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La importancia de la ventilacin en el cultivo de cannabis parte 1 420weedTV PROGRAMA 105

Today, we will learn about different kinds of ventilation systems thanks to Herer Grow Shop. Hello, here we are again. I represent Herer Grow Shop and we are here with our friend Sergio from Blimburn, an expert, a guru on today’s topic.

We are very lucky to have him here. Today we will talk about ventilation. But, in order to better understand the whole thing, we will talk about extraction first. I wanted to explain the four kinds there are and then you can explain each one of them.

Firstly, we have the inline extractor fan, then, centrifugal extractor fan, wall extractor fan and TT extractor fan. These are the four basic types. We can start with the inline one. For people to understand,.

We will talk about extraction, more precisely extraction fans, depending on its size, the amount of air they work with. Before talking about each of them, we should mention the importance of extraction in crops. It is important not only when using tents, but also in rooms.

A good air extraction and introduction will be essential for the success of the crop. There are several reasons for that: to control temperature, to control humidity, to control the gas renovation, because plants need oxygen and CO2.

If the air is still, the plant will die because they will run out of gas. Another important issue when talking about extraction is protecting the growing space against external factors. All extractor fans should have a good filtration especially when introducing air.

In order to avoid plagues or because someone forgot a male plant in a terrace and we get the pollen. And then all the seeds. And all our plants get impregnated. That can be really bad. Filters are also important because of the smell.

We all know that when we home grow cannabis, one of the problems with our neighbours can be the smell. If we take it bit by bit, the simplest extractor fan is the wall extractor. These are usually the less powerful ones and they are used mostly to introduce air into the crop.


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