ABV Weed Cannabutter Recipe

Bon Journo everybody, this is chef Luigi and for today, we will be cooking what we call canna butter. Lets go over the ingredients. To create this amazing wonderful recipes, what we need is a crockpot, aluminum foil, cheese cloth, mixing spoon, measuring cup, a 12 ounce of ABV already been vapid marijuana, a butter jar, and two sticks of butter. First, put two sticks of butter in the crockpot. Melt the butter with the crock pot on high and then mix in the 12 an ounce of ABV and stir. Stirring stirring stirring. Now that.

We have all the ingredients inside the crockpot, we need to set it on high for 2030 minutes until simmer. High my favorite temperature setting, stirring stirring stirring. MMMM smells good, deliciousiohso. Alright, now that we have reached a simmer, we need to turn down the crockpot to low heat and cover for 2hours. cover it. cover cover, it is hard to me to cover it because I am only a puppet and its hard to carry heavy things. Then, strain the ingredients through the cheese cloth and into the butter jar. This will get.

No Bake Nutella Cheesecake One Pot Chef

Es tiempo de un decadente postre que las personas creern que pasaste horas haciendo pero en verdad solo toma minutos Hagamos un cheesecake de Nutella sin hornear En un recipiente para microondas tengo 100 gr. de mantequilla que solo corte en pequeos cubos Y a eso aado una cucharada de Nutella Voy a dejar esto en el microondas por un minuto, hasta que se derrita todo Si quieres lo puedes derretir en una olla a fuego lento En un bol tengo un paquete de 250 gr de galletas dulces que fueron molidas en la procesadora de comida.

Si est en America son Graham Crackers En el Reino Unido son Digestive Biscuits En Australia son Milk Biscuits Solo algo simple y dulce A esto le vamos a agregar nuestra mezcla de mantequilla y Nutella Revuelve hasta que se vea como arena mojada Eso se ve hermoso Aqu tengo un molde redondo de 22 centmetros en el que la parte de abajo se separa Y vamos a poner la mezcla de galletas adentro Usando la base de un vaso vamos a presionar la mezcla Dejando un borde levantado, hasta que se vea parejo.

Esto se puede dejar enfriando en el refrigerador mientras juntamos los dems ingredientes 500 gr de queso crema estilo Filadelfia A temperatura ambiente, as que est suave Lo corte en cubos y lo puse en un bol Sobre esto voy a cernir media taza o 70 gr. de azcar en polvo Tambin se le dice azcar glas o azcar glace Usando una batidora elctrica para mezclar el azcar con el queso crema Este es un tarro de 400 gr de Nutella menos la cucharada que usamos antes para mezcla con mantequilla.

Vamos a vaciar el resto del tarro sobre la mezcla de queso crema Lo genial de esta receta es que no es necesario agregar gelatina u otra cosa parecida Porque la Nutella es lo que har que el cheesecake se asiente Si pones un tarro en el refrigerador se vuelve tan slida como una roca Entonces cuando agregamos Nutella a esta mezcla y la enfriamos de inmediato Se volver firme y asentar el cheesecake Inteligente, no Vamos a mezclar todo hasta que est homogneo Qu hermoso se ve Estamos listos para vaciarla en la base.

Cuidadosamente traspasa la mezcla de queso crema en la base de galleta Luego aplnalo hasta que est parejo y sin grumos Y ahora el cheesecake de Nutella est listo para ir al refrigerador por 4 o 5 horas o hasta que est completamente asentada Luego estaremos listos para servir Este es un pedazo de nuestro cheesecake de Nutella Tiene una linda corteza de galleta Si quieres que la corteza sea ms slida puedes aumentar la cantidad de mantequilla para que sea un poco ms firme Voy a probar un bocado Definitivamente es de Nutella.

ABV Recipes Things To Know When Cooking with ABV

Where did I smell this before I am pretty sure I have smelled this scent before. This smells like my wive's P! Bon Journo my vape tempers. Today, I am going to give you a personal cooking lesson on how to cook with ABV 101 and why you should be saving all of your already been vaped marijuana for some easy and delicious recipes. ABV is the byproduct of vaporizing your marijuana. Vaporizers are one of the most efficient ways to conserve your herb. Now, when you vaporizer your herb there is a bunch of different factors when.

Determining the potency of your ABV. If you have shorter sessions at lower temperatures, you will be conserving a lot of the Marijuana's psychoactive chemicals and sedative ingredients. If you heat you ABV at very high temperatures for long periods of time it will be much less potent. Take a look here and you can see the differences. First we have unvaped weed. Next we have ABV that was lightly vaped at ideal temperatures. And finally we have ABV that was used at very hot temperatures and will be much less potent. ABV recipes are perfect.

For a late night snack to help you sleep or when you want to Netflix and Chill! With ABV you don't actually have to cook the marijuana, when you use it in a vaporizer you are already activating the ingredients in the weed. So ABV works best with recipes that are quick easy and don't need to heat anything. Since everyone's tolerance is different and everyone's ABV will be different, we recommend you experiment with dosage on some peanut butter toast. Once you get your dosages right, then you can get exact measurement needed for your favorite.

Simple ABV Weed Tincture Recipe

LA LA LA LA LA LA Hey Bon Journo everybody. I'm so happy to see you. Today we going to be making an ABV tincture recipe. What you are going to need is, a blender, a cheese cloth, one jar, something to store your tinc in, your vaped bud, I would recommend an ounce or more but I have used less, and a high proof alcohol. Remember everybody to grind your ABVas finely as possible, so you get the most cannabinoids out of it. Start by dumping your ABV and high proof alcohol into a blender. Remember, mix it well, stirring, stirring,.

Stirring. LA LA LA LA LA LA. Blend in short burst for a couple of seconds at a time. Alright, now that we have mixed all of the ingredients, at this point, if you wish you could strain in through your cheese cloth and be done, but if you wait and have some patiences, it can be much much stronger. I recommend you pour you tincture sludge into another jar. Seal it and store it in a cold dark place like my mother in laws heart. Save it for two weeks! Alright director hit the montage sequence. LALALALALALALA! And.

Now that two weeks have past, we are going to want to strain the ABV with the cheese cloth into the clean jar. MMM smells a good. I'm fine, Achu! This will insure all the active chemicals have been absorbed by the alcohol. Ok, slowly pour it into the cheese cloth, oops! I have a little tincture in my puppet hands. AND voila! Store your tincture in a cold dark place. Always remember ladies and gentlemen, slowly increase your dosage over time. This stuff can be really potent. Thank you for watching and we will see you next.

ABV Weed Recipes How to Make ABV Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bon journo my vape tempas. Today I am going to show you how to make a classic edible recipe with ABV. That's right, we are making some deliciouso Chocolate Chip cookies with ABV! What you will need is A small blender Some finely ground ABV Your favorite mix of cookies. Peanut cookies are also great to try. First Start off by finely grinding the ABV and mix it into the batter. A good idea is to make one cookie first and see how the dose feels. Remember always start off by adding.

Delicious ABV Weed Rice Krispy Treats

CIAO CIAO my vape tempers today we are going to make ABV Rice Krispy Treat. This recipe is so fast. It will be done before you can say Snap, crackle, pot. What you will need is. , four large marshmallows, one teaspoon of butter, one half cup of Rice Krispy Cereal , a mug or bowl and some finely grind ABV or Already been vaped marijuana. Remember everybody to finely grind your ABV as finely as possible so you get the most cannabinoids out of it. First Place the four marshmallows and a teaspoon.

Of butter into a microwavesafe bowl or mug. Then, Microwave for 2030 seconds. AH YAYA, this microwave is so difficult with my little puppet hands. Remove from the microwave once the marshmallows have puffed up and the butter has melted. Stir the mixture together stirring stirring stirring while adding in your rice krispies then the ABV. And voila. For some alternative snack try supplementing the rice krispies for some Fruity pebbles or even some Coco Krispies. Just be careful on the dosage and always remember to start off with a little.

ABV Weed Recipes How to Make ABV Peanut Butter Smores

Bon Journo, my vape tempers. It is time for S'more ABV recipes. That is right, we will be making ABV Peanut Butter S'mores today. This is the perfect summer time recipe. What you will need is a small blender, some finely ground ABV, peanut butter, large marshmallows, graham crackers, and a chocolate bar. Remember everybody to grind your ABV as finely as possible, so you get the most cannabinoids out of it. First, take two graham crackers and place them on a plate. Spread the peanut butter on one side on each graham cracker. Take your.

Finely grinded ABV and sprinkle it onto the peanut butter. Remember, the strength of the ABV will vary depending on strain, the temperature vaped at, and the amount of time vaped. So always start with a small dose then gradually increase. Next, take a torch and melt the marshmallow and place it on one side of the graham cracker. Heat up the chocolate and lay it on the other graham cracker. Smush it together and voila! and that's it, these are your peanut butter S'mores. remember, if you don't feel the effects after an hour,.

Canna Pills Adding the Oat Flour

Once the oil has been decarboxylated. we add the oat flour. This batch is for 20 pills so I added 18.3 grams of oat flour to the 2ml of olive oil and gram of hash in the container. I should have added 19 grams of oat flour as the number of pills came out to 19 instead of 20. I generally mix a small amount of oat flour into the oil and then mix completely. here I just tossed it all in. I believe it takes longer to mix when you toss it in all at once.

Because of the time it takes to break the lumps apart. I mix by pressing mixture against the side of the container. It's important to keep mixing until the oil and oat flour are completely mixed together. This will take some time, so be prepared and don't rush it. Improperly mixing at this point will cause the pills to have varying strengths. The more evenly mixed the materials are, the more even the doses are in the pills. I imagine larger batches could be mixed with a food processor but I've not reached that volume yet.

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Marijuana Nonna Best Medical Marijuana Butterleaf Flour Recipe For Brownies Cookies

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