US Will Recognize Same Sex Couples. For Tax Purposes

In other major victory for samesex couples all across the country the this week the US Treasury Department issued a new ruling on pacs status is so if you're samesex couple was married in one of the thirteen states were same for marriage equality exist and that number is counting or the District of Columbia or foreign country you'll be treated equally in the united states when it comes for tax purposes according to the new rule by the US to the US Treasury Department that said the all married couples get the same rules applied across the board.

Now this is a good thing because clearly you knockin filed jointly and get all the benefit the filing jointly blah blah blah but beyond that this goes back to the problem that we sort of sad when they first struck down DOMA right so when they struck down DOMA and they got rid of the Dept the Deaf the only definition I was on the federal books and now the federal government are viewing taxes equally the other problem that you start to have is what happens when you live in a state.

Like Virginia where you file your federal taxes jointly will you now are secondclass citizen when you file your state taxes which in bites the problem so as much as all the states want to sort of hold on to this we want marriage between one man and one woman the lawsuit against them and so are the courts because what is the court what are the judge could affect so 20 at the fed the federal government size you are a firstclass citizen but in Virginia thighs you are secondclass if that.

And somehow under the Equal Protection Clause that is constitutional if you're going with this so what's gonna happen here arm while this is a good thing if the step in the right direction we should all celebrate it what's gonna happen here is somebody is going to challenge wanna be u state constitution that they are married between a man and a woman and when that happens a judge's a federal judge gonna say equal protection and you are treated like a secondclass citizen and glass the whole marriage equality debate going to be over because all those.

Wisconsin GOP Tries To Ban Courts From Blocking Laws

Since two thousand eleven circuit judges in wisconsin have blocked all or parts of lawyers backed by republicans they're required voters to show photo id at the polls laws they're limited collective bargaining for public employees and laws that orbit shirley expanded the governor's power over administrative rules in other words wisconsin had passed these laws around two dozen eleven that were essentially unconstitutional loss so people soon and went to the state courts missy court said yeah that's unconstitutional you can't do that they struck down the loss now and the courts.

We're simply doing their job i mean they're hold robert to determine is this constitutional is not constitutional and react accordingly well now the gop has decided they're gonna get ahead of the problem an administrative acting as the courts under a measure an ounce on wednesday such injunctions would be automatically stayed as soon as they were repealed so you understand that in other words if the court finds a law unconstitutional with this bill says is not we all recognize that it's unconstitutional it is constitutional we get an automatic appeal number one and number two.

The law is back in place intel an ed every court above to the high score the land finds it but unconstitutional so adores unless he goes although to the supreme court the united states of america which by the way wouldn't even bother hearing the majority of these cases we're sick no we disregard the state court retrieval on place they passed a law which is actually may in the courts useless in wisconsin or actually i should be cleared a proposal while not a lot of past that is.

The most unconstitutional law i've ever seen in my life now we have to understand something are uh. government is based off of the idea that there are different branches of government better independent and they check each other's the a wonderful idea checks and balances now you can see this not only at the national level the federal level you can also see that the state level and this is allotted in setting up nope nope we will now make the legislative branch uh. the the terry branstad dictator racial government and we can override all other.

Violence Against Women Act Obama Threatens Veto Over Watered Down Version

At the house has passed a watereddown version of the violence against women act sat as we have talked about earlier the senate have passed very good version of it that way uh. expands uh. protection to undocumented uh. individuals native americans and elegy bt victims as well of course the republicans in the house are nine paper there so they pass a watereddown version that would not extend those protections to those groups of people uh. panic among you really want to give profession the native american women oakmont there is any given to wipe it off the well you know what actually.

Other americans black lifted but you really need the native americans access and also understand how they get away with being so outwardly hateful screw the native americans baby and i don't even agree with this at all so don't get me wrong they can't make a case for undocumented immigrants because they're saying like allowed to show our tax dollars go toward that whatever you know some of their asinine arguments that they make right now i don't agree with it don't get me wrong but like a native americans.

White he live in a and uh. voicemails who wrote as an amendment to the bill plus we keep festivals now uh. in all seriousness and and force and i can entrance and the most out of production in all this process is their easier to intimidate because well we're gonna if you report the violence now if you're poor to beatings of center you might be interested in your esteem i get deported et cetera so that's where they would need a protection and then uh. on those abt to me to decide.

So is it okay to be the last minute i'd i guess the best for republicans it is and by the way we just want to note that there is no war against women okay them completely made out like democrats the democrats think that at the end of course this just morrell a bit more specifically war on native american women we're gonna roll school unbelievable anyway i've since that day at the house is disagreed with the senate they're gonna have a conference to lab basically pass this out but obama has already said.

That act he doesn't care if the house version of this is what they decide on she will be telling as we say now hopefully uh. nausea yeah courses trying if you know who it was so sick using a slight uh. by the way one last thing on this important reason the republics have as a rational for is cooling residences position will then we would have to recognize listed so we don't recommend well that's good presidio recommends a middle east mister if you show your eyes really really tight.

Ron Paul Vs Indefinite Detention NDAA

The other day i covered ron paul as we have throughout the campaign and i've said some positive things about him since that negative things the new revelations about the newsletters i thought i got it to a point where i'd just couldn't support a guy whether he will order didn't write it went under his name for a long time with a tremendous amount of races bagane material itself that does not mean but because of that you then say everything ron paul did is wrong in fact one called still is much better on some issues.

Any candidate including the democrats and one of those two civil liberties well that he introduced a resolution in the house on wednesday that is fantastic it would repeal section ten twenty one of the national defense authorization act which is the most uh. hideous part of that act although there are other parts that are definitely objectionable yeah this is the part that might uh. apply indefinite detentions two united states citizens and that at least someone's outraged by it here's ron paul giving a speech on sadly too many of my colleagues are too willing to undermine our constitution.

To support such outrageous legislation one senator even see ed about american citizens being picked up under section under this section of the nba addy quote when they're saying i wanna lawyer you them you don't get a lawyer close quote is this acceptable in someone who has taken an oath to uphold the constitution he's referring to lindsey graham their uh. coolest brag about like practice gadget tells a lot obviously right given trial i'd give them no moreno warning though the game rights but we don't know if they're terrorists that's where you get the metro station.

At the us citizens well then you could go around saying i don't like that guy would calm a terrorist i don't write of terrorist but how do you know he's a terrorist run for the whole process right about this he continues precisely the kind of a gracious distortion of justice ten americans have always ridiculed in so many new dictatorships overseas uh. again i'm sure that makes republicans really angry i guess all the democrats who voted for it which was a tremendous number of democrats and present or baba who signed into law.

Angrily how could you say that that we would be doing indefinite detentions well that's all i can just outside of fact soapy would say this is true so listen no matter what you might disagree with them on and there are plenty of things i do as i've explained over and over again he is definitely better on this issue any of the presidential candidates including president obama maybe especially president while i think this is what has signed into law credit where credit is due by saddam on this ron paul.

Ron Paul Restore America Now

Hello, this is Ron Paul with your weekly update for June 13th. Recent economic data show that U.S. job growth in May was negligible, while the official unemployment figure at least the figure the Labor Department admits to rose to 9.1. The real unemployment figure, however, as compiled by economist John Williams, may well be higher than 20. It is clear the U.S. economy is in terrible shape, and that no amount of government spending or Federal Reserve quantitative easing can reduce unemployment, increase real productivity, or address our debt fiasco.U.S. jobs and productivity are dependent on the.

Accumulation of private capital to finance existing businesses or fund new entrepreneurial activity. Private capital whether accumulated by profitable U.S. businesses, invested by private equity and venture capital firms, or attracted from abroad is the key to economic growth and new jobs. But we cannot create jobs if we demonize profits, punish risktaking capitalists, and stay hostile to foreign investment. The steps to encouraging capital investment and creating new jobs in America are simple, though not easy First and foremost, we must create a sound U.S. currency backed by gold or some other.

Commodity respected by the market. No nation in history with a rapidly depreciating currency has attracted private capital. Unless and until we prohibit the Treasury and Federal Reserve from essentially creating money and credit from thin air, we cannot restore the U.S. economy. Second, we must create a favorable regulatory environment for U.S. business. This cannot be stressed enough. When businesses don't know what's coming next from the EPA, when Obamacare spikes their healthcare costs, or when the DoddFrank bill adds almost unknowable regulatory compliance burdens, businesses simply will not expand and hire. It is time.

To start shrinking the federal register. Third, we must stop spending trillions of dollars overseas on foreign wars. There is no point in debating a foreign policy we cannot afford. It no longer matters what neoconservatives want. Our interventionist foreign policy is financed on credit, and our credit limit has been reached. Our economy would be infinitely better off if those trillions of dollars had never been removed from the private economy or added to our debt. Finally, we must completely revamp the U.S. tax system and move to a territorial model.

That does not tax foreign source income. U.S. corporations are sitting on more than a trillion dollars in foreign earnings that cannot be repatriated to the U.S. because of taxes. We need to stop taxing unpatriated funds to bring those earnings home. Better yet, we need to abolish the income tax altogether. The U.S. economy is in deep trouble. Congress needs to act immediately to restore the rule of law and create an environment that rewards, rather than punishes, the critical components of any healthy economy capital accumulation and investment. In this struggling economy it is essential for politicians to take a step back and think.

About what government has been doing to business in this country. In less than 200 years, the free market, property rights, and respect for the rule of law took this nation from a rough frontier to a global economic superpower. Today, however, our nation and our economy clearly are headed in the wrong direction. Of course, America has never enjoyed absolute freemarket capitalism creeping government intrusion and special interest political patronage have existed and increased since our founding. But America historically has permitted free markets to operate with less government interference.

Than other nations, while showing greater respect for property rights and the rule of law. Less government, respect for private property, and a relatively stable legal environment allowed America to become the wealthiest nation on earth. By contrast, the poorest nations almost always demonstrate hostility for free markets, private property, and the rule of law. Capital formation, entrepreneurship, credit, and wealth accumulation are uniformly discouraged in poor countries. Private contracts are not reliably enforced, and private property is not secure in the hands of owners. The predictable result is widespread poverty and misery.

Obamacare Ruling Media Coverage HORRIBLE!

Before we talk about republican reaction to this i want to talk about the media coverage of what took place please i think the fact that one of the bigger more interesting stories initially i had i'd write report huffington post up on my computer i was slight live streaming cnn on my computer and it made television tuned to fox news to see who would cover the south initially cnn reported that the mandate had been struck down as you can see in the screenshots cnn individual mandate struck down supreme court finds measure.

Unconstitutional that was it about ten of three and eastern time okay at that point rugs report was running something that's that mandate gone and fox news is also reporting that the insurance mandate was unconstitutional then i started seeing and actually started at that point starting to write my commentary on what needs to happen next based on that uh. but almost immediately alloted a blog started posting that wait a second that this is this has been upheld basically the entire affordable care act has actually been upheld and then by ten ten am both the cnn headline and the fox.

News headline as well as the drudge report hadline had been removed cnn had gone to awaiting decision and we actually saw drudge report headline that said mandate survives as eight tax chief justice roberts joins the left of the court court strikes down uh. in dayton down individual mandate uh. objections then it said the medicaid provision is limited to but not invalidated annette by ten thirteen a m drugs report reporting obama care stands box news reporting individual mandate struck down and then foxnews choosing to replace that headline in saying.

Supreme court strikes down medicare meant mandate yet that was a really the story five things i hate to break it to you fucks and and and not not only was it not true even if it were true it wouldn't have been the big story but as we saw the supreme court did not strike down the medicare expansion mandate any surprise that fox news desperately grasping it anything they can to show how bad this law was and now how many thousands of people are who only caught that first have minor.

Going to be walking around on x number of days or weeks thinking uh. the darkest yet what goodbye thing what happened here is that the rush to be first left tons of media outlets just being flat out wrong the initial reports saying that under the commerce clause an individual mandate would be unconstitutional and that is that we've been reported as mandate struck down of course then the court going on to say however we just don't see any individual mandate sa as operating under the commerce clause we see as a tax and as such.

It is perfectly constitutional but i think that was on page forty four right and the we camry forty four pages before reporting correctly no of course that need to report at ten oh three right away even if it's flat out wrong extra money the cnn also ronan bush league or back in ninety thousand i mean let's let's be honest here i don't think anyone in the overall the administration the house for the senate or the supreme court has read that has read before the senate before decision ivory.

Senator Haunted By 2009 Comments On Health Care

This episode of the young texas brought to you by political the world's leading wifi network find out that way dot dot com slash twenty chuck grassley of course remind one and uh. longtime senator and uh. heated as a side of this the the many healthcare is are pieces of lation prostitution in his own stand for well actually he was on television so let's go to click number three intl let him speak forms artist start over again that what personally would you like to see two info and i have to ask them.

Or obviously not have an individual mandate i think it's a violation of the constitution for the federal government that they have to buy something uh. within forty if you go down that road effort to learn point by the reporting if you go down that road where do you stop a road that check grass is quite familiar with as he's gone down it several times you know that in the plane years chuck grassley hold sponsored healthcare alternative to cleanse put a plan that had a mandated so because sponsored the mandate initially.

Now you might say all that was like at over ten years ago i was a long time ago maybe change is mine in two thousand and nine that would be just a little while ago chuck grassley said add that republicans are in favor the mentee and that is shiraz coverage quote through an individual mandate and that's individual responsibility and even republicans believe in individual responsibility that's not enough let me give you another fun chuck grassley quote theory is on the mandate again in two thousand nine but when it comes as these are crying out for automobile insurance the principle that.

Ought to live the same way for health insurance the same exact argument that people who support them and it makes sometimes i may get in defense the of their outrageous arguments surly administration makes it and chuck grassley made it before he realized it was a gross violation of the constitution he continues is everybody has some health insurance costs and if you want a sure and is no free lunch somebody else is paying for it i believe that there is a bipartisan consensus there have individual mandate just a quick year later things like old fart mandates what insult all my god i and they.

Violate the constitution and shockingly enough when he was on fighters they didn't ask bob question about that and ask him well to be such a violation of the constitution why you keep arguing in favor of it all of these years the public this now enter their apartment c a new thing is it's not like grassley doesn't know heat speaks most bosnia legislation has he said that in two thousand nine disease it what does the leading wifi network impl world updating a higher than twenty five thousand hot spots and actually enacted they.

Put all the together so that the largest network of wifi spots as can be is pain i ninety five a mother you're older right any of the internet access wherever you are it could be at the airport or you could be at a coffee shop all the sudden alling is lined up but i think what else and and and i have a report all the time an interest embarks twelve bucks fifteen bucks assigned for one day this is nine ninety five for the whole month anything at all with a single click.

Poll Romney Beating Obama Among Women

All the sudden cbs new york times poll romney in the week but but but and bloated is you can tell from my many ransom and not the big fan of present on well well water in the world was going on here let's look at uh. women voters remember president bomb in a different pola cnn of all our cnn shel pull just uh. you know about a month ago and its sixteen point advantage among women wears a mask obama sport among female voters dropping from forty nine to forty four percent.

Uh. ronnie sport of my female voters is opt from forty three to forty six percent so he's gained three well obama's lost five support among female voters overall bromley fortysix all bomb all forty four that isn't as a two different polls and then two different times ok but basically if you believe both those calls all bomber has lost the sixteen point lead among women and our trails wrong how it in the world could present obon be trailing mit romney among them ait like we've talking about literally.

Also inspired piece of legislation introduced by republicans to take away rights for women right now the republicans as they have i'll see as women act come under we really have to apply that to light was business on the car could we we buy a let down and native americans who put up what they may very well weeks slapped them around a little bit and i give them any recourse an emigrates haha pocketed itself look if you under item in a myriad you you're under sometimes literally in that if your report anything you might get deported right.

Their problems think u so we want your man the power to be able to infused on documentary requirement and for them to have no recourse whatsoever but not right now mit romney leads brocco bombing if you believe this for a moment ill it makes it despair of democracy a and present all by my his and not have you know this principal leader or not this great you know president um. by my estimation in any way shape or form i've got a hundred differences with an but if you think that uh. romney would be.

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