ABV Weed Cannabutter Recipe

Bon Journo everybody, this is chef Luigi and for today, we will be cooking what we call canna butter. Lets go over the ingredients. To create this amazing wonderful recipes, what we need is a crockpot, aluminum foil, cheese cloth, mixing spoon, measuring cup, a 12 ounce of ABV already been vapid marijuana, a butter jar, and two sticks of butter. First, put two sticks of butter in the crockpot. Melt the butter with the crock pot on high and then mix in the 12 an ounce of ABV and stir. Stirring stirring stirring. Now that.

We have all the ingredients inside the crockpot, we need to set it on high for 2030 minutes until simmer. High my favorite temperature setting, stirring stirring stirring. MMMM smells good, deliciousiohso. Alright, now that we have reached a simmer, we need to turn down the crockpot to low heat and cover for 2hours. cover it. cover cover, it is hard to me to cover it because I am only a puppet and its hard to carry heavy things. Then, strain the ingredients through the cheese cloth and into the butter jar. This will get.

ABV Weed Recipes How To Make ABV Tea

Bon Journa My vape tempers. Today we are going to be making a delicious ancient ABV Recipe, past down from my great great grandparents, since 420 AD. That is right, we are making ABV Tea! This recipe is perfect for those on a new years diet or for those just trying to spike their wives drink so they can better tolerate her constant bickering. Let's get started! What you will need is 1 cup of whole milk , About a 12 gram of ABV, Sweetener, a Thermos or tea pot, a coffee mug, Some way to strain the ABV milk like.

A coffee filter And your favorite tea to add some flavor. Remember everybody, to strain your ABVas finely as possible so you get the most cannabinoids out of it. First bring milk to a boil in the microwave. Next, fill your tea pot with the boiling milk and add about gram of ABV. If you want, add your favorite tea into the mix for better flavor. Close the lid and let the tea steep for about 25 minutes, stirring every couple of minute or so. Strain the ABV tea milk and add some sweetener for better flavor. And.

Easy Banana Bread Recipe With Directions

Today, I'll show you how to make banana bread. Start out by preheating your oven to 350 degrees. Put 4 or 5 bananas on a plate and mash them with a fork. Now, in a large mixing bowl, combine the sugar, vegetable oil, salt, and the eggs. In a smaller, separate bowl, put one teaspoon of baking soda in three teaspoons of hot water. After mixed together, add it to the other ingredients. Add only one cup of flour and stir the mixture. Now you can add the bananas and continue stirring. Add the second cup of flour and continue to.

Crustless Mini Egg Quiches

What's up everybody. This is Ahmed Dirie and I'm here with another session of Tackle the Kitchen Alright, so, we're going full on meal prep with probably the most easiest recipe in the book. Crustless Mini Egg Quiches with a whole lot of veggie lovin, with a whole lotta zang, with a whole lotta whatever you can throw in the muffin tray. Alright, what's great about this is, number one, it should only take you five to ten minutes to prepare and another twenty five minutes in the oven. And it's an awesome protein kick for your post workout meal as well as great for breakfast.

Alright, you know it, I'm in the kitchen. Let's throw it down. OK, so here's the list of ingredients you'll need for this recipe. Realistically, you can make do with just the basics, but the whole lotta zang is just that much more awesome. Alright, let's prep the vegetables. We'll start by cutting up the green and red onions. You'll want to cut these into small pieces so it fits well into your quiches. Next up, we have the green chilli which really gives the quiche a serious kick. You can remove.

This if you're not a fan of spicy food. Bell peppers. I gotta be honest with you. I add these into everything because it's not only sweet, but it really gives a whole lot of vibrance and colour to your recipe. Now grab a handful of spinach, remove the stems from each one and begin to cut them up really small. Remember that you're fitting all of this in each muffin cup, so you gotta keep it super small. Go ahead. Show your pan some coconut love. Ok, this is the part I think we've all been.

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries Easy Cooking!

Hey Cookaholics, Chef Kendra here and today we're making Cheesecake stuffed strawberries. What Cheesecake stuffed strawberries. Very easy to make and has four of my favorite components. It's inexpensive, it's easy, it's fast and it's delicious. So you know how we do. Let's head into the kitchen and make it happen. We have our stuff ready we have our fresh and clean strawberries. Powdered sugar, cream cheese, vanilla and gram cracker crumbs. We're removing the leafy part of our strawberries. Now, with a paring knife we're cutting around the stem and white part. We're going to make.

Sure we get a nice hole in the middle of our strawberries so our tasty cheesecake has a place to hang out. Once we've got all our holes taken care of its time for us to whip up our cheesecake goodness. We adding our soften cream and powdered sugar to our big bowl and adding in some good quality vanilla. Now we're taking a spoon to get our mix started. If we don't, guess what guys Our kitchen is going to be coated with powdered sugar. We're just going to mix.

This up with our electric mixer until smooth, just like so. Now we're going to fill a pastry bag or baggie, whatever you've got with our cheesecake mixture. Just squish it down and twist up the top for a handle. Then we're going to snip or cut of a bit from the bottom and we're go to go. Now pipe some filling into the holes we've cut out earlier and dessert is about to get real. Laughing. Just fill them up. The last thing to do is dip these boys into some gram cracker crumbs and give them to.

Your special someone or you know eat them yourself. One more thing, store these boys in the fridge. That's all it is to it guys. Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed that tutorial. If you need the link to that recipe you can find it in the ABOUT section below. If you want to check out my last tutorial you can do so right over there. What's also in the ABOUT SECTION BELOW is the links to my Instagram, my twitter, my pinterest and my PO BOX. All types of good stuff down there.

Who Inspires Students Pop Culture vs. Government Programs

It's a little bit interesting that we have so we have the data from today or these a high school club uh. college freshman in high school seniors in this week talking about data from senior year on into their freshman year are working harder they're studying morris taking a pee courses so we have this positive uh. data but at the same time our story from last week they're not going into the stem jobs science technology engineering mathematics that's our stuff so they're working harder but they're not putting it into hard sciences.

Analysts or a mixed bag for what no the next generation is going to be like in terms of being able to go out in the workforce indians are working in the day it's a lot of them are discouraged a return to you by these jobs uh. so it would be a good idea to create more programs that would encourage them to do this at the same time that's exactly what public and still want if anything they want to spend a dime when it comes to encourage students to.

Enter the stand uh. programs and it's your mother administration is right in terms of wanting to fund programs like that but i did it i don't know we'll see what happens up happening because republicans are so adamantly against that they they think that it's nonissue yeah i think it's difficult because we can do you know a lot in terms of the government to get people interested in this but the thing is the daytoday like it just doesn't seem like a glamorous sort of fielding into you don't see reality shows about sort of the that backstabbing and drama of.

Chemistry labs and stuff like that nobody's talking about that nobody's interested and i think that's kind of unfortunate what we talked about that last week id's reality tv and what you see in the media has a lot to do with that decision students make today animal on it so it's a lot of them are looking for idon't think we need those shipments before bought a lot of people are under the assumption that if you make an asap yourself you're gonna become wealthy and you're gonna become wealthy quit well i'm not saying that they have to be a.

Gas is on the cells but i mean if we have few no shows about what it's like to be a chef for what it's like to work out at two popular right so it is a real people who do this it's not just the ivory tower where people are often a working on data sets like their actual people they're interacting theirs someone out of drama in the workplace i think that might make these jobs seem more real than more no approachable and more desirable i think gatwick storage morris whenever i watch that like the first time i did with my.

Howto make Homemade Vegetable Stock

Today I'm gonna a show you how to make super easy vegetable stock from scratch. I'm going to start off with our building blocks. We have fennel, or celery. We got three carrots, a large onion, some garlic, parsley, bay leaf, fresh thyme and black peppercorn. So we start off with large soup pot over medium heat. Add a little bit of oil and then, once it's hot enough of go ahead add the rest of our ingredients. Try to get them all in the pot. You want this to cook down.

How To Make Pot Brownies Cannabis Brownies Zubereitung

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