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Is Hookah Really Safer Than Cigarettes

Which is better a tiny rolled and filtered menthol cigarette, or a tall waterfilled mint strawberry tobacco stuffed hookah One sure tastes better. But which is HEALTHIER Hey smokers and friends Trace here for DNews to shatter your hookah dreams. Sorry to say it, but hookah is real bad. REAL bad. A new review published in Respiratory Medicine says the health impact of smoking hookah is akin to enjoying 100 cigarettes. One. Hundred. Hookah comes from Persia and India and dates to the 15th Century. It was spread throughout the world by the Ottoman Empire. In case you've never seen one, the hookah is also known as.

A water pipe, shisha, narghile NARGYELAY or hubble bubble. It has tobacco at the top under a hot coal. As the heat burns the tobacco, the smoke is sucked down, through water and a tube, to the user. The American Lung Association sees hookah smoking as a growing problem with youth due to the misconceptions about it's safety their 2007 study of Michigan teens found those who'd smoked a water pipe were 8times more likely to try cigarettes too. Stats from the CDC show 16 percent of high schoolers, and 2540 percent of college students have tried a hookah.

this is in comparison to 26 percent of high schoolers who've smoked cigarettes or cigars. People believe the water in a hookah filters the tobacco, but they're wrong. Sure, the smoke feels smoother, because the temperature is lower and has higher humidity, but the smoke itself is just as bad as actually worse any other tobaccosmoking product. The University of Maryland says hookah smoke contains HIGHER levels of arsenic, lead, and nickel, 36 TIMES MORE tar, and 15 TIMES MORE carbon monoxide than cigarettes. A study in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention tested if water pipes were a good alternative.

To cigarettes for people wanting to kick the habit when testing the urine of both, they found chemicals which damage the nervous system, red blood cells and eye, throat and nose. Some levels in hookahsmokers were double those of the cigarettesmokers. When it comes to the addictive chemical nicotine cigarettes and hookah are the same. So YES, it's JUST AS ADDICTIVE, but it gets worse. The World Health Organization found the average hookah session lasts between 20 and 80 minutes. While you inhale 50100 mL of smoke in a cigarette, puffing on hookah for a session net 90,000.

ML of smoke! That's where the 100 individual cigarettes number comes from. According to a study in Nicotine Tobacco Research hookah smoking has been shown to cause stunted lung production, and the CDC says, smoking hookah while pregnant produces lower birthweight babies. Hookah smokers are at risk for cancers of the mouth, lung, esophagus and stomach too. Does all this sound familiar That's because it's the same thing you've been hearing about REGULAR smoking. There ARE nontobacco products you can smoke from a hookah which claim to be safer they're not. Smoke from the heat source and the carbonmonoxide.

Drunk vs Stoned

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