music playing KRISHNA ANDAVOLU: We’re on the side of a mountain. And there’s about thousands of marijuana plants around us. This is like, two, three hectares like 20, 30,000 plants.

And then you know that you’re going to find a champion there if you look long enough. It’s a massive field, full of pot. KRISHNA ANDAVOLU: You might not know who Arjan Roskam is, but you’ve probably smoked his weed.

Since 1985, arjan’s been producing some of the most wellknown strains of marijuana out of Amsterdam. We joined up with him and his crew in Colombia to look for three rare marijuana strains. So after about a few hours of sleep, we’re headed to Cali to check out the biggest weed operation in Colombia.

good. Let’s rock and roll. KRISHNA ANDAVOLU: First stop, the massive grow operation of local legend El Gato, Arjan’s key Colombian contact. He’d be our guide throughout the trip.

El gato: speaking spanish ARJAN ROSKAM: So here we go, guerrillastyle growing, guys, in the mountains of the FARC. Look here. KRISHNA ANDAVOLU: Colombia produces the most cocaine in the world.

But it’s also one of the most fertile places on earth to grow cannabis. And while the country allows for recreational amounts of marijuana, growing weed on an industrial scale remains highly illegal. ARJAN ROSKAM: If you look at the.

Plants, they’re all moving. You feel a little breeze going through. Not too much, but just enough to make them strong and make sure there’s no stale air around the buds. This is the biggest in Colombia. It’s probably maybe the biggest in South America.

Or paraguay also have really big ones. Not like this. ARJAN ROSKAM: But not like this, and not this kind of quality. KRISHNA ANDAVOLU: In 1992, Arjan opened his first coffee.

So kauft man Cannabis in einer amerikanischen DispensaryGanja Gourmet DHV USA Tour 2015 Part 110

The dhv team has now arrived in denver. After a long flight we have made it and have now landed in the heart of the USA. As expected, there were minor calamities with the authorities. In London, I was taken aside. The first time, my luggage was searched and only a few minutes later, another officer came up to me, she had my name written on her hand and said: Mister Riester, please follow us, we will have to make a short talk. After I declared that I had already been additionally searched, I was left to go.

The reason i was told was that that was instructed by homeland security, the usa safety agency, who apparently found me worth doublechecking. When we arrived here in Denver, there was again an increased interest in me. I had explicitly declared that we wanted to visit the Drug Policy Alliance Conference in Washington DC. The immigration officer found this very interesting. He immediately asked me why we’d come to Colorado, if the reason was Marijuana. Of course, my answer was no, but I had to answer several more questions nevertheless.

In the end, we are happy to have all arrived here safe and sound. There were no major problems, noone was rejected at the airport and sent home. This means: we are looking forward to the days and weeks ahead with lots of footage, interviews, talks from Colorado to show you how legalization here works. We hope, we can animate you in Germany to fight more. Things cannot go on like that, so do something and look at how it things are done here in Denver. That’s how it could be for us, if we are all a little active. We are here on the green mile in Denver at the Broadway.

Broadway boulevard leads directly throught denver and at a certain point, there is a mile or so with about a dozen medical and recreational dispensaries. From where I stand I can already see three, four different ones: The Kind Room, Ganja Gourmet, The Herbal Center. Here directly behind the building is another medical dispensary, and as you can see here: There are even advertisements for cannabis this one is for a website where you can get coupons and save when buying in dispensaries. This mile has turned out to be the green mile: with a lot of dispensaries and where many people buy. Of course, as it is normal in the USA: most people go shopping by car, be it for cannabis or anything else.

But you can also walk along the street here and enjoy this experience as a tourist and visit different dispensaries. So: When you come to Denver, go to Broadway Boulevard first you will find various dispensaries selling cannabis. Now we are at Ganja Gourmet to show you how shopping in an American dispensary works, how you will get your cannabis as an over 21 year old recreational consumer. Follow me! This is Ganja Gourmet, a dispensary in the center of Denver. As you can see, it is one of the smaller dispensaries.

Here we start with a number of concentrates. First: butter, 1 gram for 35 dollars, shatter. There is CBD oil. There are different vape pens and again CO2 extracts. So, this is an enourmous selection of concentrates and various ways of consuming THC. We proceed to what most of you will probably be interested the most:.

Here you can see the natural, raw cannabis flowers, like they grow on the bush. There are about 9 different cannabis strains. On the right, you can see prerolled joints, that are also sold in dispensaries. The bud tender, who is always present in a dispensary, will advise you on what strain to buy or how strong they are, if it’s sativa, indica etc. You can get relatively profound information if you take the time and ask. On this side, there are different products:.

Edibles, which are very popular in colorado. It starts with simple gummy bears that have only been drizzled with cannabis oil. The company just adds one or two drops of cannabis oil and then sells it as an edible. Here we can see the more complex products. Cannabis butter is used here in traditional baked goods. And very famous: the beverages.


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