Entrevista a Derry de Barneys por Alchimia Grow Shop en la Spannabis 2013

We are at the Barney's Stand, and we are going to ask Derry a question that it's the question of the moment What's the better or your favorite variety for this season from Barney's Farm My favorite variety is, of course, my newest variety. We have a new, pepper tasting marihuana, we call it PepperMint, PepperMint Kush Very Short Flowering, only eight weeks Big volume and a brand new taste, a taste you've never had in marihuana before Ultimate pepper and taste of mint It's exciting, it's strong, and it's very, very good pain relieve medical marihuana as well.

CBD is very high, and we are very excited about the production of that this year And it will be on the market in Spain at the end of March The name of the variety PepperMint It's here No, it's brand new. I have a sample inside, we'll give you later. It arrives this season, it's the newest Yes, the newest, It's the newest, Yes We are very excited about it And then, someone's different, the classical variety's Barney's The classical Varieties are going strong Vanilla Kush. Vanilla Kush, PepperMint, Pineapple Chunk, of course, Blue Cheese, Tangerine Dream, Liberty Haze.

They are all very, very, very good, high quality. And of course, the sweet tooth, our first ever prize winner it's still going strong! It's beautiful. Thank you very much. What's your message to the For the Alchimia team I to For everybody to listen to Alchimia team, please, look after Alchimia Because they have been looking up for all of you for years They deserve so much credit, they work hard, and they spirit is so good. So everybody should realize that, get behind Alchimia, and love them forever Because these guys are, are are worth everything you give them.

B.A.C Organic PK Booster, Vdeo de producto.

I'm the representative of B.A.C in Spain And I come to present you a new product for those growers who cultivate in organic, the Organic PK Booster, is one of the few organic PK products of the market, it's of high concentration, with only 2 millilitres you'll have enough for fertilise with one litre of water. It's made from molasses and sugars. PK Booster is a high concentrated product and it's not necessary to correct the PH after its use, with this it determines the quality and quantity and the quality of the yield in your crops.

Entrevista a Evert de Verdamper por Alchimia Grow Shop en Spannabis 2013

Let's going to see if it's possible to talk a bit with Mr. Verdamper Hello, how are you We are from Alchimiaweb, we would like to make you a question Hey, hey, heeeeyyyy, hey You want to smoke something No thank you, we would like to make you a little question Why did you put a hen, next to your products, in your photos on your website What did I do I do something Why did you put a henchicken! Next to your products. Ahhhh. So that was very easy to understand you now.

It's a very important question!!! Yes a very important question, because the chickens, where there with the first small verdampers They were there standing behind de window, looking at the verdamper, Telling each other, I want to have one, I want to have one And they have come. No they also run away like all the other people, you know. And much of that people don't like that machine because it thinks that it's too cute, like all chickens But it's completely different you know. Fresh weed here!!! We will make a small demonstration Mr. Verdamper, exclusively for Alchimia.

We will make a sample for Alchimia, Mr. Verdamper of their products One of the best vaporizers on the market Taste very good, smells very good, so I think it's just Spanish Spanish marihuana, very good spanish marihuana That's why I'm always here, in all the fests in Spain Because the marihuana it's to good you know Not the selling but the marihuana. and I love the marihuana So bring all the marihuana to me and I'll help you And. What's your message for this season You have to make nice marihuana you know, nice marihuana.

Entrevista a Zoe de Kannabia por Alchimia Grow Shop en la Spannabis 2013

Hi again! We are here with Zoe, from Kannabia, and we are going to ask her a very direct question. What is the variety or varieties which you expect the best results for this season Well, hi David! Good afternoon. The varieties that are really triumphing on sales Matar Blue is the most known and trusted But in the side of the auto flowering strains, Mikromachine Auto has been a pleasant surprise Because it's a variety that has caused furor And well, really all of our varieties are going well, but those two are the best for some reason.

Hobbit is going great too, and is selling very well And from our feminized varieties we have to highlight La Faraona and Pato 1. Those are your best varieties Yes, the best. If you like La Faraona If you like the sativa effects, La Faraona Is quite killer. Up to the quality of Zoe Well I've been told that Kannabia, Kannabia seeds is only and exclusively governed by women It's an absolute matriarchy. It's true We have the enormous pleasure to say that we are the first seed bank managed by women.

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