(upbeat music) Eight to nine hours. (upbeat music) Hey, ah Brittany do you know where the eggs are? Yeah, I ate them during afternoon tutorial game lunch. I need them for the brownies.

Hot Fudge Brownie in a Crock Pot Gemmas Bigger Bolder Baking Ep 112

Hi bold bakers! my new favorite piece of baking equipment is a crockpot. they make moist, incredible desserts like the chocolate fudge brownie Im going to show you today. If you own one, then dust it off and lets get baking. Crockpots and slow cookers are amazing for baking because they actually bake and steam at the exact same time so you end up with a really moist, soft brownie that youre going to want to eat straight out of the pot. If you dont own a crockpot, dont worry about it. You can also bake.

This exact recipe in the oven. were going to start out by making our brownie batter in a large bowl. Add in your chocolate and butter and then melt these two ingredients together. You can do it over a bainmarie or in the microwave. As you can see, our butter and chocolate is melted gently. Theres no more lumps so to this, were going to add in the rest of our ingredients. Add in your vanilla extract and your beaten, roomtemperature eggs. And then whisk them all together until its combined. When adding in your eggs.

You want to make sure that your chocolate mix has cooled enough so the eggs dont cook on top. For my chocolate recipes, I always suggest that you use goodquality chocolate, something in the realm of 6072 percent cocoa solids. You get a lovely, rich dessert at the end. Next were going to add in our flour, white sugar, dark brown sugar, cocoa powder, and salt. And then gently mix all these ingredients together. You know we all know about making cakes in a microwave but you never think about baking in a crockpot.

Or a slow cooker. it makes so much sense. you can just set it and forget it. when you brownie batter is mixed, lastly were going to fold in some lovely chocolate chips because a brownie would not be a brownie without chocolate chips. You can probably see by this recipe that its one of those really fudgy brownies. Its my absolute favorite brownie recipe. Now that its all mixed up, its ready to go into the crockpot. The crockpot that Im using has a four quart bowl so its actually pretty big. If yours is a little.

Bit smaller, thats totally fine. itll still work. before you add in your brownie batter to your bowl, were going to use my little trick of taking an old butter paper and then just grease the sides of your bowl. It just means that your brownie wont stick in there and when it comes to washing up, itll make your life a lot easier. Pour your chocolatey brownie mix into your greased crockpot. Once you add in your brownie mix, if you need to flatten it out, then just do so with your spatula and make it nice and.

Even on top. so what i have here is a mix of hot water, brown sugar, and cocoa powder and what were going to do is pour it directly on top of the brownie. You dont want to stir it, just pour it straight on top. So what this mix actually does is create that steam that I was telling you about earlier and thats what makes the brownie really moist. So its like a magic mix. Then simply just put on the lid. Now this chocolate fudge brownie does take a while to cook. Im going to cook mine on high but every crockpot and.

Slow cooker is different so i advise you just to keep an eye on yours but im going to show you throughout the cooking what its supposed to look like so youll know when its done. This recipe along with my new Bold Baking Bites series can be found on my website, biggerbolderbaking . So I just wanted to show you that after an hour and a half, this is what my brownie looks like. You can see that its starting to bake up into the liquid and this is starting to get really moist. So its still not ready yet,.

Weve got a bit to go but its looking great. so back on the lid and well come back when its done. My chocolate fudge brownie is done, my kitchen smells like a chocolate factory, and Im going to show you exactly what it should look like. Look at that, how moist it is. All the cake has risen up. Its absorbed all that liquid. I cant wait to try it. For right now, Im going to take it out of the crockpot and set it aside for around 30 minutes, let it relax and set, and then its ready to be.


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