, see, and you can have so much fun with them too.

Epic Margarita Jungle Juice Tipsy Bartender

Festive Latin music Voiceover That's a sharp knife! distant chatter Good. Voiceover Pull the machete out! Voiceover Oh God! What were you doing with the machete Skyy Okay, mumbles let's start with the tequila, everybody grab a tequila bottle. Tequila! whoots Voiceover We are some alchies! Voiceover It's party time! Voiceover Yeah, somebody's grandma is dying as we pour this. Voiceover What, what! whoots Tequila! Voiceovers Yeah, this is for the homies. Voiceover Right! laughs Skyy Let's Triple Sec and Peach Schnapp.

Let's pour those. Voiceover Get it mumbles, get it! Voiceover Man, you pour like a professional. Voiceover I do Voiceover That's how he drink! Voiceover Ok, who wants to mumbles distant chatter Voiceover Why we bartending though laughter Voiceover He's also a bartender. Voiceover Aw snap, look at the form! Look at the form! Skyy The juices now, the juices. Voiceover Okay, it's gonna start smelling good once we get the juices going now! Voiceover John, I need this recipe!.

Whoots I'm doing this for my bar mitzvah! laughter For real, I'm a do it! distant chatter Voiceover This is fresh! splashing Skyy A Jay son, what you want to call this Voiceover Huh Skyy What you want to call this It's your party. I like Lamorne's name. Skyy What, what is it Lamorne A Darkened Day Stormy. laughter It's a drink, a Darkened Stormy right Skyy Yeah. This one's a Darkened Day Stormy! laughter All right, and there you have it,.

The Darkened Day Stormy! applause and whoots distant chatter Voiceover Are you Tweeting No, it's good, it's good. Voiceover Oh, that's good. Man, that tastes good, man. Skyy You like it Yeah, it's real good. Skyy Okay. distant chatter I think my work here is done. Tipsy Bartender, I'm out! Voiceover You be blue! Latin upbeat music Skyy Hold on, they trying to out beat me It's no race, it isn't a race! It isn't a race, okay There's no prize for fuss.

How to make a Watermelon Keg Tipsy Bartender

Rock music It's construction time, people. Sophia, what are we making We're making a watermelon punch. We are constructing a watermelon punch inside of a watermelon! We have a spigot and everything, okay. We're running pipes and air conditioning, oh boy! This is going to be bad ass! Watch this! First things first, you want a watermelon to be able to stand up. Okay, so we just can shave a little bit off the bottom. Okay, perfect. You need to cut the top off your watermelon. Correct.

We have an ax, hacksaw, knife, which one I think the most fun would be the ax, but then again, the most logical would be probably the kitchen knife. And the sissy's way to do it would be the knife. Here it goes. Skyy Nice! Now we stand it up. Perfect. Sophia We want to get all this flesh out of here. Skyy Yes! Sophia You've got to start somewhere. Skyy NIce! What do you think now of me and and my kitchen skills.

Not good. Sophia Alright, if you look inside we got all the flesh out. Now we need a spigot for our watermelon. Buy one of these. You can screw it off and basically use it for your watermelon. So we can drill a hole right here for our spigot. Sophia is going to handle that. Gentleman, safety first. You've got your safety goggles. That's right. Keeping it sexy or what You ready We're ready to drill! Okay, I got it. Okay. Power drill runs.

Skyy Okay. Sophia Should be good. And there we go. Skyy Got it Sophia Yeah. It's perfect. Obviously, we are not going to let all this good watermelon go to waste so we can strain it to get the juice. Sophia I've got all this watermelon juice. Very cool. juice splashes Rum. More Skyy Might as well put the bottle in. Just a little more. Make it a ten one time, okay Coconut rum. Green apple pucker. Small pineapple juice because.

We already have watermelon in there. Eww. Safety glasses! Sweet and sour, okay. Let's go all in sweet and sour. laughter Sophia That is amazing. Skyy I know, right There you have it! A real ass watermelon punch, go ahead! How amazing is that I know it's strong, okay, because I put in a whole bottle. Cheers! Oh my gosh, that is really good! Are you just saying that No, I'm not. I know we put in a lot of rum but you can taste the hint of the coconut.

It's really, I mean, just tropical tasting. But it also tastes like a drink. It's not just some foofoo fifi little. It don't taste like alcohol. No! You can totally give this to your kids. Yeah! And they wouldn't know. Yeah, you could. Hey little Johnny, you were up all night. You're not sleeping. Have some of this punch. Tipsy Bartender! Helping you to raise your kids the right way! Doesn't this look like Skyy laughter Skyy Yeah, when I am taking a leak.

Monkey Brain Shot How to make a Monkey Brain Cocktail Recipe for Halloween

How to make a Monkey Brain Shot G'day there Drinking Buddies, Scotty Boxa here for drinklab your home of free cocktail recipes. Have you signed up to become my Drink Buddy Yet No Well head on over to our website and do that now so you don't miss out all sorts of goodies and exclusives and give always. Now this here is the Monkey Brain, it is a cool shot for any Halloween or spooking kind of party and this is how to make it. For this you will need 23 oz of Vodka.

13 oz of Irish Cream 13 oz of Lime Juice or Lemon Juice and a dash of grenadine Pour your Vodka into your shot glass, then add your lemon or lime juice, then with a syringe or straw suck up some Irish cream and then squeeze into the shot glass so it looks like a brain or worm. When the Irish Cream interacts with the Lime Juice or Lemon Juice it curdles slightly and forms a worm or brain like effect. Then add a dash of Grenadine for the blood effect.

And I present to you the Monkey Brain Shot, some people find this a little hard to swallow not because of the way it looks but because the way the Baileys and lime juice curdle at the bottom and it can be quite thick and hard to swallow. If you like this on you will probably also like the Brain Haemorrhage and the Alien Brain Hemorrhage or the Fallen froggie shot. All the details on how to make this and those others ones are in the description below or over on our website drinklab. While.

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