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Cannabis en el Rif Marruecos parte 3 Plantas macho 420weedTV PROGRAMA 30

The National Park of Talassemtaneis extended through a calcareous dorsal in the Rif,in northern Morocco, on a surface of 58.000 hectares. It’s an unique territorydue to its exceptional beauty of its landscapesand great biodiversity. It’s near the city of Chauen. After a few days in Morocco,we continued with our goal: to show the maximumrange of growings

or discovered areaswhere weed is grown. In a route chosen by chance,we could perceive the smell of cannabis a few metres farbut it was a smell that vanishedafter a few hours and it was less that we expected. We realised thatit keeps being a country that leads the cannabisproduction in the world. The Moroccan production of cannabisfeeds the European market,

specially in Spain and Franceand they are the lead tourists. According to the Moroccan press, cannabis movesaround 12.000 million dollars/year, employing 800.000 people. Cannabis keeps beinga big business in Morocco and people saythat if they’d export it illegally, the economy would improve radically. We had to waituntil night fell into the city

in order to keep the privacyof those who have helped us to make this report. They took us to growingfull of plants of more than 2 m high where we found male plants. This is a good male plant,poor them, they’re forgotten, people with the female plantshave forgotten that they are the fathers. They transmit the genes,they have the ability

of transmitting the geneticqualities to the female and the femalerepresents them in the seed. With the topic of the female plants,we’re really screwing up. As a grower, I’m against growingfemale plants always because the maleis absolutely necessary. Nowadays, people just growsprouts to smoke, the male plantshave also been forgotten due to the quot;noseedquot; technique.

The nice thing is selectingmale plants like Mario Belandi, the only person I knowthat just grow male plants. He has a small roomwith one or two lamps but he just looks for male plants. He knows about the importancethat the male plant has. Also the superior plant of weedhas the ability of distinguishing male and female. The chromosomes XYagainst chromosomes XX.


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