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Last weeks, as couldn’t have been otherwise, have come full of cannabic news. At the end of the year, the supreme court condemned president Martin Barriuso and the secretary of the cannabic association Pannagh to prison sentences of one year and eight months plus a fine of more than two hundred thousand euros for a crime against public health. Is the third sentence that the court has issued against a cannabic club in just a few months, and all have been condemnatories.

The resolution, apart from its contradictions like include an economic fine when it was enough demonstrated that doesn’t exists any profit, supposes the confirmation that the court is totally politicised, because because the association had been already acquitted of such accusations by the provincial audiences of Vizcaya and Ã�lava. This situation of legal uncertainly is suffered in Spain and we have seen how has been centred in the Canary Islands specially, where have been seized seeds in various grow shops and banks, and have arrested eleven persons.

That supposedly had a sharing crop accusing them, among other things, of promoting the cannabic tourism. All of this contrasts with the advances in other countries. Colombia has legalized marijuana with therapeutic purposes with a degree signed by their president allowing the expedition of licenses for possess seeds and marijuana growing’s with medical and scientific purposes. Chile has deleted cannabis of its list of hard drugs. This means a severe relaxation of the fines and sanctions for its cultivation and for have It.

Has also authorized the elaboration of medications derived of the plant to the pharmaceutical industry. In México, after the judgement that allows the growing for leisure purposes to four activists, the discussion is more vibrant than ever before. Has been announced that the deputies chamber and the senate will discuss about the marijuana adjustment at the end of this month. Likewise, the PRD has proposed to create a research marijuana institute And one mayor and one cardinal have positioned themselves in favour of.

Its adjustment, at least in terms of its medicinal use. On the other hand, in the USA, where It is becoming more and more evident that the legalization in Colorado only bring positive things Also there are a lot of good news New York markets medicinal cannabis since this month and presidential candidates of political groups seemingly opposing as Bernie Sanders of the Democratic Party or Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party have already displayed in favour of how less is necessary discuss about the total adjustment.

Over the country. Finally, the sale of marijuana and its byproducts in Uruguay pharmacies will begin this year.


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