Medical Marijuana Ban By University of Michigan, EMU

Eastern michigan university and the university of michigan also oakland university uh. have decided that they are going to bed medicinal marijuana on their campuses and in school housing because he didn't know uh. medical marijuana is legal in michigan it's illegal federally and these universities decided that they were outline anyway well bill niskanen below as googlegovernment as interested read all this into a simple atmosphere of in legal drugdealing hippies really i mean it if the feel of how he had sort of go through different lines as some people they have the the um.

The marijuana license relatives and friends this is in the hands of prescription drugs it's this it happens in with little to have it and they have an obsession what they do with the later in some of them in the senate for simple arithmetic for worried were made for nuclear weekend try it in which the people who have the legal right to do with missus connelly because the federal investments than this legal of is the federal law forces in the community from those universities that it's a little state.

Okay and the students art taking it because they have a medical marijuana card illegally taking it as medicinal marijuana i think that its i'm a borderline discrimination to tell them that uh. that medicinal marijuana is that i cap is now why do i say that is the university of then invite then is a university bedding prescription drugs well i just mentioned drugs a legal federally now i understand that point but if it's a legal in the state and these students are legitimately taking it for uh. a medical costs.

And you can't benetton campus any even if you're worried about and the students health if you're worried about the effects of marijuana then i suggest that you look into all these different prescription drugs that are being prescribed to the students just because a pharmaceutical companies make a ton of money off of it you know development at this point does not know if you can do news for me this in hopes of trying to are sure their exact objective is one of frantically to campus or do they think it's going to the dentist if they didn't make it worse you.

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MI Medical Marijuana Revenues Over $10 Million

David packard she asked had david packard dot com michigan's medical marijuana tax revenues exceed ten million dollars for twenty twelve they have uh. collected more than ten million dollars in tax revenues from medical marijuana uh. distance aries and essence implementation two thousand nine three hundred and fortyfour thousand original applications in renewals have been submitted no of those about a hundred and twenty four thousand were active thirty one thousand were denied and the state is also licensed twenty six thousand caregivers who produces the drug all of whom pay a fee.

The dea as we know says that marijuana is a schedule one substance which is reserved for drugs that have no medical value however we have seen so much information come out including from the american medical association back in two thousand nine that marijuana should be rescheduled to allow more research into its properties developing marijuana based medication so on and so forth now there's an interesting study i want to tell you about which is from the uh. researchers at the university of auckland they found an unusually high number of stroke patients.

Smoked marijuana the problem with the study and the study has is notable because it's being pointed you buy a lot of people who say medical marijuana actually it's it's harmful it's not good the problem is and the researchers say this but you won't hear this in the criticisms that the researchers could not eliminate tobacco users from the task group of a hundred and sixty stroke patients and they noted that most of the people who tested positive for marijuana also smoked cigarettes which we know doubles the risk.

Of stroke for individuals according to the national stroke association so this is a classic example louis and of of this kind of misinformation campaign around medical marijuana some people might think most of the arguments against it are based on uh. of morality socalled morality arguments but i think really most of the arguments are business arguments where the potential of this as a as a as a medicine is so significant that the pharmaceutical industries only would want to see if they can have kind of like exclusive rights to to make money from it no doubt in for a long.

Time they have in the form of thirty h c pills uh. you know things extracted for marijuana uh. but the amount of revenue this can bring in for the state's is is incredible and the amount of money that the cartel's would be losing right parties is staggering and think about the effect that this would have on gun violence related to drug deals trafficking a lot of the other general violence that is does around the current way that drugs are traffic in and out uh. how much we save firm incarcerating uh. you have drug.

Drunk vs Stoned

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I have like a cut on my leg and I have no idea how I got it.Oh my God! haha. I woke up this morning and remembered that I had parked my car in a tow away zone and the car got towed. Any thing else you want to add Don't do drugs kids Yeah, that's a good one. So I, uh. I think no matter what. enjoy everything in moderation. and ahh. don't get to a point where you're being an idiot. Because. as you can see it really really sucks either way.

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