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We’re in Madrid, in Complutense University, where we’ll meet a biologist that claims that cancer cells commit suicide due to cannabis. MEDICAL CANNABIS We walk through the corridors of the Biology Faculty in Madrid until we reach the Biochemistry lab, where 30 researchers work. There we interview Cristina Sánchez, a molecular chemist who has arisen the interest in the scientific community.

Due to some revealing words. Hello Cristina, thanks for giving us an interview. You’re a molecular biochemist with an extensive résumé and in the last years, you have shaken up the scientific community due to some words about a study in which you said that the cancer cells commit suicide due to cannabis. I’d like people to know more about this.

And I’d like to know how long have you been working on this. We started this study around 15 years ago a little bit by chance, as all in life happens. In that moment, we were working with cannabis derivatives but in something that had nothing to do with cancer. We were doing metabolic studies, we wanted to know how these components affected the energy metabolism of the cells and we were working with a very complex cell model.

That was very expensive and we decided to change it and use a simpler model and when someone thinks of simpler, less expensive cells, you think of tumour cells. They grow with no control, that’s a great advantage in a lab. When we started doing experiments with those components, we killed the cells. For a while, we thought we were doing something wrong but then we reflected and started to think:.

quot;No, we’re not doing anything wrong. We’re facing a biological effect that we weren’t expecting but that’s potentially interestingquot;. Were you pioneers in doing this kind of experiment? We were. The first article that we published, it was published in 1998 and almost at the same time, an Italian group published something similar. Are there any similar studies? That group kept investigating.

And many others in the world. Now there’s a solid scientific community working on that. We’re not alone, of course. And the field has improved a lot thanks to all these groups. Who funds this study? Right now, we cannot complain. We having funding from public organisations. In my case, from the Carlos III Institute. We have funding from private foundations,.

Mutua Madrileña, Sandra Ibarra Foundation. We have hired people from the Spanish Cancer Association and we’re also so lucky that we’re getting funded by a private company, a pharmaceutical company which has the only cannabis medicament that is legal in Spain. You’re talking that the funds come from public organisations. Isn’t that a bit incongruent? In the social level, there’s a taboo.

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Today in we will show you a new section that will be done once a month it is based in the medical uses of cannabis we will take to weed’s benefits. to know more about the medical use of marihuana we will interview Modesto an vascular surgeon angiologists who has gone a step further in the traditional medicine and be able to prescribe cannabis to some of his patients that’s why he is gonna be with us in the next programs, also we will meet Manuela, one of his patients explaining us her experience.

With the medical cannabis, something new on tv. I know about your passion for boats yes I like to build them, it really entertain me and make me think in other things it helps me to leave work at work and not to take it home. and tis is not the most advisable yes we need to rest You have a long career, you are vascular surgeon angiologists What is this profession has contributed to you.

Very good moments and like any other profession also unfortunately some not that good moments but at the end i have a positive balance you were a pioneer introducing a pacemaker in a baby do you remember that patient it is unforgettable, I will remember that all my life.

It wasn’t a previous intervention that I could work in others experience, I was talking with with other about what they did but non of them has experience with babes years go by and today since some years ago you start using cannabis for medical purposes, in what moment you started that? maybe I started using it in a therapeutic protocolo way with a protocolo, thats maybe.

As I haven’t found any protocolo and we could say that we are together with the cannabis association that I am working with we are the ones that started under rigorous therapeutic way to prescribe cannabis that’s is what we did but I am not the first cannabis has been used.

Thousans of years 4000 years. Nature magazine has published an study saying that cannabis use is good to prevent heart attacks. It’s that true? yes in some cases in a particular pathology, to person that have high pressure but is not one of the cannabis indications to treat heart’s diseases cannabis will help in a indirectly way, if improve the blood pressure.

Naturally heart will become better but in works we have seen and done I do not find a specified indication for the heart by the way it have been done some studies in our country and they say that could provoke instead heart attacks.


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