Does Similar DNA Make For A Happy Marriage Study Says Yes

Happily married A new study says you may have your genes to thank. And no, we're not talking about your favorite pair of Levis. Via Wikimedia Commons M62 It's more than just keeping happy couples together. Love, we're talking about. It could actually be in your DNA. That's according to a new study out of the University of Colorado at Boulder. Via KRIV That's right according to new research, spouses tend to be more genetically similar than any two random people plucked off the street. To come to this conclusion, researchers analyzed genetic data from 825 nonHispanic, white,.

Heterosexual Americans who participated in the ongoing U.S. Health and Retirement Study, which is sponsored by the National Institute on Aging. Via WTXF They compared the similarity of the DNA of married couples with the similarity of random individuals. The result Married couples have more similar DNA segments than randomly paired people do. Via KPHO As the study's lead researcher told HealthDay News, this is probably because people who have similar genes are more likely to cross paths. Genes drive so many things that can structure opportunities and outcomes that determine who we mate..

LiveScience notes genes may determine certain opportunities and outcomes like ethnic background, level of education, religion and even body weight. The study's researchers claim these results could change the statistical models scientists use to understand differences between human populations. But the director of the Institute for Human Genetics at the University of California, San Francisco told HealthDay News he's skeptical. This study seems to suggest that mate choice is based on genes. The genes are, in a sense, a bystander.. It may be simply more an issue of local geography..

Jordan Army confirms pilot captured by Islamic State

Islamic State militants have shot down a coalition plane and captured the Jordanian pilot. These photographs, which have appeared online, purport to show the pilot only wearing a white shirt and being carried from the water by four men. Another images shows him on land surrounded by a number of armed men. This comes as the plane was down during coalition air raids in Syria. The Jordan army has confirmed that one of its pilots was captured and, in a statement, said that Islamic State bares responsibility for his safety. The British based Syrian Observatory of Human Rights which is a monitoring group also quoted.

Miley Cyrus Kicks Off Her Bangerz Tour With Very Raunchy Performance Giant Tongue Slide More.

Her tongue has gotten so much press it should have its own PR agent and management team. And in an overt nod to her infamous tongue wagging antics, Miley Cyrus opened her Bangerz tour by sliding out of a giant replica of her own mouth on a pink slide. The 21yearold kicked off the tour in Vancouver, Canada, on Friday by wearing a marijuana leaf leotard whilst performing her now predictable raunchy antics such as crotch grabbing and derrire waggling Riding the hood of a car, the Wrecking Ball singer spread eagled her legs as she.

Dropped her microphone over her crotch in a racy dance portion of the show. She then strutted atop the roof of the vehicle sticking out her rear, even bouncing a massive balloon off of her backside. Wearing a leotard printed with marijuana leaves she strutted onstage in a pair of white cowboy boots before changing into a red midriff baring twopiece with fluffy feathered shoulders. The drugfriendly performance featured chequered clad female back dancers along with furry animal costumed performers who Miley made sure to rub up against. But the fuzzy backup performers should be no surprise for fans of Miley. The star recently.

Shared shots of herself rehearsing, including a snap of herself dancing in front of a man wearing a giant blue animal head, spiked collar and matching fur gloves alongside the caption 'bangerztour rehearsals hoe!' Just prior to her performance Miley shared an Instagram tutorial from backstage. In the cheeky clip, the star continued her oral fixation by wearing a set of comedic prop teeth as the struck a series of goofy poses. But Miley actually has big hopes for her tour, telling MTV last month 'I hope people open their minds and.

They look at my tour as something that I do feel is educational for kids. 'Because I think a lot of people aren't exposed to art enough and that's something that I had to learn about. She added 'It's a lot how a play would be and we've got kind of these intermissions to keep people really involved and what I wanted is for people to see a show that they would least expect. 'I want my fans to walk away knowing more about the art that inspires me. Between the Tutorial Music Awards VMAS and unplugged, there's a hybrid that really.

Nanaia Mahuta weighs in on Chris Brown Domestic Violence debate

The Chris Brown story is nothing more than tour promoters trying to influence the outcome of a visa application, promote the tour and sell tickets says Labour's Maori Development spokesperson Nanaia Mahuta. She says that unfortunately, those that have spoken on the issue to support Chris Brown fail to see it for what it is. Domestic violence is a serious issue in New Zealand, and its disappointing that it should be used in this way. If Immigration New Zealand does approve entry, Mahuta would like to see Mr Brown donate his New Zealand performance fees and royalties.

Maryland 1st 2nd Degree Assault Defense Attorney Criminal Lawyers in Baltimore MD

Hello I am attorney Randolph Rice A Baltimore based criminal defense attorney if you've been charged with first degree or second degree assault in Maryland You need to seek the advise of an experienced and trusted criminal defense attorney I have been representing clients for years that have been charged with 1st degree and 2nd degree assault Let my experience go to work for you in the Courtroom A first degree or second degree assault charge can haunt you for the rest of your life Contact me at office 24 hours a day 7 days a week to schedule free consultation and to.

Divided views on Chris Browns bid to enter NZ

We have our own roles models. That's what Maori Party coleader Marama Fox had to say concerning a bid by American hiphop icon Chris Brown to visit NZ to perform and speak on his experiences with domestic violence. But another says that we should be welcoming those who have already served their time. His songs are popular with youth, but it's his violence against woman that does not sit well with parents. My preference, for example, is for my children to look to their ancestors as role models, or someone in their family.

I think anyone who was born and raised in NZ would serve as better role models. In 2009, Brown was convicted of beating his then partner Rihanna, also a famous American singer. But his supporters here say he has done a lot to turn his life around and wants to speak to any groups concerned while he is here. Dame Tariana Turia says Brown could reinstate to young people, especially those who have had issues with violence. Women's Refuge say they haven't seen any evidence of Chris Browns advocacy for abused women.

Naira Marley Max Twigz Marry Juana By RAPCITYTV MaxTwigzNMOOO MarleyNai

Naira Marley Max Twigz Marry Juana By RAPCITYTV MaxTwigzNMOOO MarleyNai,.

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