this month has been signed by Marijuana’s Worlwide March celebrated all around the world with notable assistences and highlighting unstopable global regulation will once again. Lincenses retroactivity will be anulated. It means that ancient licenses could be adapted to new legislation.

the cup this year has been greater and better than ever. The third consecutive cup as A.U.C Zebra Verde assembly. This month has been signed by Marijuana’s Worlwide March celebrated al around the world with notable assistances and highlithting unstopable regulation will once again. The movement in Spain doesn’t stop. Barcelona’s town hall has aproved.

cannabic associations ordenation plan. Document that finally could allow its ultimate regulation. Including other things, plan regulates distance between clubs, accessibility or maximum surface. During this month Expocaamo was celebrated on Seville. A fair dedicated to medicinal and playful cannabis and industrial hemp. With more than 6000 assistans it was confirmed as a referent on Spanish south.

aragon’s autocultivation club celebrated third medicinal cannabis journey in zaragoza and in 24th si no toca no hay voto made a twitter campaign with cannabis will stay hashtag which was trendic topic. Mexico is uploaded with the increase of portable cuantity permision. May 6 and 7 it was celebrated in Mexico city the first cannabis culture forum as Cannabis Hub and health senate commission proposed to give faculties to.

health secretary to autorize marijuana’s import to medical use. Grow your Rights March was celebrated again in Chile with thousands of assistants and fifth Valparaiso’s March. By other side municipality gave 16 million pesos to Daya’s foundation. In Argentina, where Marijuana’s Worldwide March was multitudinary too, Frente de Izquierda presented a project to legalize Marijuana’s cultivation and consumption.

and national la plata college debated about college development on therapeutic cannabis investigations. Colombia has now a protocole to ask for license to produce cannabis drugs. Paraguay, the first south american producer, plans to decriminalize its consumption. In Puerto Rico a Uruguay’s based project has been presented and and energy, science and tecnology minister from Jamaica has commited to.

plenty develop a medicinal marijuana industry. by the other side germany will allow therapeutic marijuana selling. Uruguay will make a security protocole to seller pharmacys and in Connecticut, USA, medicinal weed will be aproved to minors. It’s well known playful Marijuana legalization will be voted 8th November in California. Welcome again to juridic section on UndergrowTV. Every month we update all.

news about cannabis sector. as all of you know on 13 juny 2014, former major mr. trias suspended legislation about cannabic club licenses in Barcelona. Then, after 2015 ellections, the actual Major mrs. Ada Colau suspended these licenses too until 13th Juny 2016. From 13th Juny there couldn’t be more suspension extensions because our actual legislation doesn’t admit license suspensions for more than 2 years.

Marihuana Television News 30 Barcelona Amsterdam

Welcome everyone to program number 30 of marihuanatelevisin news, the program about cannabis culture. Hi, Im Estela and with this tutorial we celebrate 2 and a half years of bringing you the news about the cannabis culture. It looks like this month the autonomic regulations have really advanced (in Catalonia, the Basque Country, in Navarra) but the Spanish Government hasn’t stopped putting spokes in our wheels. Now, by passing the new Law on Citizen Security (blah, blah, blah). We will also continue learning about the self crops with our expert Miguel Gimeno and with Marias Hut (la Barraca). And this time with Clara we will travel to The Netherlands! Lets begin!.

Oregon and alaska have said yes to marihuana for recreational use. There are already four American States that ignore the critics of some sectors in the UN. Here in Spain, the CongressSenate Mix Comission for the study of drugs has suspended the draft law for decriminalization, supported by party UPD. Thanks to the sour votes of the Popular Party. Without further ado we go to Unprocessed Marihuana. Unprocessed Marihuana with Miguel Gimeno Yet another program and another crop we visit in this section, Unprocessed Marihuana.

On this occasion we visit an indoor city crop that has been planted from seeds, unlike the vast majority of the ones we have visited so far, which were created from clippings. The crop is being developed under 2 sodium high pressure lamps of 600 W that are installed under airtight reflectors, that prevent the heat from the bulb from escaping and they make the extraction of hot air very easy. In this case, we can see that the lamps dont have glass. This is because at this time of the year, temperatures are low and the heating of the bulbs is not harmful for the crop.

Due to the fact that this is a city crop, this indoor is equipped with an antiodour carbon filter. This way, the used air extracted from the room wont have the very strong marihuana odour from the heads when flowering. We are growing ‘ samples under these two 600 W lamps, all from feminized seeds. We have to keep in mind that when we use seeds to start our crop, both regular or feminized, we should anticipate at least one month for the plants to grow. It is true that so much time means the plants will be big.

But the longer they are growing, the better formed they will be when the flowering time comes and the more resistant their stems will be. So, you see, there are a lot of reasons for letting them grow a little bit longer. However, things would be different if we were dealing with very pure sativas. They need a 12 hours flowering photoperiod from the beginning because the sativas have a very slow start during the flowering stage and then they continuously grow. So if we are cultivating them indoors, we will soon see that they reach the height of the lamps in little time. As containers, we are using 7 L black square pots.

Remember that square pots allow a better distribution of the plants in the culture room. The substrate used by this cannabis grower is Allmix by Biobizz. When using complete and specific substrates, as it is the case of Allmix, it is better not to manure the soil during the first two weeks because these substrates contain all the nutrients and macronutrients that are needed. The ‘ pots are on two 1.20 x 1.20 grey trays that allow for the quick evacuation of the exceeding lixiviates. As for the trays, they are mounted on practical metallic benches that are easy to find in your standard grow shop.

The varieties being grown in this indoor are hybrids that result from crossbreeding varietes such as Jack Herer, White Widow, Black Domina or Super Silver Haze. Now the plants have been flowering for 5 weeks. By the volume of the heads we can see that they still need a few more weeks to finish their formation and ripen. During the flowering stage, the plants are being fed with different food complexes, all of which are organic. This cannabis grower appreciates flavors and scents.

And he knows that there is nothing better than the organic products to boost the organoleptic properties of the plants. To water the plants, tab water is used but it is set aside for a while without covering before using it so that its chlorine evaporates. It is important to do this when we dont have filters or water treatment plants since chlorine coupled with organic materials end up to be toxic and organochlorine complexes accumulate. The grower measures the pH, and corrects it if necessary, bringing it to an interval between 6 and 7, the best values for the plants. Since the water in this area contains lime, he reduces the pH by means of acids.


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