Today on 420 weed tv we will meet llusa feliu, a woman who suffers from epilepsy and glaucoma. She claims that through therapeutic cannabis her life quality has improved. Llusa, a lady from Barcelona living in Girona, was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 14,.

A disease her parents considered evil. Years later, she was diagnosed with glaucoma, an eye condition that reduces vision gradually. Without an adequate treatment, it can lead to blindness. Today she explains her experience. Llusa, we are in Girona,.

Relatively close from where you live. Relatively. We are here because you use cannabis for health reasons. Yes. What do you suffer from? Well. Since I was little, since my body changed at 14,.

I suffer from epilepsy. But what I am suffering now in an alarming manner is an increase of glaucoma. When you were 14, you were diagnosed with epilepsy. I understand they gave you medication for that. Tegretol, 400 mg, twice per day.

And noiafren, 20 mg, twice per day. When were you diagnosed with glaucoma? When I was older. My glasses were never well graduated, so I went to the eye and the optician, and he tested my ocular pressure and he found the glaucoma.

how old were you? i was 27. I am 64 now. You were working. Yes, I was a nurse at Vall d’Hebron , on the surgery emergency night shift. How did glaucoma affect you in your daily life?.

Not much because it was at an early stage. It was just gradually increasing. Did they give you medication for the glaucoma? They didn’t, but I searched on the Internet and also in some cannabis clubs, there are several in Girona, there is a lot of marijuana here.

I bought a book and it seemed like weed was very good for both epilepsy, perfect for glaucoma, and it could help for my husband’s multiple sclerosis. We decided we would try, we planted it. While we had weed, everything was fine. And the said, Go on.

Aceite de Oliva Cannbico

La botica del cannabis Hoy prepararemos aceite de oliva cannbico para usarlo de manera sublingual, tpica o con tus alimentos. Su efecto es analgsico, reductor de nuseas y reductor de ansiedad, entre otros. Para preparar el aceite de oliva necesitamos 500 cc de aceite de oliva y 20 gramos de flores o 30 gramos de hojas.

Primero, para eliminar el sabor amargo de la clorofila debemos lavar la hierba. Echamos la materia vegetal en la olla y cubrimos con agua. Ponemos al fuego hasta que hierva, bajamos la temperatura y cocinamos por 10 minutos. Filtramos y regresamos a la olla. Repetimos el proceso hasta 3 veces si es necesario a modo que el agua salga lo ms clara posible. Ahora vertemos el aceite.

Y calentamos a bao mara por 3 horas aproximadamente. Una vez transcurridas las 3 horas, dejamos enfriar y colamos. Luego vertemos el aceite en una botella y la guardamos en un lugar fresco seco y oscuro y ya tienes tu aceite de oliva cannbico, el que puedes utilizar para friegas, para cocinar (pero sin exponer a altas temperaturas) y tambin se puede tomar en gotario.


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