Comprobado las clulas del cancer se suicidan con el THC 420weedTV PROGRAMA 29

We’re in Madrid,in Complutense University, where we’ll meet a biologistthat claims that cancer cells commit suicide due to cannabis. MEDICAL CANNABIS We walk through the corridorsof the Biology Faculty in Madrid until we reach the Biochemistry lab,where 30 researchers work. There we interview Cristina Sánchez,a molecular chemist who has arisen the interestin the scientific community

due to some revealing words. Hello Cristina,thanks for giving us an interview. You’re a molecular biochemistwith an extensive résumé and in the last years,you have shaken up the scientific communitydue to some words about a study in which you saidthat the cancer cells commit suicide due to cannabis. I’d like people to knowmore about this

and I’d like to know how long haveyou been working on this. We started this studyaround 15 years ago a little bit by chance,as all in life happens. In that moment, we were workingwith cannabis derivatives but in something that had nothingto do with cancer. We were doing metabolic studies,we wanted to know how these componentsaffected the energy metabolism of the cells and we were workingwith a very complex cell model

that was very expensiveand we decided to change it and use a simpler modeland when someone thinks of simpler, less expensive cells,you think of tumour cells. They grow with no control,that’s a great advantage in a lab. When we started doing experimentswith those components, we killed the cells. For a while, we thought we weredoing something wrong but then we reflectedand started to think:

quot;No, we’re not doing anything wrong.We’re facing a biological effect that we weren’t expectingbut that’s potentially interestingquot;. Were you pioneers in doingthis kind of experiment? We were. The first article that we published,it was published in 1998 and almost at the same time,an Italian group published something similar. Are there any similar studies?That group kept investigating

and many others in the world. Now there’s a solid scientificcommunity working on that. We’re not alone, of course. And the field has improved a lotthanks to all these groups. Who funds this study?Right now, we cannot complain. We having fundingfrom public organisations. In my case,from the Carlos III Institute. We have fundingfrom private foundations,


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