Mom Flips Out When Teacher Refuses To Serve Vagina Cookies To 2nd Graders

Gtgt So a mother who recently tried to take sex education in her own hands and her own kitchen recently became an Internet sensation. This woman who goes by the name Autumn Lily Speaker on Reddit freaked out when she brought at her daughter's second grade class when the teacher refused to serve a tray of cookies that were decorated like vaginas to the rest of the class. LAUGHTER Now, real quick, this whole story was shared on LAUGHTER This whole story was shared on Reddit oh LAUGHTER.

by someone who claims to be friends with the teacher named JPStudly. gtgt I like the second one at the top. gtgt Yeah, that's a meaty cookie. LAUGHTER Take it with a grain of assault gtgt It's a meat curtain. gtgt All right, do you want to hear this is story This is crazy. So the teacher encourages parents to bring a snack if the kids are behaving themselves that week. So it was Autumn's turn to bring a little treat. And she walked in with a tray of cookies and said to the second graders,.

The teacher then told Autumn she'd be doing so such thing. And that's when all hell broke loose. According to Reddit poster, Autumn, in front of though whole class, all the children, freaked out on the teacher and said how she because she's a teacher. gtgt I can't imagine a worse scenario than being a kid and hearing your mom yell at the you should be proud of your vagina. gtgt Funny you should say so, because obviously she stormed out, left the cookies, which the teacher then scraped off the icing, gave to the kids.

Apparently they were delicious. But emails came to the teacher going, why did my child learn the word vagina today So there was a lot of problems with that. Autumn's child is no longer enrolled at that school. She's not allowed on the property anymore. And she actually sent the craziest email to the teacher. I'd like to give you some highlights, if I may. And it's a long email, but I'll give you the good stuff. You settled for less when you became a teacher, because that is known as a woman 's job.

Gtgt Oh! gtgt There's more. We, as women, should stand together and inform remember, this was for second graders inform people about the vagina and how to please it. I will no longer be participating on Fridays due to the lack of disrespect I was shown today. gtgt Please, don't go. gtgt Yeah. The lack of disrespect, though. gtgt Lack of disrespect No, she was disrespected. gtgt Finally, she ends saying, so I will be taking or trying to take my child out of class due to your cliche role.

Drunk vs Stoned

So you catch them and drop them. Yeah, I got it. Laughing laughing Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. five. four. Three. two. One. Lift it forward and you catch in your legs. Now bring your leg back up and catch with your hands. Fk you. Uuugghhh!!! Fk you! laughter Hey, Dee. I just wanna like tell you that uhh. You mean a lot to everyone that's here. Umm. Happy Birthday. Umm. Dee Just askshmarmdrghm. I wanna be a fire fighter. I was like I'm going to be lawyer. I wanna get in a fight with fire.

And I'm going to have a black lab. I will go buy ummm. Hanes tshirts. that I will rub around my hands. They won't burn that fk quickly. If I knew what being a lawyer. like what. when I was back. Listen!!! I will kick the fire's ass. Guaranteed. Final Round! Goooldman. dolphin cop! One thing I didn't even taken into consideration when we were doing this is how fking hung over I'd be the day after. I feel pretty good, I slept really, really well. My head hurts, my body hurts.

I have like a cut on my leg and I have no idea how I got it.Oh my God! haha. I woke up this morning and remembered that I had parked my car in a tow away zone and the car got towed. Any thing else you want to add Don't do drugs kids Yeah, that's a good one. So I, uh. I think no matter what. enjoy everything in moderation. and ahh. don't get to a point where you're being an idiot. Because. as you can see it really really sucks either way.

Fox Panic Elisabeth Hasselbeck Dumbfounded, Guest Says Weed Isnt That Scary

Alright panic on Fox News Elisabeth Hasselback looks done founded she actually looks disgusted like she's chewing on lenin's when she interviews a guest who says you know what marijuana isn't really that scary Elizabeth Hasselbeck did an interview where she was talking to up former Patriots linebacker Sean Stucky was also an attorney and asking about this new NFL policy that that is reducing the harshness of penalties for being caught using marijuana and Stucky pointed out that was not only is publicopinion shifting to where marijuana use is more acceptable but the reality here is that.

If you ban marijuana altogether you're not going to stop people from using it so it's not really a matter of influencing kids any he gives a great example now when he starts giving this example about alcohol if you're watching watch carefully she her face goes completely sour puss like she chewed on a lemon and she is just disgusted and and the interview as quickly as possible. watch so why I mean I think parents should be concerned that this is something that is opening up in the NFL now well you know this is something that I am sensitive to.

I understand the public's I'm in Dartmouth maybe is not a a widespread summer but I understand the sentiment that it for you allow NFL players to use marijuana that you're gonna find a bunch of kids out there using it as well I'm particularly sensitive to this issue because I come from a family were 60 to 70 miles an hour because at one point we're all addicted to crack cocaine including my mother who is there who was addicted up into a couple years ago and was ejected from the time I was 12 years old bank I.

So understand that and however I was also a high school teacher were I tied I yang teenagers and I am intimately aware of weighted that what the teenagers are influenced and not influenced by mmm the NFL changing his policy towards marijuana when I employ six teenagers me give you an example it the NFL word to immediately I banned the use a ball alcohol amongst all football players you would not find a widespread cessation up alcohol use amongst teenagers from so perhaps I inertia I think this story so interesting and you have unique.

Perspective both as player attorney and just with your personal background yeah I when I saw this though is just so funny I guess it didn't go exactly the way she planned her face literally looked repulsed as soon as John stocky started making this obvious argument that hey if you announce that all alcohol is banned for NFL players football fans are not going to stop drinking all of a sudden what are we really talking about an Elizabeth Hasselbeck just looked like she could to it you know she just wanted to spit out or something.

Right and take pot over the past the X number of years it was banned in the NFL it's been banned in the country did that stop anyone from using it I don't think so I also like how she says people go to a program imagine going to a program for just like every once in awhile casual marijuana usage it did the this conservative worldview up wanting to conserve right if there if people like Elizabeth Hasselbeck were in charge we'd be driving v8 edsall's using corded phones selling cigarettes in high school vending machines and DNA testing in.

No Bake Nutella Cheesecake One Pot Chef

Es tiempo de un decadente postre que las personas creern que pasaste horas haciendo pero en verdad solo toma minutos Hagamos un cheesecake de Nutella sin hornear En un recipiente para microondas tengo 100 gr. de mantequilla que solo corte en pequeos cubos Y a eso aado una cucharada de Nutella Voy a dejar esto en el microondas por un minuto, hasta que se derrita todo Si quieres lo puedes derretir en una olla a fuego lento En un bol tengo un paquete de 250 gr de galletas dulces que fueron molidas en la procesadora de comida.

Si est en America son Graham Crackers En el Reino Unido son Digestive Biscuits En Australia son Milk Biscuits Solo algo simple y dulce A esto le vamos a agregar nuestra mezcla de mantequilla y Nutella Revuelve hasta que se vea como arena mojada Eso se ve hermoso Aqu tengo un molde redondo de 22 centmetros en el que la parte de abajo se separa Y vamos a poner la mezcla de galletas adentro Usando la base de un vaso vamos a presionar la mezcla Dejando un borde levantado, hasta que se vea parejo.

Esto se puede dejar enfriando en el refrigerador mientras juntamos los dems ingredientes 500 gr de queso crema estilo Filadelfia A temperatura ambiente, as que est suave Lo corte en cubos y lo puse en un bol Sobre esto voy a cernir media taza o 70 gr. de azcar en polvo Tambin se le dice azcar glas o azcar glace Usando una batidora elctrica para mezclar el azcar con el queso crema Este es un tarro de 400 gr de Nutella menos la cucharada que usamos antes para mezcla con mantequilla.

Vamos a vaciar el resto del tarro sobre la mezcla de queso crema Lo genial de esta receta es que no es necesario agregar gelatina u otra cosa parecida Porque la Nutella es lo que har que el cheesecake se asiente Si pones un tarro en el refrigerador se vuelve tan slida como una roca Entonces cuando agregamos Nutella a esta mezcla y la enfriamos de inmediato Se volver firme y asentar el cheesecake Inteligente, no Vamos a mezclar todo hasta que est homogneo Qu hermoso se ve Estamos listos para vaciarla en la base.

Cuidadosamente traspasa la mezcla de queso crema en la base de galleta Luego aplnalo hasta que est parejo y sin grumos Y ahora el cheesecake de Nutella est listo para ir al refrigerador por 4 o 5 horas o hasta que est completamente asentada Luego estaremos listos para servir Este es un pedazo de nuestro cheesecake de Nutella Tiene una linda corteza de galleta Si quieres que la corteza sea ms slida puedes aumentar la cantidad de mantequilla para que sea un poco ms firme Voy a probar un bocado Definitivamente es de Nutella.

Fastest way to make ABV Weed Coffee Recipe

Lalalalalalalalala hey bon journo everybody, welcome to another episode of ABV recipes. I am Chef Luigi and today we are going to be making some ABV Coffee recipe. This recipe is so delicioso and will give you a great caffeinated high to start your day. abrrrrrrrrrrrr! lets go over the ingredients. You will need one keurig machine, 1 reusable keurig container, your favorite coffee, some coconut oil, and of course your ABV. For best result, Start by grinding your ABV finely in a small blender. Then in a small cup mix together a small amount.

Of coconut oil with your ABV Start with a little bit and gradually increase for your desired effects. Then add your coffee and voila! Just put the container into the coffee machine. Alright, lets start the coffee machine, just like that press the button. There you go. Then we wait for it to make the coffee. While its brewing, let me tell you a joke. Did you hear about the Italian chef who died He PASTAWAY! hahaha Thats how you make a ABV Coffee. Remember, its gonna be hot so sip slow. Feel free to add your choice of cream.

ABV Recipes Things To Know When Cooking with ABV

Where did I smell this before I am pretty sure I have smelled this scent before. This smells like my wive's P! Bon Journo my vape tempers. Today, I am going to give you a personal cooking lesson on how to cook with ABV 101 and why you should be saving all of your already been vaped marijuana for some easy and delicious recipes. ABV is the byproduct of vaporizing your marijuana. Vaporizers are one of the most efficient ways to conserve your herb. Now, when you vaporizer your herb there is a bunch of different factors when.

Determining the potency of your ABV. If you have shorter sessions at lower temperatures, you will be conserving a lot of the Marijuana's psychoactive chemicals and sedative ingredients. If you heat you ABV at very high temperatures for long periods of time it will be much less potent. Take a look here and you can see the differences. First we have unvaped weed. Next we have ABV that was lightly vaped at ideal temperatures. And finally we have ABV that was used at very hot temperatures and will be much less potent. ABV recipes are perfect.

For a late night snack to help you sleep or when you want to Netflix and Chill! With ABV you don't actually have to cook the marijuana, when you use it in a vaporizer you are already activating the ingredients in the weed. So ABV works best with recipes that are quick easy and don't need to heat anything. Since everyone's tolerance is different and everyone's ABV will be different, we recommend you experiment with dosage on some peanut butter toast. Once you get your dosages right, then you can get exact measurement needed for your favorite.

Why Dont We Play His Voicemails Anymore

All right let's go to your voicemails 2192 David P is our voicemail number here is the occasional positive voicemail hey there to back me this is Breanna Dallas Texas are I like to watch a lot of different and the new station try to it not keep myself in a global but I gotta say you in the Young Turks are probably the people who enjoy watching a movie I i appreciate your style journalism actually trying to so people who would need to be no instead of just vaguely spewing out random Barrick's in a fashion.

That only demonstrates that you're in it for the corporations when I want your tutorials is obvious that you're just trying to put out what you think is right that's exactly right we are not in it Louis for the corporations the occasional positive voicemail and the egg man checking in we haven't heard from the admin for a while you're tedious is a true Christian conservatives listen your our radio program every day there was stink that he stopped saying gordon's voice messages because he doesn't subscribe to the I.

J agenda that as a sign to promote but the egg there were probably just think he pissed you off stock trades messages dude listen to keep playing gordon's messages he called every day and that's part of the reason why wasn't yourself the awesome messages like yesterday were great also do have a listen a this is not true Gordon actually was very upset after Heather left a voicemail responding to cordon Gordon has subsequently cancelled his David Pakman show membership punishing the show for something that another viewer said to him which we didn't say condone or.

Endorse and we have got not a single voicemail from Gordon since that day at this point months ago so no egg man we're not holding back I know that those were radio gold and I i apologize. on today's bonus show how does how much does it actually cost to make Google Glasses the EU makes an unusual ruling about web searches and Italians are arrested for making bad mozzarella David Pakman dot com slash membership sign up for membership be a supporter get the bonus show hosted by lewis.

PEANUT BUTTER SNICKERDOODLES Vegan Recipe by Marys Test Kitchen

Hey guys, Today we're making a soft and chewy cross between a peanut butter cookie and a snickerdoodle. Why Because why not and this way, you don't need to track down vegan butter or anything special to make cookies in just half an hour or less. As always, the ingredients in both US and metric measurements in the description below. So let's get started with three forths of a cup of smooth, creamy peanut butter. Then add 6 tablespoons of aquafaba. That's just a fancy word for the thick cooking water.

From a can of chickpeas or other legumes. Then add a teaspoon of vanilla extract and whisk it all together until it's well combined. Then dump in a bunch of sugar and mix that until it's really well combined too. Oh were you under the impression that veganism is some kind of weight loss diet Well, let me help you burst that bubble. You can choose a super healthy plant based diet and be your most fit self, or you can have these cookies. Or you can have both because moderation is.

A thing. Now once that's smooth you can add you dry ingredients. That's flour just adding about half first. Then baking powder and a pinch of salt. And the rest of the flour. Then take a wooden spoon or spatula and mix that together until, you guessed it everything is well combined. Don't worry if it's crumbly like this that's fine. Grab a baking sheet or two and prep it with parchment paper or a nonstick mat and have your cinnamon sugar mixture ready. This one has extra pinches of clove and nutmeg because.

Christmas. Now grab a spoon or cookie dough scooper and get a nice big rounded tablespoon. Hopefully you already washed your hands for this part. Just squeeze the dough into a sort of round ball and you can roll it around in the sugar mixture and on to the baking sheet. These won't spread out much during baking so press then down with a fork if you want flat cookies. You leave them in a ball shape too if you want a more cakey cookie. Continue with the rest of the dough and it should make you between 20 to 24 cookies.

Bake for 10 to 12 minutes and be careful not to over bake them! Now we have some lovely peanut butter snickerdoodles. They smell amazing. But let them cool on a rack before eating otherwise they will fall apart. This one has cooled for about 10 minutes and does that look like a space ship to you The taste is out of this world! he he he And here are the cakey ones. They are mostly soft but still have a little chewiness around the edges. Not as much as the flat ones though.

Are You a Fan of Wrestling Question

All right here we go with this week audience questions people love this last week Louis the questions that we got her know the clips did incredibly well on YouTube we got so many emails about them so we're going to do it again this week so Tony wrote to me and Tony said are you now or were you ever a fan abreast sling I was initially gonna say no I've never been a fan dressed like I've never been a fan have and then a UFC any of that stuff but then I remembered that when I was a.

Little kid when I still lived in Argentina I was three or four years old I remember there was this wrestling show fake wrestling called something like Titans in the rain and I used to really like it when I was three or four years old but I have to say and I can say this with certitude Louis that since moving to the United States I've never cared about anything it like wrestling or boxing or MMA UFC be it take a real period I don't know about you alright.

I when I was young I was I'll update you know when you're a little kid in you see these largerthanlife guys in there in the rain there you're doing all sorts of crazy stuff you think it's the coolest thing in the world so I yeah I used to watch like the Undertaker and I am got guys like the Bushwackers a I your stuff like that I'm I was you know this I was watching after really after the whole Andre the Giant alcohol cocaine Ultimate Warrior I era well when I was young yeah i i.

That stuff up I loved it I am but you know i i cant really want you to get into it now a hom but that it's interesting if if you've ever seen the movie the wrestler I it's kind of like a a behindthescenes above what it might have been like to be a wrestler in that a golden era a wrestling and it's fascinating I mean those guys really do take a beating it's not easy I'm a lot of them used to be on a lot of pain killers all the time.

Steroids obviously which can wreak havoc on your body alcohol alcoholism was prequake and it's some an around just an interesting view we peek into that world no you are into not wrestling but you're into MMA and UFC now right i mean the question doesn't specify whether it's like the faker the real kind of wrestling but your you you've been into that for some time I yeah I you talking about like a Olympic wrestling I'm not really into that I do like MMA I think it's a great sport I don't really follow it anymore I can remember.

Your Brain on Drugs Marijuana

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THC . . . . . . .

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How To Make A Third Lung For The MFLB

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Mom Flips Out When Teacher Refuses To Serve Vagina Cookies To 2nd Graders.One mom is on the fast track to becoming an Internet sensation after her attempt to teach her childs second grade class about the female anatomy failed..

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