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What is the Virginia Marijuana Field Test

Hello, my name is Andrew Flusche, and I'm your Virginia defense lawyer. One issue that comes up for marijuana cases is proving whether or not an alleged substance is marijuana and how is that done Well, the Department of Forensic Science in Virginia has approved a variety of field test kits that the police can use literally on the scene of a situation, usually a traffic stop for example, where they can test a substance for different drugs and marijuana being one of the most common, of course. What I have right here is what.

We call the NARK II. Now this is just one component of the NARK II. This is the DuquenoisLevine reagent which is used to test for marijuana. So, an individual test looks like this. It's a little pouch that has three little vials in it, and they're specific instructions right here on the back of the box, where the officer is supposed to follow the directions for administering the test to the substance they're accusing of being marijuana, and then they have to follow the directions in analyzing how it works and how to read it to see if it is marijuana.

It's not a little red light, green light. It's a little more complicated than that, and so the officer needs to be educated and follow directions properly to make sure we're getting an accurate reading from this, you know, very scientific test, these little chemicals in the vials here. So this is an issue that we definitely want to look into for a marijuana case, is, did the officer administer the test properly In some cases, there is not really a way to look into that because there's really no proof of how a test was done other than.

The officer's word, but in some cases, these days with body cameras for example, the test may appear on the officer's body camera. We might could actually watch literally over the officer's shoulder on the tutorial while he's doing the testing and see if there was an error in how he administered it and that could be critical in getting a judge to keep the test out of evidence. This is one reason why it's important to not admit to things to the police. It's important to invoke your right to remain silent when you're being investigated.

For a crime because if you admit that it's marijuana, then the test may not matter. The judge may say, well, it looked like marijuana, the defendant said it was marijuana, so we're gonna call it marijuana, that's good enough. If you keep your mouth shut, invoke your right to remain silent and if we could keep the field test out of evidence against you and there's no lab test, then we may have a strong defense, and you might even walk away with a victory for this case. So, definitely contact me today so we can talk about your case and.

Can a Virginia Officer Stop You for Marijuana Odor

Hi, I'm Andrew Flusche, your Virginia traffic attorney. Can an officer pull you over because they smell the odor of marijuana from your car The answer to this one is yes. The odor of marijuana in Virginia is probable cause that there is something illegal going on in the car, that there is marijuana in the vehicle. If the officer can testify to the judge's satisfaction that they smelled the odor of marijuana from the vehicle they can pull you over. On one hand it seems kind of ludicrous that an officer can smell marijuana if you.

Car is moving but on the other hand, maybe it's not so farfetched depending on the facts. Everyone has sat in traffic at one point or another and had cigarette smoke or something coming into your vehicle from some vehicle near you. If you think about that scenario, marijuana is a similar smoke and it has a pretty distinctive smell that officers can testify that they're trained and have smelled it many times and know what it smells like. Because of that if there's not many cars around and if the.

Officer can pin point which car the marijuana smell is coming from, that could be a good enough reason to pull you over. In fact, that would be if they can pin point the car and testify that they can smell the distinctive odor and what not. That would be a good enough reason to stop you and then to search the vehicle. That doesn't mean that you need to consent to the search and say, Yes officer, you have my permission. That means you should be polite and cooperative and do what they tell you to do and then we can later analyze.

420 Today Florida will legalize weed in 2016

Welcome to 420 today your not yet legal in Florida dose of marijuana news okay the sun is shining and it's beautiful outside but this week it's been kind of a bummer to be in Miami Beach that's right once again the government in florida has decided not to act on marijuana legalization the bottom line no legal weed in the 305 for at least another year or so. Last year, floridians went to the polls to vote on amending the state constitution to legalize medical marijuana but unfortunately we lost. Constitutional amendments in Florida.

Require sixty percent support to pass and, medical marijuana fell slightly short with 58 percent with numbers that close pot activists expected the state government to make their play this year and that our leaders would figure out some form of legalization to satisfy voters but that hasn't happened because the Republican led government decided to stop playing the game and took away their ball. In other words they refused to schedule any committee hearings for bills supporting medical marijuana killing any hope of legalization in 2015 but it's not all bad news. Because, well,.

Here's the thing I think the republican leadership may have made a fatal mistake by walking away from the table this year they have albeit made sure that medical marijuana will be back on the ballot in 2016 and that's key because although attorney John Morgan's United For Care organization managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in 2014 2016 is a presidential election year. What that means is this Only about 20 percent of people my age vote in midterm elections like the one we lost last year by two percentage points but closer to 50.

Percent vote in presidential elections so as more than seventy percent of young people favor legalizing marijuana we should easily generate enough votes to pass the required 60 percent. Trust me it's much better to get medical marijuana passed via a constitutional amendment than by way of a bill written by politicians, because this way the politicians would have to get another constitutional amendment to screw things up and that's pretty damn hard to imagine, because the majority of folks who actively oppose marijuana are really old and literally dying out.

Iowa family using medical marijuana hopes to return home

Lt1105 HE'S KIND OF LIKE HOPE.THIS DOES WORK gt The quest for a cure for their son's seizures led a young Iowa family pick up and move to Colorado. They are back in Iowa this weekend for the first time in 10 months. They did not bring their 4 yearold son's medical marijuana with them because it would have been illegal to do so. But they did bring their son, who they say has been transformed by cannabis oil. KCCI's Mark Tauscheck has been following this family's story for more than a year now and.

Joins us live in the newsroom. Medical marijuana is a divisive issue, but there's no argument at all through the eyes of parents willing to do anything, to help their child. When we met Braedy 13 months ago.we met a 3 yearold who spent most of his life recovering from his latest grand mal seizure.He'd have anywhere from 2 to 10 a day. 1523 it doesn't get easier, you don't get used to watching him seize ever. Braedy's parents were frustrated and desperate.none of the ten medications neurologists tried were last April.they.

Moved west. 615 good boyyyy His parents say the cannabis oil they can legally purchase and possess in Colorado had immediate effects reducing Braedy's seizures.he was still a marionette though.his parents had to support even his head.constantly.but that was then. brandon holding braedy 1454 quack, quack, giggle.yeah a few months ago there's no way he would have been able to sit like this. .this is Braedy now.back in Iowa for the first time since leaving the state over 10 months ago. 2540 1,2,3 up.good boy. Brandon and Quincy say.

Their son who would often have more than 4 seizures a day.has had 4 seizures total.the past 9 months. 1721 itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout down came rain and washed spider out.. They have been experimenting with letting Braedy go 2 or 3 days without his marijuana oil.and this weekend for the first time felt comfortable enough traveling back home to see their families. 20 ahhhh. .getting the ok from their neurologist in Colorado for this trip was never an option. because they couldn't even ask the question.

2shot Brandon 404 that's the first thing they told us right when we got there was we don't discuss or condone the medical marijuana oil so we'll just not even talk about that. The Grittmans are grateful for the parents lobbying at the capitol every week.trying to get legislators to understand last year's medical marijuana law is just words on paper, that no one can take advantage of it until the product is manufactured and dispensed in Iowa. 1128 just look at him, he is their hope.! Braedy never smiled.

Virginia Marijuana Possession Is Odor Enough

Hello, my name is Andrew Flusche and I'm your Virginia defense lawyer. Did you know that if the police claim they smell marijuana in your vehicle that can be a good enough reason for them to search the vehicle Unfortunately it's true. Smelling the odor of marijuana in the vehicle can be enough for the police to have probable cause to search the vehicle. Since the vehicle is mobile there is basically an exception to them having to get a warrant. So they don't have to detain you to go get a warrant to search. They're allowed to.

Just search right there on the scene. Unfortunately that's what I see in many marijuana cases that I defend people on is that's the reason the officer searched the vehicle. They claim that they smell the odor of marijuana. The best recommendation I can give you of course is to not break the law, but of course if you do it might make sense to not be smoking in your vehicle because if you get pulled over, what I see a lot of times is you get pulled over for an equipment violation for a light out or something and then the officer,.

You roll the window down, they immediately smell marijuana and now they're going to search and unfortunately if you have contraband in there they're going to find it normally. So that is unfortunately a valid search but if you are charged with possession of marijuana in Virginia you need to contact me today so we can talk about the facts of your case and see if you may have a defense to perhaps the stop or the search in your case or maybe they can't prove that you actually knew the marijuana was there and that could be a solid defense.

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